What’s Your Best Skin Care Routine?

It takes both time and trial and error to find the best personal skin care routine. Some people have dry and sensitive skin, others suffer from discoloration or deep lines and wrinkles. Finding the right products can be frustrating, but when you do the results are extremely rewarding. So, Dr. Perricone asks, “What’s your best skin care routine?”

Dr. Perricone shared with readers on his blog about his personal skin care routine. Everyday he washes with one of the Perricone MD cleansers like Nutritive Cleanser with Alpha Lipoic Acid. Then he follows up with Serum Prep as a toner. The he finishes with Acyl-Glutathione.

Dr. Perricone also follows an anti-inflammatory diet and enjoys weight training, running and yoga. He follows his own Perricone Prescription diet and take his own advice for radiant and healthy skin.

Key products for a skin care routine:

  • Cleanser – Dr. Perricone’s anti-aging cleansers are uniquely formulated to cleanse skin of all impurities, including make-up, without stripping its natural oils. Each provides anti-aging benefits, is gentle enough to use morning and evening and perfectly prepares skin for treatment.
  • Moisturizer – Dr. Perricone formulated an assortment of moisturizers to address every skin type and concern. Perricone moisturizers hydrate the skin and deliver powerful antioxidant protection, smoothes skin’s appearance and maintains soft, supple skin.
  • Foundation – Dr. Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation lets skin’s natural radiance and beauty shine through. One universal shade provides sheer coverage, delivers treatment benefits and protects the skin from UVA/UVB damage with a non-chemical sunscreen.
  • Toners – The primary benefit of a toner is to restore skin to its natural PH balance. Dr. Perricone’s anti-aging toners deliver properties that help prevent free radical damage and firm skin and refine its texture.

Whether your routine includes 1 or 5 Perricone products, Dr. Perricone urges his patients to keep a healthy diet and active lifestyle. After all, beauty comes from the inside out!

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