What are amine reactions, and how can they help your skin?

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Getting older has its down points, especially when it comes to your skin. As skin matures, it tends to lose shape and elasticity, giving your face an older and more tired expression. There are ways to combat this aging process, starting with diet and ending with topical treatments. A diet high in olive oils and fish containing Omega 3′s can help keep skin healthy. Then, the right topical treatments are needed to keep skin from losing elasticity.

DMAE is an excellent ingredient to combat the loss of elasticity. This ingredient helps to firm and tighten skin to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But a chemical like DMAE can go through different reactions to become the chemical it is, and not all chemical reactions are created equal.

When it comes to skin care, amine reactions are excellent ways to make a potent ingredient even more beneficial.

This article will explore:

What is an amine reaction?

An amine reaction is a basic chemical reaction rather than an acidic chemical reaction, meaning that an amine is a base and not an acid. Pure water has a pH balance of 7. Bases, when dissolved in water, have a pH balance of more than 7, while acids dissolved in water have a pH of less than 7.

Amines are a nitrogen based reaction. An amine reaction is one in which one hydrogen molecule is replaced with a nitrogen molecule. So then, nitrogen and hydrogen are bonded within the reaction. If you ever took high school chemistry, the notation for a reaction that produces a base is NH2.

Amines are more complex than a simple basic reaction like NH2 because they attach to alkyl ions. Alkyl ion is another chemistry term that means a carbon based ion. So instead of replacing a hydrogen molecule with a simple nitrogen molecule, it replaces it with a complex ion. The notation for an amine reaction is CnH2n+1.

Amine reactions are important because they can create substances like serotonin, caffeine, and DMAE. DMAE is short for dimethylaminoethanol, which performs much like an antioxidant, making it an excellent ingredient for skin care products that aim to repair cell damage and decrease inflammation in skin cells.


How can amine-reaction DMAE improve elasticity?

DMAE acts like an antioxidant because it can help fight free radical damage. What are free radicals? Free radicals are kind of like the leeches of chemical compounds.

Free radicals, which are often oxygen molecules, are unstable, which means they either have an extra electron or lack an electron. So they steal or pawn off an electron onto a nearby cell to balance themselves out. Typically, a free radical will steal an electron or get rid of an electron using a skin cell. When a free radical takes or gets rid of an electron using a skin cell, it activates an enzyme called matrix metalloproteinase.

Matrix metalloproteinase damages skin by breaking down collagen. Collagen keeps skin firm and tight. So when matrix metalloproteinase breaks down collagen, your skin becomes saggy and loose.

There are ways to prevent free radical damage, such as not smoking, eating a protein rich diet, and staying out of the sun. But free radicals usually creep their way into your skin in some quantity anyway. That’s where DMAE comes in.

DMAE acts as a stabilizer. It will attach to the free radical and trade electrons, leaving your skin cells, and therefore collagen, intact. DMAE repairs cell damage because it fights free radicals and helps to restore collagen, meaning it can fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How to incorporate DMAE into your skin routine

DMAE can be incorporated into your skin routine topically and orally.

Topically, DMAE is found in products that aim to increase skin’s elasticity. To combat serious free radical damage and restore elasticity, Perricone MD High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift uses DMAE in higher quantities than any other Perricone MD product. The 16% increase in DMAE, combined with the 700% increase in Vitamin C, can restore collagen function and give skin a more youthful appearance. High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and add radiance.

Orally, DMAE can be taken as a supplement to increase skin’s elasticity. Perricone MD DMAE supplement allows DMAE to permeate the body even further, giving you even better results. Besides increased elasticity and enhanced skin contours, DMAE can improve cognitive functions like problem solving and memory.

When taken orally and applied topically, DMAE can help improve skin’s appearance and shed years off of your face.

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