The 7 Best Pericone Skin Care Videos

Did you know Dr. Perricone has his own YouTube channel?

The video topics range from Dr. Pericone TV appearances to tips straight from Dr. Pericone to overviews of some of his top skin care products.

Keep reading for an overview of the best Pericone skin care videos.

#7: Dr. Pericone Skin Care Philosophy

#6: Why the Natural Way is Better

#5: Pericone Skin Care on Queer Eye for the Straight Girl

#4: Why Stress Cortisol is Problematic

#3: Quick Skin Care Tips from Dr. Pericone

#2: Dr. Pericone Says Chocolate is Healthy?

#1: As Seen on Oprah!

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  1. This post was great! This can help us rejuvenate our skin. Thanks!

  2. I wonder if your Facial serum prep would help me I have some sun damage to my facial skin and cellulite on my thighs.

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    Carmen Macbeth

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