The Perfect Gift for Mom… and You!

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  1. I am 47 years old, and have always eaten healthy, stayed the same weight since high school,exercised, never smoked, and taken care of myself. I have always had oily skin and never really followed a regular skin care regimen, but have very few lines and people tell me I look young for my age. Last year I was diagnosed with a stage three colon cancer polyp for which I underwent bowel resection. I was lucky to have it caught early ( I KNEW something wasn’t right and was very forceful with my Drs even though they kept on telling me it was menopausal). I have now become extremely aggressive in telling my story to women to be aware of their bodies, KNOW when something is different, and not put it off to tiredness, stress, menopause etc. I am 100% healthy now , but the past year has really showed up for the first time in my skin. I was on a lot of medication and very stressed and my skin REALLY showed a difference. I tried a sample of of your advanced eye therapy creme and was fairly quickly impressed with the results. I would love to try some of your other products and get back the youthful vitality I feel in my body in my face!
    I have read Dr Perricones blog for a while and love his whole body approach to healthy skin.


  3. I am 45 yrs. old. I have tried quite a lot of different products and procedures to minimize wrinkles. I am tired of spending money on products that don’t deliver.And I am tired of trying new products that I must return within 30 days or pay automatically from my credit card. If I believe in a product , I will buy it as needed if it actually improves my appearance. Please no gimmicks. I want the real thing without having to worry about getting any unused bottles returned before 30days. I watched you on Dr. Oz and I am hoping this is for real. I would love to be a tester.
    Sue Bramwell

  4. I’m impressed by the apparent quality of the products. I would love to try your products out.