Why Skin & Total Body Supplements are Like Motor Oil

Your body’s functions can be explained by thinking of how a car works and what it needs.

And just as you give your car the care it needs, you should be giving your body a tune up.

Energy: Car and Body

For example, just as a car needs a continuous supply of petrol, your body needs fuel (i.e. food) to function. Both the car and the human body convert fuel energy into kinetic, or moving, energy and heat.

This energy release in the car causes the pistons and then the car to move. In your body, the energy makes muscle fibers contract which results in your body’s movement.

The heat produced in both the car and human body needs removed. The car’s motor is cooled by water flow around the engine, while the human body temperature is regulated by blood circulation and sweat.

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Motor Oil and Skin & Total Body Supplements

So why are Skin & Total Body Supplements similar to motor oil?

What Motor Oil Does

In order for a car engine to function properly, it needs a lubricating motor oil to perform 4 main functions (LPCC):

  1. Lubricate so engine components will easily pass by one another
  2. Protect against wear and corrosion
  3. Cool heat generated from processes by carrying heat away to oil pan
  4. Clean to maintain efficient performance by keeping deposits from forming and by suspending contaminants to be removed by oil filter

Motor oil is more than just something to keep things slippery in your car engine. Motor oil is essential in the proper functioning and optimal performance.

What Skin & Total Body Supplements Do

Skin & Total Body Supplements perform the LPCC functions in your body, which means they can help your body perform optimally.

Read on for some examples of components from this supplement program and how they perform the LPCC functions in the body.


Skin & Total Body Supplements support bone and joint function and help skin’s collagen cells slide properly.

When free radicals attack collagen, it leads to cross-linking, making molecules stiff and thus making skin appear aged. While properly functioning collagen molecules slide over one another. The antioxidants in Skin & Total Body Supplements help to fight against free radicals, and thus, help to “lubricate” collagen molecules.


The program of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant nutrients help protect cells from radical damage, which leads to aging and disease.


The Coenzyme Q10 in the program increases the uptake of oxygen in cells and enhances circulation, while vitamin E (tocophenol) improves oxygen supply and elasticity, essential to a proper venous system function.

Vitamin C and ginger root have also been known to help blood circulation.


The supplement program supports a healthy immune system, which helps to fight against disease.

Vitamins C, E and magnesium are vitamins and minerals from the supplement program that help to detoxify (clean) the body. Ginger root also helps to clean the body.

Do you agree with the claim that Skin & Total Body Supplements are like motor oil?

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