Tinted Moisturizer: the Ultimate Time-Saver

Not everyone wants the full coverage of foundation or has time for an extensive makeup routine. That’s why tinted moisturizers are an increasingly popular option for quick, light coverage. Tinted moisturizers come conveniently packaged in tubes and blend easily into the skin. They’re a fast way to even skin tone and prepare for a day out. Tinted moisturizers combine moisturizer, foundation, and often sunscreen to give your skin the protection and coverage it needs to stay healthy and beautiful.

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Benefits of using a tinted moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers are a great way to cut down on the number of products in your skin care routine. Most tinted moisturizers also contain SPF of at least 15, putting three functions into one product:

  • Light foundation
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

Tinted moisturizers aren’t as heavy as normal foundations, nor do they provide as much coverage. However, they do have enough pigment to provide many of the same benefits as foundation, like:

  • Evening out skin tone
  • Hiding blemishes and minor imperfections
  • Evening skin texture and adding radiance

Not your average foundation:

Tinted moisturizers also differ from foundations because they tend to be lighter and more breathable. Also, tinted moisturizers shades are easier to choose than traditional foundations, because they do not need to be an exact match to your skin. The sheer tint means it will blend to match your skin tone. This easy matching also minimizes the chance of noticeable makeup lines between the face and neck.

Going natural:

Tinted moisturizers are an easy option for women who don’t wear a lot of makeup or are just beginning to use makeup products. The product is simple to apply since you just rub it into the skin, and it doesn’t look like you’re wearing makeup. Many people use tinted moisturizers to achieve a natural look while still evening out skin tone. “All natural” is an increasingly popular makeup and fashion style, and tinted moisturizer helps you make the most out of a few products to get the “less is more” look.

orangeFor those with more complicated makeup routines, a tinted moisturizer can also be used as a first layer of makeup. Using a tinted moisturizer as a first layer ensures that you won’t forget to put on sunscreen, which many people neglect to do.


Unlike regular moisturizers, you need to wash off tinted moisturizers before you go to bed. This ensures that pores stay clean and unclogged by makeup products.

Dr. Perricone’s Active Tinted Moisturizer

Dr. Perricone‘s

  • Alpha lipoic acid evens out skin tone and decreases the appearance of imperfections, including fine lines and wrinkles.
  • DMAE boosts the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that triggers muscles to tone. Since skin is attached to muscles, tighter muscles mean firmer and smoother skin.
  • Vitamin C ester soothes irritated, red, and inflamed skin while also adding a radiant glow.
  • Using a tinted moisturizer is an easy way to cut down on the number of products in your skin care routine while still giving your skin all the benefits. For a fraction of the cost, one tube of tinted moisturizer provides your daily sunscreen, moisturizer, foundation, and antioxidants.


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    2. I love the tinted moisturizer. I am 67 years of age and have tried numerous moisturizers and makeup throughout my lifetime. The tinted moisturizer is so wonderful that all I have to do in the morning is use just a bit of the moisturizer and my skin looks perfect all day. I would highly recommend this to anyone regardless of age.

    3. Tried it a couple of times. Allways ended up looking like a orange though…

    4. I just want to thank Dr. Perricone for creating this amazing foundation! Not only does it have all the anti-aging/firming ingredients in it, the SPF 30 really helps me cut down on the number of skin care products I used to buy to protect and treat my skin! I have tried more foundations than I care to think of (mainly because of the amount of money I wasted), but your foundation truly stands out of the crowd! Not only does it have all of the incredible ingredients that your products are famous for, but your foundation covers all my imperfections, and because it doesn’t sink into the lines and pores I am left with a picture perfect finish that looks totally natural! I am in my early 40s – yet – looking at all my pictures from my younger years, I can honestly say that my face has never looked better, more radiant, flawless, pore-less, and wrinkle-free. And the best part is that your foundation makes me look as if I’m wearing nothing at all – my perfect looking skin appears to be my own, without ANY makeup whatsoever. Again, thank you Dr. Perricone! I love your products, its effectiveness, and how it makes my face look! I will never go back to the heavy and “made-up” looking foundations again.

    5. I use tinted moisturizer but it always feels greasy to me, then when I use my normal mineral makeup, it feels drying. Is Perricone different? Since I had a baby my skin has become so much different and I have to moisturize for the first time in my life! I wish I could try your products but I haven’t the first clue where they are even sold. Maybe I could try a sample?

    6. I would like to give it a try to these tinted moisturizer since right now I use mineral makeup that is in powder, but I am willing to see if the skin of my face looks more natural and it feels lighter.

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    9. I’m super interested in tinted moisturizers! I’ve always stayed away from liquid makeup feeling like it would clog my already enlarging pores but if a moisturizer provided its same benefits as well as a bit of color that may be convenient.