The Health Benefits of Maitake Mushrooms

Maitake MushroomIn Asia they have known about the healing benefits of mushrooms for centuries, including the powerful affect they have on one’s immune system. They are also high on fiber and flavor, when cooked, but they are also low on sodium, cholesterol, and calories.


Maitake benefits several health concerns when eaten.
• The maitake mushroom offers a unique characteristic: they provide the best proportion of efficacy compared to other mushrooms used for healing purposes. For this reason, in Japan, it’s known as the King of Mushrooms.
• They are best known for their cancer fighting properties.
• Research shows that maitake extracts can block the growth of cancer tumors and boost the immune system of those with cancer.
• They have also shown the ability to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy.
• They may lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
• It has been reported that they aid digestion by regulating the stomach and intestines, and help eliminate food stagnation.
• Consuming maitake extract supports a healthy metabolism.
• Consumption also helps reduce excess weight.
• They protect, moisturizer, and strengthen skin.

How It Works

• They contain polysaccharides and polysaccharide-protein complexes that the body uses to fortify the immune system.
• The mushroom’s beta-glucan supports immune system functions, specifically by activating white blood cells that fight off microorganisms that cause disease.
• Consumption encourages the production of interleukins and other lymphokines, which have chemo protective effects, slow tumor growth, and help to inhibit the spread of cancer.
• Polysaccharide compounds are effective in assisting blood pressure, glucose, insulin and lipids regulation.
• The high lean protein content helps burn cholesterol in digestion.

If you’d like to try some dishes featuring the savory maitake mushroom, you can find some recipes HERE. Keep in mind they can cost around $18 per pound. If you’d prefer to purchase the extract for all of the health benefits, Dr. Pericone has an option for you. The Maitake Mushroom Extract SX-Fraction, is recommended to be taken 3 times a day between meals.

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  1. I was introduced at random to a maitake mushroom at my hairdressers place on Saturday. I thought he was kidding me when he offered me a piece of the mushroom to take home. Was afraid to eat until I read up on it and found the benfits of the mushroom. Very interesting. I’m a bit wiser about this mushroom thanks to a guy who was trying to drum up business for himself.