Tips for Eating Out with the Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet

Are you afraid to leave the house while on your Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet? Leave your fears behind and hit your favorite restaurant with these helpful tips for eating out on the Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet.

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Before the Meal

The Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet has the power to transform your face from the comfort of your fridge. Like every diet, though, the Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet requires control and endurance from the dieter. Eating out may sound like a threat, but with a few precautionary measures, you can control your dining experience.

First, know your diet and your restaurant. The Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet favors fish, poultry, turkey, green vegetables, and nuts. Try to find restaurant menus online to decide on the best location for your night out.

Second, go in with a game plan. If overeating is often a problem, wearing close-fitting clothes may remind you to stop eating when you’re full. Try an appetizer instead of an entree for a smaller portion size, or eat slower. Since it takes several minutes for your brain to register the “full” feeling, eating slower gives your brain time to catch up.

Also, know from the start where you want to spend your calories. If you’d like a dessert, opt for a lighter entry. This will save your calories for later.

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What to Eat

Knowing what you can and cannot eat is often the biggest problem at a restaurant. By narrowing down your selections from the start, you won’t be forced into choosing an unhealthy selection.

Dr. Perricone suggests choosing fish or poultry while on the Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet. Fish, especially salmon, are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce inflammation. Order it broiled rather than fried to save on calories.

As a side, order a green vegetable like asparagus or broccoli. These healthy sides reduce carb intake while delivering Vitamin C that protects skin from free radical damage. Spritz oil and fresh lemon over your salad instead of dressing; this low calorie option also helps to hydrate skin.

Finishing Touches

To complete your meal, remember Dr. Perricone’s three-tiered system: diet, supplements, and topicals. Eating healthy is only one of the three tiers, so make sure to boost your Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet with nutrients and skincare products when you get home.

Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet supplements deliver essential nutrients that are often left out of a normal diet. Along with your healthy food choices, try Skin & Total Body. Skin & Total Body comes rationed into packets that are taken twice daily with meals.

The pack strengthen and de-wrinkle skin, heets contain capsules, caplets, and softgels thatlp hair and nails grow, support a healthy immune system, and give skin a glowing appearance. Skin & Total Body is the perfect complement to your Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet.

The third tier to the Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet? Topicals. Place Cold Plasma onto skin for the finishing touch on your Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet. Cold Plasma is formulated with DMAE and Neuropeptides to decrease the ten most visible signs of aging, including wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Cold Plasma completes the three tiers of your Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet.

Are you ready to start your Dr. Perricone 28 Day Diet? Check out this list of food and exercise routines to complete your 28 day cycle. Good luck, and happy eating!

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  1. As our society becomes better educated about the different types of cholesterol, the dangers of high levels of VLDL… Natural cholesterol lowering supplements…fish oil

  2. I am 56 years old and my face is falling! I did the 3 day diet before my wedding in Feb 2005. It delivered as promised. My face was absolutley glowing andy energy and feel good level was try astonishing! I’m very passionate about sharing miracle discoveries with friends , family and co- workers. I am a believer and advocate for the anti- inflammatory foods and balanced insulin levels being the key to good health and vigor. I s
    I retired from an automotive company after 30 years and have since pursued a second career, successfully competing against a younger generation. Looking good and feeling vibrant has been a huge contributor to my success. While I’m not perfect I always go back to the 3 day miracle diet when I need to and generally follow Dr. P’s philosophy. I have never been able to afford the products on a regular basis so I would love to be a tester. I would like to have plan prescribed for me by a professional representative who could recommend the products I truly need without having to buy uneccessary products to meet sales quotas or breaking the bank. I’m a minimalist but have no idea whT I actually do need. I am thinking of having cosmetic surgery for my sagging face and nevk

  3. This is such a great article! I am trying the Perricone 3 day diet starting today and look forward to following the 28 day diet after Thanksgiving. I’ve been struggling with an outbreak of acne on my jawlines/chin for 5-6 months now. Before, my face was clear. I am seeing a dermatologist, but I will not risk my health for vanity and therefore, after a scary round with antibiotics, will not continue trying them to find a right fit. Hopefully, Perricone will help me. Thank you for this information!!

  4. I am 47 years old smoker 25+ years, weight up and down all my life. Would absolutely love to become a product tester.