Why Use NV Perricone Cosmeceuticals?

Wondering what exactly cosmeceuticals are?

The term “cosmeceuticals” originated from the 1990s and is derived from a blend of the words: “cosmetics” and “pharmaceutical.”

NV Perricone cosmeceuticals are one important component of Dr. NV Perricone’s 3-tier anti-aging system. The other two tiers are following an anti-inflammatory diet and taking anti-inflammatory, antioxidant supplements.

Why are NV Perricone cosmeceuticals an integral part of his path toward youthful skin?

Read on to find out.

Recognizing the Difference between Cosmetics and NV Perricone Cosmeceuticals

While cosmetics are solely for beauty purposes, such as makeup to cover the skin and moisturizer, cosmeceuticals encompass this purpose and more.

NV Perricone cosmeceuticals are formulated to improve or enhance the skin’s appearance with active treatment ingredients, such as alpha lipoic acid, olive oil polyphenols, and DMAE found in non-prescription, NV Perricone anti-aging products.

Take for example NV Perricone No Foundation Foundation. While No Foundation Foundation acts as makeup, its benefits go beyond that purpose as it helps to treat skin imperfections and protect the skin from free radical damage.

Many NV Perricone cosmeceuticals are multi-purpose like No Foundation Foundation. Another multi-purpose example is More Than Moisture SPF 30. This 3-in-1 cosmeceutical combines treatment, moisturizer, and non-chemical sunscreen to deliver beautiful, radiant skin.

So while cosmetics have their own benefit as they help mask imperfections, cosmeceuticals take things a step further, treating and preventing imperfections.

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Cosmeceuticals as Part of the NV Perricone 3-Step Regimen

Cosmeceuticals help to treat skin from the outside in, which is effective, but is not a complete treatment.

That’s why NV Perricone recommends treating skin from the inside out with an anti-inflammatory diet and supplements, or nutriceuticals, that work synergistically with NV Perricone cosmeceuticals to deliver optimal anti-aging results and improved overall health.

The anti-inflammatory diet consists of:

  • High-quality protein, like that found in fish, poultry, and tofu
  • Low-glycemic carbs like fresh fruits and vegetables and old-fashioned oatmeal
  • Healthy fats, such as those found in cold water fish (especially wild Alaskan salmon, halibut, sardines, herring, anchovies, etc.), nuts, seeds, and olive oil
  • 8 -10 glasses of pure spring water per day
  • Anti-oxidant rich beverages such as green tea

NV Perricone’s 3-tiered philosophy to healthy aging and beautiful skin helps you not only look good, but feel good, too. By combining NV Perricone cosmeceuticals with healthy living habits and diet, you can achieve beautiful skin for a lifetime.

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  1. I srteatd to take good care of my skin too (face and neck) after I srteatd watching a lot of korean shows. I saw that everyone had such great glowing skin . Do you ever try any of the korean facial masks??