Try Perricone Clinical Creations for as Low as $10

If you’ve never tried Perricone’s clinical creations, why not try them for less? That way you needn’t invest in a full-sized jar to test it out.

The list of clinical creations samples is always changing due to the explosive demand Perricone has received.

The latest additions include nutriceuticals such as Perricone Super Antioxidant (only $15) and Omega 3 (only $17.50).

Other clinical creations to try include bestseller Advanced Face Firming Activator, which transforms skin to appear firm, toned, and absolutely glowing. Formulated with Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE that work synergistically to:

  • Visibly resurface skin’s texture
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged porese
  • Reveal a radiant and healthy complexion

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

You can try Advanced Face Firming Activator (a $60 value) for only $18.

And now that vacation season has arrived, clinical creations samples are the perfect size for traveling. Where will you take yours?

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  1. I’m 63 years of age and would like to be considered for sampling of Perricone products to slow down the aging process on my face. I have a fairly good complexion now (in my opinion) but time is marching on. I’m tired of spending a fortune on products that do not work as well as advertised. I’ve been considering Perricone for a while now, but it is so expensive I didn’t want to waste my money if it didn’t work. Sampleing before buying would be great. Thanks.

  2. Wow! I’d love the chance to try out and comment on Perricone samples. I am trying to
    find something for my skin that is soothing and clean.

  3. I’d like to look a little and younger. don’t feel old on the inside but, feel I look it. aged even faster with chemo for breast cancer and radiation for a spread to my head – 17 month survivor but gosh, it’s hard on a body. trade off is, it’s hard on the cancer, too.I’m intelligent and write well. could provide your product assessments in a concise, informative and amusing manner. samples to test are good, too. medical is outrageously expensive. not much to spend on the “good stuff” like yours. thanks

  4. wow- reading of your products, I can think of something I have that each one of your products can fix. sounds perfect for a testing opportunity, eh?

  5. I have used a variety of skin care products. Currently using the Kinerase line of skin care. I am always interested in trying new products and have been faithful in my skin care routine for the past ten years. I guess you could call me obsessed. :)

  6. I would love to try your products. I have heard and read so much about them!!!

  7. Want to try that

  8. With my 50th birthday right around the corner, I have about a 50 reasons to need the Perricone products! As I’ve begun to age, I see the need for help with wrinkles, sagging skin, enlarged pores, age spots, dullness, etc. Having lived my entire life in the beautiful, sunny Atlanta, Georgia area, this Southern belle is ready for some skin correction! Thank you for the opportunity to try something healthy for my skin.

  9. i have really deep acne scars from cystic acne. i would be very greatful to a perricone tester.

  10. With the current economic situation, people can’t afford to shell out big bucks for products that will sit in the drawer but not be thrown out because they cost us $50.00 hard earned bucks.No one should have to buy a product based solely on advertising claims. I never buy a product even if I’m dying to try without either a sample or good unbiased reviews. Like many others, if I love a product I will scrimp and save if I have to to stay faithful to it ( and myself ! )

  11. I would love to be a product tester for you. I have always looked younger than my 59 years but recent illness has taken a toll on my skin. I have heard a great deal about your products and would love the opportunity to test for you.

  12. Please help! I just turned 41 and my skin has been behaving very badly.! I would be a great candidate to test your products because I am organized and truthful. Please help!

  13. I would love to try these products. I have been using a very expensive products that you can only get from the major department stores for years and I don’t feel they are doing anything for me any more. So I have been looking for a new product to use. I do not mind spending the money if I find something that works for me. So once again I would love to try your products.

  14. Interested in sampling and testing this and your other products. I have dry skin and dark circles under my eyes. Natural and organic is my preference of products when purchasing so i am looking forward to this.

  15. Would just love to sample your product.

  16. I am in my mid-50s and have such pale, dull skin. I had pretty youthful skin until I developed fibromyalgia and painful arthritis.

  17. Want clear younger looking skin. Three kids and a bad diet have done a number on my skin. Just want it to be smooth and one color.


  19. I would LOVE to try Perricone MD Clincial Creations products! I have forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and wrinkles around my mouth and chin. I also have wrinkles around my eyes and dark circles. I desperately need to find skincare products that could help with those problems. I’m using Dr. Brandt right now, but it doesn’t work so well. I used Christian Dior and Philosophy skincare before that. I would love to find a New line of Skincare products that could help me with my Skincare Issues. Thank You for your consideration!

  20. I would love to test your products. I am 37 years old and still have acne. I have tried everything to get rid of it and nothing works. I have very sensitive skin.

  21. I have aging skin with sun damage and would love to sample and review your products. I do reviews for a couple of other companies and always give an honest opinion of the product.. Thanks for the opportunity..

