What Wrinkle Cream Reviews Don’t Tell You

It may not be easy to determine whether a wrinkle cream review is useful or useless. The best way to determine if a review is good is by judging what the reviewer is discussing. If they are discussing the natural purity of ingredients rather than what a good deal it is, chances are it’s a good review.

What ingredients are used determines how effective a product will be. Regardless of how affordable a product may be, it’s probably not worth anything if it is going to make your skin break out.

Unfortunately, even if you are buying the best products available, there are still some common mistakes reviews won’t tell you to avoid so you do not cancel out all your skin care efforts.

The top 4 mistakes people make that can ruin their skin health include:

Use of Alcohol-Based Products

Use of Alcohol-Based Products

Using alcohol-based products on your skin is rarely good for you and a good anti wrinkle treatment will forgo this ingredient. This is because they are usually too harsh for the skin and strips away essential oils and lipids the skin needs to stay moisturized and healthy. Alcohol-based products can even be dangerous.

Take for example the problems with alcohol-based sanitizers:

  • Using an alcohol-based sanitizer may not kill all germs in the short amount of time it is usually applied for.
  • Alcohol-based sanitizers can cause drying and cracking skin, creating a greater threat for potential bacteria and viruses.
  • Smoking and using alcohol-based sanitizer or other product could lead to accidentally igniting yourself on fire.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are extremely potent and are poisonous if consumed.

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Lack of SPF

Many of us think that applying sunscreen is important when you go outside, but what is uncommonly known is how important it is to use sunscreen all day, every day even if you will be indoors all day. This is because there are elements of the sun that enter through glass windows and even radiation that finds its way inside.

Since you are exposed to UV rays everywhere, you should start using a product with SPF daily so you are not as vulnerable to premature aging and worse, skin cancer.

Too Much Caffeine

Although some believe caffeine may be good for your body, just like other things, if it is not used sparingly it is bad. Teas are great sources of antioxidants, which help fight harmful free radicals.

Unfortunately, excessive amounts of these drinks can constrict blood vessels and prevents fluid from passing through. Improper circulation of fluid caused by excessive intake of caffeine-rich drinks can lead to the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles.

If that’s not enough, there are other reasons to slow down your caffeine consumption which include:

  • It may lead to insomnia.
  • It may inhibit the absorption of iron and calcium from food.
  • It can trigger unwanted fluid loss especially before you are active and your body needs it most.
  • Too much of it can lead to anxiety, jitters, rapid heartbeat, and blurred vision.
  • It is addictive and withdrawal can lead to sickness.

Rough Application Process

Finally, there is the application that can actually be counteractive to a product’s usefulness.

When people use skin care products, many forget to massage the product generously and gently. It is best to lather every square inch so the face does not become a victim of pulling and weakening of skin tissue.

Ways to Prevent Skin Pulling Include:

  • Buying moisturizer that allows you to easily glide the cream over the skin
  • Using enough product
  • Spreading over fingers before massaging the face
  • Applying more if it absorbs before you are finished applying to the entire face

While reading reviews are extremely helpful in making a purchase, it is important to know these common mistakes are made by everyone and can be avoided.

It is important to correct these mistakes because even the best skin care products may not work to their full potential if they are consistently being made. So before you apply your anti wrinkle cream, make sure you are not being counteractive.

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  1. Have read all of Dr. Perricone’s books with great interest, and have used his methods. Now that I have joined the senior citizenry I can see that my face needs more hydration and moisture. Would love to become a tester.