What’s All the Buzz? Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

Celebs and major media outlets alike are a buzz about Dr. Perricone’s make up revolution: No Foundation Foundation. Dr. Perricone explains his creation process: “I took special care in formulating No Foundation Foundation with a non-chemical SPF 30 to deliver protection against sun damage, making it ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.”

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation
is the first advanced anti-aging translucent foundation. Instead of that heavy unnatural matte finish, Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation hides the tiniest skin imperfections with a sheer translucent layer.

What’s everyone saying?

What Celebrities Think

What are the celebrities thoughts on No Fundation Fundation Perricone MD?

“I am a huge fan of Dr. Perricone and his philosophy ‘true beauty is radiant health.’ Thank you Dr. Perricone!” Eva Mendes has said many times for her love of Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation and Cold Plasma. And Uma Thurman, on the other hand, puts all of her trust in Dr. Perricone, thinking that if anyone can make her glow, it’s him.

No Foundation Foundation was originally made with the famous faces of the world, such as Eva Mendes in mind. This product not only keeps skin looking fresh and flawless, but its unique formula provides coverage as well for the entire spectrum of skin problems for all different skin tones and types.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Celebrities, who are constantly in public view, love their skin to look as dewy and flawless as possible, and this unique formula delivers this and many additional benefits that traditional foundations just haven’t. Needless to say, the celebs love Perricone skin care’s latest skin saver because of its unique formula created with the benefits of a traditional foundation but with a lighter, make-up-less feel.

No Foundation Foundation’s multi-faceted benefits not only cover tiny skin imperfections, but also corrects skin undertones, smooths fine lines, and boosts skin’s natural moisture throughout the day, while delivering antioxidant benefits the skin needs to stay healthy.

It’s no wonder why Eva can’t get enough of it.

What Magazines Wrote

Dr. Perricone’s creation was born when he was approached by celebrity make-up artists to create something that let the skin’s natural radiance shine through while covering up lines and imperfections. While celebs from Uma Thurman to Eva Mendes love it, Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation has even gotten international praise from:

  • Grazia, an Italian fashion magazine
  • Attitude, the UK’s biggest gay magazine
  • Latina, a Latin lifestyle and beauty magazine
  • Glamour, a young woman’s guide to fashion, beauty and life
  • Cookie, a modern mother magazine
  • More, an everything and more magazine for women
  • Vanity Fair, a global cultural catalyst magazine

Specificially, Cosmopolitan (USA and UK) named No Foundation Foundation the “Best Tinted Moisturizer” in 2010 Beauty Awards. Marie Claire “was thrilled to find Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation,” and said “it erases blotchiness and pores with just a hint more coverage…” And finally, Lucky reported “this is a full-fledged anti-aging treatment masquerading as a tinted moisturizer…”

What You Say about Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation

Here’s what people like you have had to say:

“I will never use regular foundation again!” – Sephora.com

“I am really liking how it looks….You use a tiny amount, one pump, for your whole face. It dries perfectly…gives natural finish and great sun protection. I will continue to use this.” – makeupalley.com

“I Love This Stuff!!! I purchased my first bottle earlier this month and have decided that it is a keeper.” – Sephora.com

“This stuff has to be the best stuff ever. It makes my skin look smooth and even. I put it on and I can’t tell much at first but then after it has set on my face it matches it. It is definitely worth the money and the try!” – Sephora.com

“This is hands down the most FANTASTIC foundation EVER. And this is coming from someone who has tried just about every foundation out there. I have OFF THE CHARTS oily skin but when I wear this foundation my face NEVER looks oily; just dewy and soft.” – makeupalley.com

So now that you’ve heard it from the celebs, the press, and even people just like you, what do you have to lose?

Try out Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation and comment below how you enjoyed it.

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  1. this is great thisis the only thing i use instead of make-up i will not use anythin else,i even introduced acouple of my friends to the pericon line my sister oves it.

  2. My skins pretty good to say I’m 15 I use Boots Botanics with honey and bran prteoin. Heres what I do:Run the tap till its warm(not too hot)Drench my face with the warm waterRub in the face wash in circular motions till its all foamyWash it off with warm water againTurn the tap till its freezing coldDrench my face to close the pores againPat dry my facePut a thin covering on Sainsburys brand Baby lotion all over my face.Normal baby lotion doesnt work for me only Sainsburys, it’s magical I think because I’ve tried the same routine with different moisterisers and only that one works

  3. I was a perricone user until I was mauled badly by a bad Rottweiler dog. Pain bills poor diet followed for years due to nerve pain. I have just begun to find my way back to perricone even on a disability salary. It’s worth it to enjoy the prospect that my early aging signs can be treated. There is a lot to be said about how you feel about yourself related to what you see in the mirror. There is no getting by that your image is a reflection of your health. I have finally stopped fighting each day to work and against the American tradition of go go go I am taking it slow slow slow : time to take care of my self with I hope guidance from the good doctor. Thanks DR Perricone.

  4. i have used several of your productsincluding your tinted moistutizer that you dont have any more i would really like to try this one

  5. I have been in search of a light tinted moistutizer that does not break me out due to my oily acne prone skin. I currently use mineral makeup but it makes my face tight and dry which I feel makes me more oily at the end. I have tried Tarte’s, bobbi brown and Laura mercier tinted moistutizer and they all broke me out and didn’t control my oily skin. I spoke to a rep at Sephora who recommend this. She gave me a smal sample which I have used twice and so far I’m loving what I see. It controls my oily skin and it looks flawless.

  6. I have extremely oily, reactive skin. I have tried every primer and foundation out there. I am an esthetician and only use pharmaceutical grade products on my skin. I do have many clients with the same skin type and would love to be able to share great results with them!

  7. I have tried so many types of foundations. There is not a single one that I love. I have tried the cheapest of cheaps to top of the line products. Nothing makes me look and feel natural while covering my imperfections. I would LOVE to try this product!

  8. I would love to become a Perricone tester! I am taking Accutane right now and would really like something to help my skin when I get off of it next month.

  9. Hello Perricone! I struggle with uneven skin tone – mainly redness on my chin and around my nose (not to mention that lovely purpl-ish hue under my eyes). However, full-fledged foundations are much too heavy and often give me a “made up” effect that I dont like. Many tinted moisturizers make me oily, or seem to just sit on top of the skin instead of sinking in. I would SO love to try this product, as people seem to really love it! Fingers crossed!

  10. Glad you think so Jaime, I absolutely love it too!!

  11. I love Perricone products! The no foundation foundation is so awesome, and that’s coming from someone who wont leave the house without foundadtion!

  12. been struggling with adult acne and now indented acne scars since hysterectomy @ 23 years of age,(14) years ago…. would luv to try your products!!! Very desperate for help with my awful skin :)