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To qualify for the $500 shopping spree, entrants must submit a video or written review on and provide a valid contract email by June 15, 2011. The winner will be randomly chosen and notified via email, as well as announced on the Perricone MD facebook page. If the winner is from the UK or Europe, a shopping spree of equivalent value will be awarded to be used on the website.

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  1. I found out at age 17 that I have a large brain tumor but it is could not be removed so I had a surgery to place a shunt to drain fluid. It was sucessful and I went on to become a model. But in my early 30′s the shunt quit working. I then had to have 15 brain surgeries in 3 months time which left me in a coma for over a year and with a severe brain injury. I wasn’t given much hope for recovery but I have learned to walk and talk and my life is back to normal. The thing is this took years to overcome and I’m now 40. I just want the chance to rewind my age in appearance. I missed out on my early 30′s I would love to get that look back.

  2. I have tried so many different skin products, from department stores to drug stores; nothing seems to work for me.
    Therefore, I like to try some new products to see if they really work and they are not waste of my time and money.

  3. I am so frequently let down by skin care claims, Dr. Perricones products deliver beautiful skin. I would be so honored to be a product tester.

  4. i would really like to become a perricone tester to see if these products really deliver the results they claim to. i have spent countless hours on the internet reasearching different products and different active ingredients trying to find the best products or even just ones that do what they claim to do. i have read thousands of reviews know that the reviews on products are very helpful in making my decision on what to buy. sometimes i’ll be all hyped up to buy a certain product and then i’ll read some bad reviews and change my mind p.s like today i was leaning towards purchasing kinerase until i read some bad reviews. REVIEWS ARE ESSENTIAL IN CHOOSING ANY PRODUCT ONLINE FOR ME. i have never tried your products but i would love to try the alpha lipoic serum or something for wrinkles that actually works.