Top Anti Aging Products For Sun Goddesses

Many people have loved the sun more than a healthy amount in their lives and even with all the warnings out there for sun lovers to beware, many people still worship the sun.

Read on to learn why the sun is not your friend and different products you can use to get your fill of sun as the spring approaches.

Why You Love the Sun

Worshipping the sun is an addiction. Whether you think it or not, the feelings you get from being out in the warm sun is what calls you back time and time again. It seems that no matter how unsafe it is to lay and fall asleep under it, people are still doing it. The good news is that this unavoidable force is not deadly if you use caution.

Of those who enjoy in moderation and while protected, some believe the sun can help:

  • Reduce PMS symptoms
  • Reduce frequency of common cold
  • Control obesity by boosting metabolism
  • Control seasonal depression
  • Increase sex drive
  • Reduce fatigue and stress
  • Receive better quality sleep

Another way to gain a whole new positive outlook and healthy lifestyle is by reading Dr. Perricone’s Forever Young book. This will not only initiate your desire to protect yourself from the evils of the sun but also show you different diet techniques and products to use to prevent you from getting old leathery skin from being a sun goddess.

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

Why the Sun Does Not Love You

With the possibility of good things happening from sunlight, there are still many people who take it too far. Abusing the sun and staying out in it during its peak hours all summer long not only puts you and your skin in danger, but also:

  • Dries all skin and hair moisture
  • Provides high risks of cancer
  • One sunburn can have a big effect as you age
  • Causes wrinkles
  • Makes hair all over the body grow longer
  • Causes inflammation and swelling of the body

Sadly, more than 1 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year and this epidemic which continually grows kills around 8,000 Americans annually. Still, tanners ignore the health warnings about the dangers of exposure.

The negatives of the sun are simply not worth risking your life. Be sure you know how to protect yourself as spring approaches fast.

How to Protect Yourself

With spring just around the corner it is important to know that even when the sun is not out, you can be damaged by its power. Attempting to avoid it as much as possible is like trying to stop getting older. Thankfully, as long as you can stay covered with clothing and use products to protect yourself from the sun’s danger, you will be alright.

So how do you protect yourself? It’s simple.

The biggest thing you can do to prevent sun damage is use sunscreen. Although new studies say some sunscreen causes cancer, this is not the case for Perricone’s More Than Moisture SPF 30 which is contains non-chemical sunscreen and is clinically proven to protect your skin while hydrating throughout the day.

If being your natural ivory color is something you are not interested in, trying the Dr Perricone Tinted Moisturizer is a great option to maintaining a sun goddess glow.

Don’t be dethroned, maintain your goddess status by protecting yourself from the sun and slowing the aging process. There’s nothing more beautiful than youthful, healthy skin after all.

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  1. I am an avid gardener and outdoors as often as I can be (which is almost daily). I have noticed a change in my skin because of it, and since I am 39, I want to stay looking young, not sundamaged. I would love to be a tester of any of your products that would help me from further aging from sundamage, especially discoloration. Thank-You!

  2. All my life I have looked younger than I really was and now at 44 I am fighting to keep my skin looking young! All of a sudden I’ve noticed my skin texture is not so great, fine lines are creeping in. I would love to become a Perricone tester!!! I’ve read all Dr. Perricone’s books and I feel my skin has stayed this good for this long by following his dietary guidelines.

  3. I’ve recently moved from the cloudy and humid east coast to sunny, arid New Mexico. I wasn’t here long before I noticed that women who have lived here a long time tend to have a weathered look, with deep creases and dark blotches. This wizened skin looked great on the aged Georgia O’Keeffe, but it’s not for me. I decided to get serious about skincare, particularly moisturizers and sunscreens. I’m loving the Perricone products I’ve tried: Cold Plasma, No Foundation Foundation, and More Than Moisture are now part of my routine. I’d love the chance to be a tester, and try a wider range of products.

  4. I have melasma and large pores! My 48 year old skin needs help. I have used Retin A, glycolic acid gel and a few others. Still need some help. Looking forward to trying something new.

  5. Would LOVE to try your products. Always looking for a formula to clean my skin, remove blackheads and not overdry and irritate my skin. Also have large pores. I am 32 and TIRED of fighting acne. Please consider me to be a Perricone product tester!

  6. I’m so lucky that I don’t have much skin problem. But everyday I need to protect myself from sun damage by using sunscreen. The Perricone’s More Than Moisture SPF 30 is one of the Perricone’s products I wanna have a try. It’s hard to remove chemical sunscreen just by rinsing water. I believe the More Than Moisture SPF 30 is one of the most convenient products , easy to apply, easy to remove!