The Latest in Anti-Aging: Neuropeptides Skin Care

What gives away age? The acne scars, veins, sun damage, or dullness may be giving it away. But Dr. Pericone has a solution to have people think, “There’s no way she is the mother of high school students.”

His latest trick is Neuropeptides skin care. This skin care specializes in slowing the aging process while helping reverse already existing damage.

Learn more about these powerful peptides:

What are Neuropeptides?

Neuropeptides, which function in the central nervous system, are small, powerful protein-like molecules used by neurons to communicate with each other and influence the activity of the brain.

“Neuro” refers to the very specific functions of this peptide group and a “peptide” is a small protein which is made up of amino acids. Peptides are active at small doses, highly specific, and safe to use physiologically to assist or change physical processes.

Neuropeptides play a crucial role in mediating inflammation. Inflammation is triggered by toxins, hormonal changes, stress, poor eating, and many other external causes. By controlling inflammation, disease is minimized and skin health and youthfulness are maintained.

In the skin, neuropeptides are synthesized locally and are transported by nerve fibers or immune cells. Specific receptors and binding sites for neuropeptides have been described in different cell lines in the skin.

Neuropeptides help the skin’s nerve fibers modulate in a variety of acute and chronic skin processes. Neuropeptides success in the medical fields have brought them into anti-aging cosmeceuticals.

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What can Neuropeptides do for your skin?

With his specialized collections of Neuropeptides skin care products, Perricone can help you achieve:

  • A youthful, radiant skin rebirth
  • A facelift (without the expensive surgery)
  • Diminished wrinkles
  • Tighter, more toned skin

Neuropeptides are ideal for skin with signs of advanced aging like deep lines, wrinkles, and crepyness. Applying neuropeptides to the skin can result in quick improvements in hydration, elasticity, and firmness.

Other skin benefits of neuropeptides include:

  • Aid in the treatment of skin diseases
  • Help with stretch mark and scar removal
  • Have superior wrinkle-reducing properties
  • Reduce muscle’s ability to tense and dorm deep lines of expression (like botox)

Neuropeptides in Skin Care Products

Perricone’s specialized collections containing neuropeptides and other ingredients help to minimize wrinkles and restore glowing complexions.

Some of these age-fighting miracle workers are:

  • Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer, a superior hydrating cream that helps firm, lift, and tone sagging skin while correcting deep lines and wrinkles.
  • Neuropeptide Deep Wrinkle Serum, a fast-acting anti-aging serum that reduces deep lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity while transforming the skin to be more smooth.
  • Neuropeptide Facial Conformer, a treatment that activates surface renewal by revealing visible younger looking skin by combating the loss of elasticity and appearance of crepiness.
  • Neuropeptide Eye Contour, a rich cream that delivers anti-aging benefits to the eyes by helping more fragile skin with the problems of puffiness, discoloration, and dark circles.

These anti-aging products work synergistically to help rejuvenate your skin thanks to neuropeptides. These are perfect for women everywhere, who have been frantically searching for the best anti-aging products to reduce wrinkles and have younger looking skin, especially on the most obvious spot for age detection: the face.

The search ends here with Perricone skin care products formulated with neuropeptides.

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  2. i’ve had oily skin my whole life.. About 5 weeks ago i had my left ovary removed due to severe endometriosis at 35 years old. With my hormones out of wack my skin has become more dry in the last few weeks. i received a sample of the conformer and was blown away by the instant results… The moisture and glow is back!!!!

  3. Heard about this on Dr. Oz and curious to learn more.

  4. Knowledge is power and to fight antiaging and lines need to know what is best scientifically. I searched this myself to be better educated and to have better results.

  5. Knowledge is power that simple. Need to be educated on what is best ingredient proven to help battle of aging and lines and spread the word.

  6. Hi! My name is Constanza and I am from Chile. I really like Dr. Perricone’s products, but I want to know more about the science aspects of Neuropeptides: how the skin absorb them, how they work, what do they specific in the cells, are there scientific publications about them? How can I find them?
    Thank you for your attention!

  7. Love the neuropeptide moisturizer

  8. The changes in my skin since menopause have been abrupt and drastic. I eat well, do yoga, meditate and drink lots of water. I feel healthy and youthful and I want my skin to match!