The Perricone 3-Tiered Philosophy

As a board certified Dermatologist, Dr. Perricone is known around the world as an award winning inventor, and renowned healthy aging expert.  His patented sciences and propriety formulations are proven effective in fighting the signs of aging skin.  He has published several New York Times Best sellers including, The Wrinkle Cure, The Perricone Prescription, and The Perricone Promise. His expert advice is all founded on his Three-Tiered Philosophy.  This system provides a holistic approach to not only looking good, but feeling great in every stage of your life.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Inflammation is a factor in many diseases and the visible signs of aging.  By practicing an Anti-Inflammatory Diet, you reduce the causes of inflammation, and maintain a healthy weight.

Keys to Anti-Inflammatory Diet

  • 8-10 glasses of pure spring water per day
  • High Quality Proteins
  • Healthy fats
  • Low-glycemic Carbohydrates
  • Antioxidant rich beverages like green tea

Learn more about the Anti-Inflammatory Diet HERE.

Targeted Nutritional Supplements

Diet alone cannot provide the body with all of vitamins and minerals needed to optimize a balanced anti-aging regime.  Perricone MD provides quality supplements to work hand in hand with your diet for visible results. The results include youthful, radiant skin, improved mood, sharpened brain power, increased fat burning, and increased muscle mass.  There are several supplement programs available.  The Skin and Total Body Supplements assists in maintaining healthy skin, hair, nails, bones and joints.

Skin and Total Body Supplements

Metabolic Formula SupplementThis program includes three vital supplements to fight free radicals, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves brain function, stimulates hair and nail growth, and supports a healthy immune system.  It includes the Super Antioxidant Formula to fight free radicals, and in turn prevent the signs of aging. Omega 3 assists cardiovascular health and reduces inflammation.  Astaxanthin benefits the immune system, reduces inflammation, and prevents neurodegenerative diseases.

Clinical Skin Care

Through years of private practice and research, Dr. Perricone has developed a comprehensive line of powerful topical treatments. They work in harmony with his recommended diet and supplements to provide vibrant skin while combating the signs of aging.  If you’re new to Perricone MD, try taking the Skin Quiz to determine the best products to address your concerns.

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