Which Neuropeptide Face Cream Should You Use?

Everyone’s skin is different, so each person needs to develop a skin care regimen tailored to her needs. This article will help you determine which neuropeptide face cream is right for you.

Neuropeptides are very beneficial to skin showing advanced signs of aging due to their powerful anti-inflammatory activity.

In studies of applying neuropeptide face cream, clinical benefits almost immediately after application included:

  • A visible increase in radiance and glow to the skin as a result of their effects on blood circulation and cell metabolism.
  • An increase in firmness, as the neuropeptides aid in collagen production.
  • Improved appearance of the skin’s resilience, tone, and texture.
  • Decreased appearance of fine and deep lines, wrinkles, and tiny veins and capillaries.
  • Maximized regeneration and hydration of the skin.

But depending on the entire formulation of a neuropeptide face cream, certain creams are more suited for your needs than others.

For example, if you are in need of the most powerful skin care treatment, look to Neuropeptide Facial Conformer.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Neuropeptide Facial Conformer contains 41 different Neuropeptides unlike any commercial peptides, to fight the visible signs of aging and help correct environmental damage.

In clinicals, 89% saw an improvement in sun damage and brown spots, while 84% saw an improvement in fine lines.

For superior hydration, Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer helps firm skin that has lost elasticity while helping to correct the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

In clinicals, 97% reported skin appeared firmer and tighter, while 90% reported an improvement in the appearance of skin tone and an overall healthier appearance.

Do both sound great for your skin? These two neuropeptide face creams complement each other and all other Perricone MD treatments.

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  1. I am 54 years old and would love to try the perricone products. I have been deaf since I was four years old and I haven’t left that stop me in what I can do in this world.

  2. I have been using Dr Perricone’s products now for over a year and LOVE THEM!!! Would love to try some more

  3. I have tried so many things to improve my skin in the previous years.Being in my 70,s of coarse there will be many signs of ageing, but really want to look as good as is possible. Who says being in your 70′s you have to look like and old lady? I need to improve my skin for all things that my age brings with it. Hopefully you will choose me to be a tester.

  4. Used a few perricone products and liked results but price tag too much but if I can try before I buy then that would be beneficial.

  5. Just about 51 and would love to try any product please.

  6. I just turned 52 and have been mourning the loss of my youthful looking skin. It has begun showing signs of aging. I have read many wonderful reviews. I would love to become a tester for your products. It is cost prohibitive for me to be able to purchase your products. I would love to try products for firming and fine lines and anything else.

  7. I have tried Dr Perricone’s products previously. I am 54 years old and have problems with tried skin around my mouth and eye areas. Would love to try Dr. Perricone’s products as a tester.

  8. I just found this blogsite, and it’s very exciting! I would like to try more perricone products and become one of your testers, because: 1- everything I have tried from this line is incredible, and 2- I am 55 and the anti-aging neuropeptide products would be targeted to my age range.

  9. Would like to try/test for start of sagging and fine lines and wrinkles. Very fair/thin skin. Thank you.

  10. There are so many skin products out there and have tried quite a few. I am tired of trying different ones and am looking for a product that actually works. I am in my late 40′s and am looking for firmness and reduced wrinkles. Have seen your product advertized on QVC and would love to become a Perricone tester.

  11. I recently purchased Dr. Perricone’s prive reserve serum and after 2 days I can see the difference in facial firmness. I would like to try other Perricone products but don’t know where to start!

  12. I purchased Dr. Perricone’s private reserve 1 week ago and I can see the difference in facial firmness, would like to try other Pericone products just do9n’t know where to start!

  13. i am a 46 yr young female construction worker and welder and my skin looks so dull i have wrinkles around my mouth, b/w my nose and very faint crows feet.
    i do take very good care of my skin especially after 15 yrs of doing what i do for a living.
    i have tried so many products to help with the dullness and wrinkles and some things to help but not as good as expected.
    so dr. perricone i would love to become a tester for this product and would appreciate your help.

  14. I have tried a lot of products…and I have just turned 63. The products work for a while and then my skin remains the same. I have a feeling that Dr Perricone’s product would be exactly what my thirsty skin needs. I really try to take care of my skin, but really need a new beginning. I have fine lines, some discoloration and mild sun damage. I am already excited thinking I could become a tester for this miracle line of product.