  22. HI,I would be very interested in testing and reviewing your products. I have combination skin and just cannot find one product that gets it right. I have oily skin and yet it is dry and flaky also.

  23. I would love to test and give honest results.We are real women out here and don’t have tons of money to spend.But if I find something worth money I will buy it.Would love to test this and your other products.

  24. I would love to be a Perricone tester. I have prematurely aged due to tragic events in my life (attempted murder, identity theft). The stress that I have endured and the depression, etc. has added years to my skin. In addition, I have been over exposed to the sun which has resulted in rubbery craping skin with wrinkles.

    I recently found out that someone refers to me as “wrinkles” which really has hurt me and my self-esteem. Being only 48 years old, it is very difficult to look at this.

    I have tried Strivectin which cost allot of money, and I just don’t have the cash to buy something different. I am digging myself out of a hole caused by someone else and need help.

    Please pick me to be a tester as you will not regret it!

  25. After trying my first Perricone MD product, I am hooked! I would love to be able to discover more products and clear out everything else in my makeup kit!

  26. I am so looking forward to testing your products. I live in the winter months and PA in the summer. Constant sunshine! My skin needs all the help it can get!!!!

  27. I’m 47 yrs old and I feel and look so tired, I see these young women w/ just perfect glowing skin and I wish so much that I could get mine to look just a little like that. I’ve used some alpha hydroxy creams but w/ minimal results. I’ve tried natural products and they could make my skin look a little polished, but then within a week the good result doesn’t last. Its as if my skin gets immune to the effects of it and its back to my dull dry skin. I’d love to be able to test Dr. Perricones products and see the difference they could make!
    Thanks, Julie

  28. I have used a skin care system prescribed by my plastic surgeon for years with excellant results. However, I would be very interested in testing skin care products that may be acquired OTC that provide results that are as good or perhaps better than the products I currently use. Finally, as a registered nurse such testing piques my interest.

  29. I am 58 years old, live in a very dry climate (Colorado) and am committed to a good skin care regime. I am always looking for new and better products to help with elasticity, moisturizing, and wrinkles. I don’t want to go ‘under the knife’ and would like to look as good as possible!! Would love to try your products!

  30. Anything that will make my skin looker fresher I would love to test! As a busy mom..and military wife Im streched thin!

  31. I would love to be a product sampler. I am always looking for the newest and latest items.

  32. Hello there

    Well, to be honest my girlfriends and I are at the perimenopause age, damn!!! We could sure use a product which could relieve our dryness and redness. Do you think that your product stands up to this challenge??? If so, I would be honoured to test your products and pass the information onto my girlfriends and colleagues.

    Thank you :)


  33. I am over 50 now & am becoming concerned about fine lines, sun damage & lost skin tone. I would really like to sample your products to see if they can help me.

  34. Needing an organic boost! Would love to test your natural products.

  35. i have never used your products but i am happy to give them a try…

  36. I would love to become a Perricone tester,
    I know Perricone is a good name in skin care and I could generate new interest for your products. Alot of people are into sampling products. When I advertise your sampling program I am confident you would see positive results (and so would my skin). Women are always looking for new or different products to try (just like me) and I think it would be fun.

    Thank You,

    Lori Houchin

  37. I’m am constantly doing research about how to improve my health, skin….I’m also usually the first of my friends to try a new product and love being able to tell my friends about a cool new product I’ve found. Looking forward to trying you goodies! Melany

  38. I know all these products are great! I would definitely need to sample them before I invested in them.

  39. I would love to test these products.I know Perricone is a good name.I have taken care of my skin good sense the age of 16.I am glad i have,at 53 my skin looks as good as when i was 40.

  40. At 47 I look older and would love to change my appearance to a younger look and get rid of these itchy red patches that appear on most of my face..I hate going out with it!

  41. When I was a young adult I had some problems with acne. As I get older somethings have changed. I can’t afford expensive products. I have to wash my face at least 5 times a day due to an oily face. I want to understand why this happens. I want to also get rid of the dryness I experience on my arms. I want to get ride of the small wrinkles on my face and the tired look on my face.

  42. I would love to be a tester or sample More than Moisture. I am an African American woman who has a hard time finding sunscreen that does not leave my skin chalky or ashy.

    I use three of your products: Evening Facial Emollient, Face Finishing Moisturizer and the Restorative Cream. I love them all and best of all, my skin looks wonderful.



  43. I would love to be a product tester.

  44. I would love to test Perricone products.

  45. My skin has been dull and lifeless. I would love to try something new to freshen my look.

  46. I would like to try and sample some of the products.

  47. love to try your products and give you feedback

  48. I would like to have nice skin for once in my life :(

  49. cant wait to try!

  50. Looking forward to sampling this product