The benefits of the Eggshell Membrane

‘Crack’ the Code to Youthful Skin

Perricone EggshellDr Perricone’s newest skin care treatment harnesses a natural, yet revolutionary technique to give you full, firm skin tone. OVM applied daily in the morning, will provide more cushion, firmness, and volume to your skin, and you won’t believe the secret ingredient. Dr Perricone has discovered a bio-matrix technology to harness the delicate power contained with in eggshell membrane.

How It Works

“That thin layer between the egg white and the eggshell was designed by nature to have a perfect matrix of compounds which nourish and protect the egg,” explained Dr Perricone. “We’ve harnessed the intelligence of the matrix and enhanced it with other biologic actives, including an extract of certain proteins from colostrum, to create a product which works unlike any topical treatment currently available.”

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To understand how eggshell membrane will make you look younger, first you need to understand its role in nature. The membrane plays a vital role in the incubation of a young chick. There are three different membrane layers within an egg. The Inner Membrane, the Outer Membrane, and the Vielline Membrane.
• The Inner and Outer membranes are gentle yet strong, and envelop the embryo, protecting it from outside bacteria. They contain keratin, the protein found in our hair and nails.
• The Vitelline membrane protects the yolk in the center.
• The membranes also contain collagen, a protein responsible for firm skin.
• The eggshell membrane also plays a role in cell growth and differentiation, and the maintenance of life functions.

Benefits of Perricone OVM

Experience a 3 dimensional anti-aging effect, with fuller firmer skin. Youthful skin isn’t just firm is full. Restore the cushion and plumpness to your skin. Users have also reported renewed radiance in their skin tone. In fact, 88% of consumer studies reported seeming firmer skin immediately. What are you waiting for? Act now to add a new “dimension” to your skincare.

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  1. Information such as this is very appreciable. Many people are learning new things, most especially those who are very particular with their skin. Thank you for this information about the benefits of eggshell membrane or what it can do to our skin.