  16. I haven’t tried the product yet but, I met a lady who does use the product. Her face was so smooth, even toned,and glowing. I have to try it!!! I’m in my forties and have noticed the environmental damage to my skin. I also want a more even tone, and definately want the glow!!!

  17. Hi. I would like to become a Dr Perricone tester. I have recently lost my husband(he was a USA veteran)and the stress has taken a toll on my skin. I heard that you products are very good and I would love to try them.


    Rose Tilley

  18. Hi again Dr.Perricone if you look for me on facebook Lisa hill I was 46 when i took that picture and that is when I was doing your book 28 day, the only thing I could not do was the skin care products.I tell you this you filled my cabinets up with so many spices and I love it Thank you. I wish so much now to try your skin care line!

  19. Well I have loved Perricone’s for years I did his book by cooking every meal it was not easy having kids who I taught a different way of eating was not excited about my new way of meals. besides that I just could not afford the skin care products on a millitary bugget. I so believe in the Doctors promise that u could look 10 yrs younger not only that 10 pounds lighter.

  20. Looking in the mirror has become a battle. I look and turn quickly(something has caught my attention) and then whip my head back around toward the mirror to see the rest of my face sidling in after. Yes, princess you have arrived on time, but your frown lines and jowls are 20 mins late. No Hors d’oeuvres for you! I have lost, or am losing so I am not above acts of desperation. As an example,
    Just to remember my face from my 20′s and maybe have a memorial service for its loss; I taped back my face with an excessive amount of scotch tape, looked in the mirror and wept a little. This was not my best day. If Dr. Perricone’s products can help correct these issues I would be sincerely and eternally grateful.

  21. I have been using the products as well as Dr.Perricone’s diet and exercise system. Have lost 30 pounds and look about 15 years better! Would love to test the neuro peptide facial conformer.

  22. I just turned 64 and would very much like to try both products. I think the products would help my biggest problems of dry skin and loss of elasticity. I’ve heard many good things about Dr. Perricone’s products.

  23. I would love to test the Miatake supplement. I’m 39 yrs old and have recently been diagnosed with mild hyperglycmia. I would love to know that there is an herbal sup. that can help get control of the blood sugar issues before they get out of hand. I would love to give honest feedback on my results.

  24. Saying goodbye to Restalayne and Botox…saying hello to Perricone! I started using Cold Plasma,and Deep Wrinkle Serum… was pleased with results and added Conformer and No Foundation foundation…. Even my skeptical husband now thinks your products are worth the price… he wants some too! I’m willing to try any and all products now. Bring them on.

  25. Saying goodbye to Restalayne and Botox…saying hello to Perricone! I started using Cold Plasma,and Deep Wrinkle Serum… was pleased with results and added Conformer and No Foundation foundation…. Even my skeptical husband now thinks your products are worth the price… he wants some too! I’m willing to try and and all products now. Bring them on.

  26. Please HELP! I will be 55 in August & have big time skin issues! Sun damage, past acne scars, facial & forehead scars from auto accident, enlarged pores & getting deep wrinkles around my eyes & mouth! It is supposed to be my “Golden Year” (my daughter said) because I was born in 1955 & will be 55! Would love to win or test any Neuropeptide product, especially the Neuropeptide Facial Conformer because I can’t possibly afford it! I will give great reviews! Thanks!

  27. I am 66 and have begun to use a number of the Perricone products and supplements. I would use the Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer. Although I need all of the above correction, my number one need is firmness and elasticity. I would love to try it!!!

  28. Recently purchased the nutritive cleanser, firming toner and neuropeptide firming moisturizer. Also bought the ceramic eye, lip plumper and no foundation foundation. I am beyond sold on these products….in just two weeks the differnece in my skin tone, texture and firmness is AMAZING!! Going back for the conformer, cold plasma and neuropeptide eye cream this week! LOVE Love love your products. Thank you!!!
    PS: Please make a facial self tanner.

  29. I would love to test the productss as I have sensitve skin and have had a really bad time finding the right products to fit my life style and skincare problems