The Face Lift: Is it Worth it?

High Potency Amine Face LiftGiven today’s preoccupation with eternal youth, it’s no surprise that many people turn to cosmetic surgery to regain the face they once had, or to achieve a look they have always desired. In 2004, 157,000 people got face lifts, and they were the seventh most popular surgical cosmetic procedure performed on women in 2008.

Obviously, face lifts are popular, but are they the best option? This article will discuss the pros and cons of surgical face lifts and offer Dr. Perricone’s philosophy on cosmetic surgery.

This article will discuss:

  • Benefits of the face lift
  • Drawbacks of the face lift
  • Dr. Perricone’s perspective

Benefits of the face lift

Proponents of the face lift (formally called a rhytidectomy) believe there are several upsides to the procedure:

  • The procedure itself is quick, with most face lifts taking 2-4 hours in the operating room.
  • It is usually an outpatient procedure.
  • A good face lift can last up to 10 years.
  • It can make you look instantly younger, as if the muscles have regained their tone overnight.
  • A well-done face lift can reverse much of the skin sagging and loss of firmness that occurs over a lifetime.

Drawbacks of the face lift

Even if some women end up satisfied with their face lift, the drawbacks are considerable. Ranging from inconvenience to serious health risks, it’s best to consider all of these factors before deciding on such a potentially dangerous and unpleasant procedure.

Cost: Face lifts are expensive: the average cost is $6000. This doesn’t even include fees for anesthesia, prescriptions (for painkillers and any other medications you might need), preparatory tests, and facility fees. Prices also vary based on the surgeon’s experience and your location. If the price seems too good to be true, you may be putting yourself at the hands of an inexperienced surgeon.

Preparation: Pre-operational instructions include stopping certain medications two weeks prior to surgery. Most of these medications are those that make you more prone to bleeding, but some are important medicines that you may need for good health. If you smoke, you’ll have to quit long before your surgery. While this is and essential healthy step, it can be a major struggle during the stressful period before surgery. This is especially true because some smoking cessation products are on the list of banned pre-surgery medications.

Anesthesia: Most face lift procedures will require some form of anesthesia. Although anesthesia does not cause complications for most healthy patients, there is always the risk of serious side effects. These include toxicity, aspiration, or in some cases changes in blood pressure that lead to heart attacks or death.

Recovery: Even if the surgical procedure is quick, the recovery time is anything but. Seeing results takes even longer, making the whole process inconvenient. During the first 24 hours after a face lift, the face is usually black and blue. You won’t be able to wash your hair for two days afterward, as you will still have drainage tubes attached to your face. It’s recommended that you avoid strenuous activity until swelling is gone, which can take four to six weeks. It generally takes seven weeks before you can resume all aspects of your normal life.

Risks: In addition to these common downsides of the surgery, more serious complications like infection, scarring, unevenness, or pigmentation changes can occur. Additionally, the immediate side effects of a face lift are pronounced; swelling, pain, and bruising can be severe. Bruises are most prominent around the eyes, and swelling is bad enough to keep you at home for days.

There is also a risk of long lasting and sometimes permanent side effects, including:

    Perricone Bottles
  • Nerve damage that can cause paralysis of muscles
  • Obvious scarring
  • Asymmetry and skin wrinkling
  • Serious infection
  • Hematoma, or blood pooling beneath the skin

Even a skilled surgeon cannot guarantee that you will see the results you expect from your face lift. It’s important to understand the potential drawbacks before you make such a serious decision. It’s also important to consider nonsurgical alternatives, such as lifestyle changes and nonsurgical treatments that can drastically improve the appearance of your face without the dangers of a face lift.

Dr. Perricone’s perspective

Many of Dr. Perricone’s patients have either had a cosmetic procedure performed or are seriously considering it when they come into his office. He strongly advices them to try his products and his recommended lifestyle instead. Through a three-tiered approach of diet, nutriceuticals, and topical treatments, many patients see dramatic improvements in the quality of their skin and stop plans to undergo plastic surgery.

