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Non-invasive Cold Plasma Sub-D targets the delicate area of the neck and chin to help address the loss of elasticity and improve the appearance of wrinkles and redundant skin on the neck. The result is a more chiseled and youthful appearance.

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  1. Watch the TV (Paid Programming) Offer but cannot order from Montreal( Canada), why is that? Please do consider us. Many thank’s.

  2. I love science-based products, and particularly those that are not full of fillers or tested on animals! I have aged well, but my slacking jawline is starting to give me away. I just tried to take advantage of the Cold Plasma Sub-D offer on tv/online, but it’s not available to Canadian customers… Please make this offer available to your Canadian customers — we need it with our climate! thanks!

  3. I’m very lucky to have gone as many years without any real signs of aging up till now. I got in a bad bicycle accident and a metal spike went through the bottom of my chin. Since that accident, I’ve noticed my chin and neck seemed to have lost a lot of elasticity and I notice I’m starting to sag a bit. It’s not just the bike accident, but I think that may have accelerated my aging process a bit more. I would love to be a tester to see if I can turn back the clock a bit on my neck, chin and jowl area.

  4. I inherited many beautiful gifts from my mother, but my turkey neck is NOT one of them. I think I would be a great test subject for this because I have tried so many other products, unsuccessfully. Waiting anxiously :)

  5. Thank you!

  6. I’m 40 but everyone tells me that I look in my 20s due to having youthful facial skin. However, my neck is showing signs of age – both vertical + horizontal wrinkles are visible. Can this product improve them?

  7. [...] From what I’ve heard –and read from reviews online– Perricone has some of the best wrinkle eye creams on the market. While not an eye cream, just look at these before and afters from Cold Plasma Sub [...]

  8. How should we use it? as serum or a cream? after toner or before make up?