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  1. I would love to test Pericons!!!

    with a great hug

  2. I am excited to be a Perricone tester & to read the anti-aging book! Thank you!

  3. I bought a jar of Super + Hyper Hydrator, and it is the best face cream I have ever used! Would you be so kind as to tell me if you offer a similar product now….I see you no longer offer it. I also MUST begin to follow an anti- inflammatory diet, and am very interested in knowing about all of your products. I was hoping that you had a catalogue where I could order the cream, once I figure out what the comparable product is. I LOVED that it was made with coconut water HCT. This stuff literally drenches your skin in moisture, it absorbs quickly and is NOT greasy, and leaves your skin feeling beautifully finished for the day. PLEASE tell me that you still have a product like it!!!! Aileen

  4. I would like to be a product tester.
    I have one of Dr. Perricone’s books and have tried some of his suggestions.
    They seem to work for me.

  5. hey im 53 5’2 120lbs, exercise and im fit, my lifestyle diet has been all that u recommend..look great.. no forehead lines
    but very puffy under eye bags all my life
    and sagging around the chin/mouth / neck area
    im very very interested in your products
    the complete approach is what i appreciate
    would love to be a Perricone tester!

  6. I already use Dr. Perricone products and am impressed with the way my skin looks. I usually have very dry skin during the winter. Since using the Perricone products my skin has more moisture and I don’t suffer from flaking and peeling during the harsh winter months. I am concerned with the lines above and below my lips and nothing I have tried seems to work. I’ll see if the Perricone Lip Plumper helps the feathering. Will gladly test products.

  7. I’m interested in testing the neck and decollete cremes. I don’t like the look of my neck and under my chin. I’d like to test it out. If it’s good I’ll tell my friends.

  8. There is a bad alteration in at the left line of my face giving me an horrible look physicallyand if in my pictures.

  9. Hey! I will love to start the 3 day diet! I want to be a Perricone tester!!

  10. I’m 53 years old and very interested to be a Perricone product tester.

  11. Iwould love to be a product tester. Starting the 3 day diet Weds 5/30/2012, will also comment on how I look and feel after the 3 days. Looking forward to glowing skin.

  12. Hello,I`m 57,and Weigh in at 240 now,and was intriqued by the Perricone DVD Weightloss Diet,and its great information on Inflamation,and its connection to obesity and diseases,and how we can control this,and get the Benefit of Skin beauty! I went as far as to get four copies of the Weight loss Diet book,as well as the DVD Seminar,and gave them to my sisters and Friends!I`m planning this diet on a Chart now,and will be implementing it,and reaping the benefits,now and for my future, starting with the Supplements! Thanks Mark Tuft

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