Why Perricones Recommended Market Fresh Produce is a Healthy Choice

Dr. Perricone recommends market fresh produce whenever possible. He advises that fresh produce provides optimum nutrition compared to food that has been sitting in warehouses.

Whether you grow your own fresh produce or get it from a farmer’s market, read on to learn more about Perricones market fresh recommendation.

Cheap to Grow

What’s great about plenty of fresh produce is that it is relatively easy to grow, even for a novice.

Leafy greens, lettuces, sprouts, and herbs are so simple to grow that they even thrive in pots on the patio.

Fresh Sprouts

Fresh sprouts are much easier to digest than the seed or bean from which they came because they have living enzymes.

These living enzymes are what make fresh sprouts, a concentrated source of living enzymes, so great. These are useful because your body’s ability to produce enzymes declines as you age.

When foods are cooked or not picked fresh from your garden, living enzymes are lost. But sprouts are so fresh, so they provide optimum nutritional value.

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What about Frozen?

If you’re looking for the best flavor and still a good value, fresh produce that is in season is the way to go.

But Perricone also recommends frozen or canned fruits and vegetables, without added salt or sugar, for nutritional choices. After all, frozen fruits and vegetables are blanched and frozen at their peak in terms of freshness and nutrition.

In fact, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed in 1998 that frozen fruits and vegetables provide the same essential nutrients and health benefits as fresh.

Do you agree with Perricones recommendation of market fresh produce?

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