Dr. Perricone has formulated numerous supplements and topical treatments to restore the skin’s health and youthfulness. Whether your concern is lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, the desire for a lifted appearance, or a combination of the three, there are products to meet your needs.

Dr PerriconeDr. Perricone’s High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift harnesses a number of his of his patented sciences, including DMAE and vitamin C ester, to provide the “instant face lift” effect. To achieve the same effect around the eyes, there is a complementary product called the High Potency Eye Lift.

In addition to his skin care products, Dr. Perricone’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet gives specific guidelines to provide skin with the nutrients it needs to become healthier and more beautiful. Among the diet’s key foods are salmon and olive oil. Their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects both contribute to the reduction of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Dr. Perricone is convinced that combining a healthy lifestyle and diet with advanced skin care products can give you results that rival a surgical face lift. The cost doesn’t begin to compare to the cost of a face lift, and it is virtually risk free. Dr. Perricone encourages patients to try his line and see the results: it’s a safe alternative to a potentially risky surgery.

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  1. What product should use for nasal fold I am using the moisturerise and the firm lotion thank you I love your product my neck look a lot better I turned 50 and I really do not like the puffyness by my mouth thank you Lori

  2. My daughter and I are in the beauty industry and our styles are young and hip, but at 52 my skin is not :( I’ve been looking for the Time Machine and I think you may have found it! I’m a natural Red Head so I need your help.

  3. I ordered supplements and a some products, but haven’t tried yet.

  4. I have been thinking about cosmetic surgery and found some of your products that have changed my mind about considering a face lift and eye lift. I would love to be a Perricone tester, I have used many products Obagi, VI Derm, Peter Thomas Roth etc but have to say the couple of Perricone products I have tried are the best on the market.

  5. is it possible to get tester before buying as many products on the market say they do exactly the same but after you purchase them and use them regular you dont see any difference so it would be nice to test a product before wasting money

  6. Gone are those days where wisdom is measured with the age lines you have on your face, and even laugh lines won’t make you any happier. The most advanced method of diminishing these marks and signs of aging is still the good old facelift surgery. There are people who are somehow not happy with the price they’d have to pay to get a rejuvenated skin. The high costs of surgery that are not covered by insurance companies, plus the inevitable going through a slightly painful operations and the horror of possible complications are the most concern of women. But nothing scares a woman more than looking old especially when there is a way to somehow stretch the years a little backwards to delay the aging process.

  7. There could not be more traumatic than having a face lift surgery gone wrong. Imagine the horror of getting a badly done face lift. Instead of looking younger, it could make you look like a twice or thrice your actual age instead. That is why i agree that it is important to ask the service of a reliable and certified cosmetic surgeon.

  8. I love Perricone products and if I could afford to, I’d use them exclusively. Recently, I received $100 as a gift, so I ran right out and purchased the Advanced Face Firming Activator – unbelievable product! The first time I applied it, four people that very day told me my face looked great. My chiropractor said, “Wow – you look so youthful!” And I use it sparingly… I’m 56 years old and have tried so many anti-aging products! I’m a petite 105 pounds, with a body that looks way younger than it is – partially from being continuously active & eating well, and partially from good genes. Unfortunately, my aging face doesn’t match. I am single, my income is quite small, and medical bills from recent major hip surgery are pushing Perricone purchases farther and farther down the road. Please consider me for product testing! I have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and a solid knowledge of anti aging products and ingredients.

  9. I NEEd to be become a Perricone product tester. I am 53 years old and have jumped from product to product looking for the magic pill. I am considering a face lift but am scared I will get that fake look. I just want to be refreshed and not look so tired and haggard. I have always been considered a beautiful woman, but not anymore. I look like I am 60. I am working on my diet, will get the super antioxidant Perricone supplements, but have little funds to buy all of the Perricone products unless I know they will work. If I test the product and see the results, I will stop buying clothes or something just to afford the Perricone products. I am THAT serious about working on my skin. I’ve only one life and I intend to defy aging. Thanks Dr. Perricone. I’ve read your Wrinkle Cure book twice and it makes so much sense. Thanks for making me a VIP product tester.

