What is Co Q10


CoQ10 or co-enzyme Q10 is most easily described as a fat-soluble vitamin.  It is naturally already in your body and is used to boost your energy and cell growth.  There are a lot of various health claims about CoQ10 and it is utilized in a vast array of supplements.  Most commonly it is consumed in conjunction with cholesterol  lowering medications and for treating muscle aches, pains, and obesity.

Even though it’s relatively new in terms of skin care it has a lot of research to back it up that touts it as a neutralizing agent. As an anti-oxidant enzyme it impacts the condition of your skin by fighting free radicles, or pollutants that cause pre-mature aging.   Many factors impact the production of Co-Q10 in the body, and in a perfect world, where you spend your life on the beach meditating; your body would produce as much of the enzyme that was necessary to aid in various metabolic functions running smoothly.

However life happens.  Factors like stress, pollution, and pharmaceutical medications impact your body’s natural production of Co-Q10.  One of the main factors to the diminishing production of this enzyme is age.  As you age the production naturally declines and slows down.

If you are over 35 years of age adding a cream that contains Co-Q10 might not be a bad idea in terms of skin care. You will fight free radicles, begin to reboot the collagen levels, and elasticity of your skin. Not only is it used for anti-aging benefits it’s a great moisturizer. Co-Q10, when ingested as a supplement, gives you a physical energy boost, while it aids in combating the energy decline that’s happening on a cellular and molecular level. Even though you can find Co-Q10 naturally in food, (like spinach, salmon and soybeans) it is most easily attained through vitamin form.  It’s often recommended that you take the enzyme with food, and avoid taking it on an empty stomach.

After more research instead of asking “What is Co-Q10” the questions turns out to be why not use Co-Q10. There doesn’t appear to be any downside or ill effects.  For more info on this great vitamin see what the doc has to say about what is Co-Q10

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