Why Read The Perricone Promise?

Did you know you can stop and even reverse the aging process?

Dr. Perricone believes his 28-day program, outlined in The Perricone Promise, can help to do just that, by helping you look and feel younger.

Read on to get a brief overview of what you’ll learn from reading The Perricone Promise.

Inside The Perricone Promise

In this publication, Dr. Perricone explains the science behind his anti-aging theory. He discusses his findings that aging is intimately tied to inflammation, and thus leading an anti-inflammatory lifestyle is key to stopping and reversing the aging process.

The table of contents:

Part I Explaining the Promise

  • Chapter 1 The Perricone Promise
  • Chapter 2 The Science Behind the Promise

Part II The Three Steps

  • Chapter 3 Rainbow Foods: Where the Pot of Gold Is the Rainbow
  • Chapter 4 Ten Superfoods
  • Chapter 5 Spices of Life
  • Chapter 6 Boosting Production in Your Energy Factory: The Potent Power of Polysaccharides
  • Chapter 7 Adding to a Healthier You: Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory, and Fat-Metabolizing Supplements
  • Chapter 8 Neuropeptides and the Skin: The “Information Superhighway” Road to Rejuvenation

Part III The 28-Day Program

  • Chapter 9 The 28-Day Perricone Program
  • Appendix A Recipes for the 28-Day Perricone Program
  • Appendix B Resource Guide
  • References
  • Index

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The Perricone Promise Theories

The Brain-Beauty Connection

Because the brain and the skin start out as the same embryonic tissue, efforts aimed at improving the appearance of skin will also improve the memory and overall sense of well-being.

Under this same theory of Dr. Perricone, neuropeptides, vital brain-body communication, can help the skin. Peptides and neuropeptides are the building blocks of skin’s collagen as well as important in the functioning of the immune system.

These theories are what Dr. Perricone calls the brain-beauty connection.

The 3-Step Regimen

To help improve the skin, Dr. Perricone suggests following a 3-step anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

This regimen includes:

  • Anti-inflammatory diet; The Perricone Promise outlines a 28-day diet
  • Anti-inflammatory supplements, taken in the morning, afternoon, and evening
  • Anti-inflammatory topical treatments

What People Have Said about The Perricone Promise

Inspiring and instructional, but an easy read! – “I found the Perricone Promise to be a very inspirational book from the very first paragraph, and even though I read it several months ago, I keep it in the kitchen and refer to it almost daily for its advice and recipes. Even though it has a lot of science and instructions in it, it is written very comfortably written and is very easy to read – it looks like Dr. Perricone is very comfortable in his writing form, and passionate about helping people with the anti aging secrets he has learned. By the way, I did the 28 diet when I first bought the book in the spring, and lost 12 lbs in addition to all the fine lines disappearing around my eyes, and the skin beneath my chin becoming sort of firmer- noticably so. Thank you so much Dr. Perricone!!!” — Able Body

Saved me money and surgery – “The products he suggests include supplements and facial creams to help tighten wrinkles on your skin and even out discolorations and such. I actually just tried the diet alone first, and saw dramatic improvements in my skin, so I then tried the products and it got even better! The best part is that I was going to have plastic surgery, but put it on hold to see what dr. perricone’s program could do for me…. now, I don’t need surgery! I saved $20,000!!! And nobody stuck any needles in my eye to paralyze my muscles the way botox does – stay away from botox! Buy this book if you want to feel and look better, if you can stick to the diet and don’t expect anything for free.” — EllenD

Feel Better Within Days – “An easy to follow guide to feeling years younger (literally within just a few days). And yes, the healthy feeling shows! Energy levels increase, and friends and colleagues notice a difference. The food is delicious and drinking green tea (I bought some wonderful tea from goldenmoontea.com) brings energy without the jitters of coffee. This is not just another diet fad. It is well-balanced good sense for a longer life.” — Seattle Reader

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