Vitamin C Ester Skin Care: Which Vitamin C?

What is Vitamin C Ester? How is it different than Vitamin C? Is it different?

These are the questions this article will attempt to answer in an easy to follow manner.

What is Vitamin C Ester?

Ascorbyl palmitate is the best known ester of Vitamin C. It is created when a fatty acid from palm oil is added to L-ascorbic acid.

What results due to this chemical bond, is a fat-soluble compound that contains vitamin C.

So is Vitamin C Ester Different from Vitamin C?

While both vitamin C and vitamin C ester are helpful in keeping you healthy, vitamin C ester is fat-soluble, while vitamin C is water-soluble. Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, cannot penetrate the surface of the skin as it repels water-soluble substances.

This means, vitamin C ester can protect the cell membranes in skin tissue, and are therefore, suited for skin care products since they can be absorbed and retained by the skin better than vitamin C.

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What Does Vitamin C Ester Do for the Skin?

Vitamin C ester is a great ingredient for cleansers. Vitamin C ester skin cleansers wash away impurities without resulting in the dryness, redness or irritation caused by more aggressive cleansers. Instead, vitamin C ester leaves skin feeling soft and looking radiant.

A vitamin C ester skin cream can help repair free radical damage which results from exposure to the environment and a pro-inflammatory diet. This means it can help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

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  1. As a stay at home mother who loves the sun, I have noticed a lot of change with my skin since turning 43 . With my husband at home due to multiple surgeries, I have had to cut back on quality skin care and have noticed a Hugh difference in my skin. I would love to win dr. perricone products!

  2. I live in Texas – sunshine daily. Need a miracle in a bottle for my skin.

  3. I have been using nu skin for over two years now and seem to have reached a plateau as far as improving my skin goes. Have known about and been interested in the Perricone line for years but felt cost was an issue. At 55, and no consideration for plastic surgery but still want to look as good as I can, I will afford it if it works.

  4. 66 yr old male…ride bicycle…lift weights etc

  5. [...] sun’s dangerous rays, but also acts as an anti-aging moisturizer. Utilizing zinc oxcide and Vitamin C Ester, More Than Moisture SPF 30 gives skin a natural glow while shielding it from sun [...]

  6. Over the past month I have slowly been converting over to the Perricone product line after hearing and reading very positive things about it. I recently turned 40, my lifestyle has become more sedentary, my eating habits are inconsistent usually because of time constraints and I’ve noticed that all of these things are starting to show in my skin. I have some sun damage blotches that only began to show in the past year, I’m getting small wrinkles around my eyes, more dark circles and they just seem sallow in general. I am also experiencing loss of elacticity on my face/jawline. I can’t totally prevent aging, but I want to fight it as much as possible like most people. Dr. Perricone focuses on both the outside and inside of the body. His treatments center around anti-inflammatory principles and the products are less harsh than many other I’ve tried. The Vitamin C Ester seemed like such a small investment, but I absolutely love it and already see and feel a difference around the eye area. I use it alone and with his High Potency Eye Lift cream. It’s fast-absorbing and soothing. I’ve got in the habit of keeping it in my purse so I can dab some in throughout the day for a quick pick-me-up. The Nutritive Cleanser makes my face look and feel clean and smooth, as does the Firming Toner. I can’t wait to try the neuropeptides and Cold Plasma because if they work half as good as what I’ve already used, I’m going to have better looking skin in six months than I’ve had in the last two years.