Who is Dr Nicholas Perricone?

You’ve no doubt heard about his skin care company, but who is the man behind the science? Dr Nicholas Perricone has developed anti-aging products with breakthrough science, built upon his own theories. Read on to learn about Dr Nicholas Perricone.

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Dr Nicholas Perricone Background

A native of Connecticut, Dr Nicholas Perricone graduated from Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine, one of the top 20 medical schools in the United States. Dr Nicholas Perricone was able to graduate from medical school in just 3 years with distinction.

After graduation, Dr Nicholas Perricone completed his internship in Pediatrics at Yale Medical School and his Dermatology Residency at Ford Medical Center. Dr Nicholas Perricone has spent years devoted to research, developing the science behind his products.

Currently, Dr Nicholas Perricone is an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at his alma mater, Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine. In the past, he served as Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Yale School of Medicine and as Chief of Dermatology at Connecticut’s Veterans Hospital.

Dr Nicholas Perricone is a Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences, the American College of Nutrition, the American Academy of Dermatology, and the Society of Investigative Dermatology. He is certified by the American Board of Dermatology.

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Dr Nicholas Perricone Theory

Dr Nicholas Perricone is regarded as the Father of the Inflammation Theory of Aging. He has developed his products and anti-aging systems around this theory, which has yielded incredible results.

Dr Nicholas Perricone’s theory begins with the idea of cellular inflammation. When cells become inflamed, they cause collagen and other processes to break down, creating wrinkles and making the body vulnerable to diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer. By controlling this inflammation, the body is guarded against aging.

Cells become inflamed because of many factors, including:

  • Sun Exposure
  • Ingestion of Toxins
  • Air Pollution
  • Harsh Skin Care Products
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Dehydration
  • Sugar Consumption

Dr Nicholas Perricone has found that the leading cause of cellular inflammation is sugar and foods that rapidly convert to sugar in the blood stream. This lead Dr Nicholas Perricone to believe that you can control aging from both inside and outside the body.

With this belief, Dr Nicholas Perricone developed the three-tiered program to combat aging. The three tiers include following the anti-inflammatory diet, the intake nutritional supplements, and the use of topical skin care products. Together, they create a barrier to combat the aging process.

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Dr Nicholas Perricone Favorites

Dr Nicholas Perricone has developed countless products to combat the signs of aging for his clients. What products are on Dr Nicholas Perricone’s top seller list?

Now that you know the man behind the science, see how Dr Nicholas Perricone can transform your skin from the inside out.

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