The Natural Anti-Aging Salmon Egg Enzyme

We go to great lengths to achieve youthful glowing skin. But sometimes the chemicals we chose to brighten and exfoliate our skin can have uncomfortable side effects. That is why when Dr. Perricone discovered the benefits of salmon egg enzyme, he was excited to utilize it in his top of the line cosmeceuticals. The enzyme is one of the key sciences in Blue Plasma Orbital, helping to gently resurface and restore radiance and brightness by removing dead skin cells. Unlike chemical acids that indiscriminately digest dead and living skins cells, the enzyme bio-specifically targets only dead skin cells. This helps prevent the side effects of thinning, red, peeling skin, that is sensitive to light.


Salmon Egg EnzymeThe enzyme is produced naturally when baby salmon eggs are hatching. When the enzyme releases, it dissolves the eggshell so the baby salmon can swim away unaffected. The fluid consists of peptides, proteins, and protease. It’s potent enough to break down the tough shell, without ever harming the fragile creatures inside. This feature is what makes it perfect for exfoliating our gentle skin. Because it turns off after dissolving the dead skin, it leaves the healthy living skin underneath unscathed. Which in turn minimizes the irritation and sensitivity caused by other methods.

It’s benefits were discovered in Norway, where hatchery workers noticed their hands appeared much smoother and younger looking than the rest of their skin. It was because they were submerged in the cold water filled with the enzyme left after the salmon escaped from their eggs. Since it’s a natural byproduct of the process, nothing is harmed while obtaining the enzyme for cosmetic use.

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Experience all of the benefits of a chemical peel, without the potential side effects.

  • Less redness, tightness, and sensitivity to light
  • Gentle alternative for sensitive skin
  • Removes skin surface debris, helping to unclog pores and purify the skin
  • Resurfaces skin, helping cell turn over
  • Brightens skin for a youthful radiance
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  1. I would love to try this. I have the worst undereye circles, which I am sure are not as bad as I think they are. This is my number 1 skin concern.

  2. I just recently started using the blue plasma, and with just one use, I notice a big difference on my skin.