  10. I have been shopping for some time now to try to find a product I think might help. I have a sagging jawline and a sagging neck. I am 52, and I have a difficult time believing in a product and putting out too much money. I don’t mind spending if the product really does what it touts. I’m a school teacher and I’m not flush, but I will by if it really works. I have been going to a spa to purchase face products, that can be tried in small samples before purchasing. I am always very cautious and skeptical about testimonials on face products that are suppose to be amazing. I would make a terrific tester.

  11. I am 61 years old and lost my job a year ago, I was in outside sales.
    It is so important for me to look my
    best and would love to become a Perricone tester. I really need the help, this would really help me over
    come the age discrimnation I face everday going out on interviews.
    Right now I cannot afford to pay for
    any products that would help me look
    fresher and better. Please give me the
    chance to become a perricone tester,
    I need this so badly
    thank you,
    sharon johnson

  12. This sounds like it would be a perfect product I would like to use. All I here from is “Are you ok? You look so tired.” or “Why are you so sad?”
    I also have the sagging and loss of firmness in my skin. I am off to a great start though. I have changed my eating habits. I replaced the steaks and burgers and greasy fries with Salmon. No more Coke either. Now I drink Green Tea and lots of water. I have also ordered the Omega-3 Suppliments. I am so excited!
    I would very much like to become a tester for the High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift and also the High Potency Eye Lift.

  13. I faithfully have been using Perricone products since I turned 40. I am about to reach my 45th birthday and I consistently am mistaken for being in my 20s! Currently, I use ihg Potency Amine Complex Face Lift, High Potency Evening Repair, Advanced Face Firming Activator, Eye Lift, Neuropeptide Contour and Nueropeptide Moisturizer. I always receive compliments about how flawless my skin looks–the texture and overall complexion. I also have been using Perricone’s Omega 3 supps for years. All these products I would never trade in for any others.

  14. I would love to be a tester. As im always looking out for the best products to make me look younger!!

  15. I would love to be a Perricone tester! At 48, I find myself postmenopause and my skin is beginning to develop dryness, fine lines and sagging. After purchasing your book, The Wrinkle Cure, I have visited your web site to learn more. I think I could be an excellent tester.

  16. I am someone with large pores and deep nasolabial folds and the beginning of sagging skin. A facelift is something I have considered but would prefer to delay that for as long as possible.


  18. I would love to become a tester of your products. I cant afford to ever get a facelift and I know I would not want to but this product would be perfect.

  19. I am thinking about getting a face lift. I’m sagging badly around my jawline and my face is losing firmness everyday it seems. I’m really afraid of the thought of surgery and everything that could go wrong so I would LOVE to become a tester for this product prior to actually having the facelift done. Dr. Perricone’s other products have worked great for me please pick me to test this one. GOD BLESS!

  20. If you’re not ready to go under the knife, you really should consider these topical solutions first. If you find that they still do not work the way you want them to, that’s when you start considering cosmetic surgery.

  21. I just might be the ideal tester because there is hardly a skin problem I don’t have, with the exception of oily skin and acne. I am postmenopausal,have profoundly dry and dehydrated skin, which is exacerbated by the severe desert climate in which I live, fine lines, deep wrinkles and–the most recent and disturbing development–serious sagging.

    I have always eaten an extraordinarily healthful diet, I exercise religiously and I now avoid all sun exposure–though sadly this was not the case in my misspent, sunworshipping youth.

    In any case, neither my genuinely stellar lifestyle nor the tens of thousands of dollars of products and dermatological treatments (Fraxel, IPL,etc.)in which I’ve invested over the years have done a thing for my skin.

    Worse still, I am a medical journalist–known for my skepticism–and in most regards am a highly sophisticated consumer.

    So that’s the story.

    All the best,