Treat Spider Veins With Cold Plasma Body

Cold Plasma BodySpider veins, the unsightly broken capillaries often found on your legs, can be caused by several environmental and internal reasons.  While many visit a plastic surgeon to remove them, there are some inherent risks involved on top of the big price tag.

Typically plastic surgeons treat spider veins by injecting sclerosing solution into your veins, or with laser treatment.  Both options can be painful and will require multiple visits. Treatment can also cause scarring, damage to deeper structures like nerves, blood vessels and muscles, skin discoloration and swelling, persistent pain, ulceration, hematomas, and skin contour irregularities.

Rather than face the risks, pain, and price tag, try Dr Perricone’s Cold Plasma Body lotion.  While many anti-aging treatments focus solely on the face, they often overlook the signs of aging of the skin on the rest of your body. Cold Plasma Body lotion is specifically formulated to firm, tighten and tone your body. This essential treatment is a part of the award winning Cold Plasma collection, a patented revolutionary system that drives essential nutrients deep into the skin for enhanced results.

Skin Quiz


  • Skin will appear hydrated, plumper, and smoother
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, creepy skin, and spider veins
  • Treats cellulite and loss of elasticity caused by dehydrated rough skin


Key Sciences

  • Cold Plasma- creates an ideal base layer in your skin to target treatments by delivering the essential nutrients deep into your skin’s layers.
  • DMAE- fights free radicals and stabilizes cell membranes
  • Caffeine- minimizes the appearance of cellulite and puffiness
  • Sodium Hyaluronate- delivers superior hydration, and plumping and smoothing benefits.


Before heading to your plastic surgeon, be sure to try Cold Plasma Body lotion to treat spider veins and other signs of aging all over your body.

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