Perricone is looking for product testers!

We’ll be choosing random commenters on our blog every month to sample and test our products. At the end of every month, we’ll choose between 10 – 100 people to fill out our skin quiz to determine which product would be most helpful to them.

Upon completion of the quiz, we’ll ship out the product and ask for your feedback after 30 – 60 days.

You have a higher chance to be chosen if you comment on a blog posting that doesn’t have that many comments.

Good luck!

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  1. Who wouldn’t want to be a tester?????

  2. i had surgery on my neck and since then i’ve noticed sagging in my jawline and neck, i’m not vain but i want to look youthfull again can you help

  3. I am 54 and would love to become a tester for your products. I am concerned about age spots and wrinkles.


  5. I would love to test your products. It would be great to find something that really helps wrinkles and puffy eyes.

  6. I would love to become a product tester.

  7. having trouble finding a good under makeup moisturizer!

  8. I am fast approaching 56 years and have found my metabolism slowing right down. The scales are not scaring me but the fat re-distribution is, so I was very excited when I discovered your Acai products on the Internet. It would be fantastic to give them a trial; my body sure could do with some toning up. I’m not used to this ‘mature’ age look. The belly must go and the abs must return.

  9. been out of work since November and having a really tough time finding another job, in ANY field. I’m finding it impossible to buy my facial care, so testing would be great!! and also give me that self confidence that I’m losing as each interview passes me by…

  10. I would love to be a product tester because I love beauty products so much. They can be so much fun & change one’s outlook. I would not mind trying a few things to keep my skin in it’s aboslute prime shape

  11. I would love to be able to test Perricone Products. As I get older, I have many wrinkles around my eyes & Mouth. I have Beautiful Blue Eyes, but ugly dark circles.
    I would be very happy & honored to test your products.

    Thank you,

    Sandy LaBarber

  12. I recently read about your product and found out that the friend with the “great skin” is an advocate of anything you sell. I would love to give your products a try but find them somewhat out of reach being a full time student and single mom to two young ones. Rest assured, I can definately provide input to your product if chosen as a tester.

  13. Would love to test new products for you. Would also love to not worry about the wrinkles around my eyes making me look older… :-)

  14. I would love to be a product tester. I use many of your products daily already. Thank you for the chance.

  15. I have suffered from acne all my life and just now in my 40′s see infrequent breakouts. I had Fraxel therapy to minimize the ‘ice-pick’ scars but still have enlarged pores – plus now deeper wrinkles on my forehead and the dreaded ‘elevens’.

    I recently purchased the neuropeptide kit and FINALLY see results! The appearance of wrinkles has greatly improved and pores seem to have shrunk. For the first time in my life, I have ‘dewy’ skin!

    I also ordered the cold plasma and can’t wait to receive it. Products are worth the cost because they WORK!

  16. I would love to test some of your products. I’m very careful about what I use.

  17. im almost 30 years old and still get pimples help i would pay anything for something that works thanks

  18. I hear about and try a variety of cosmetics as a fashion writer, but Dr Perricone’s products really do sound different. Unlike a lot of gimmicky skincare products using a new faddy ingredient that goes out of fashion within months, science and research behind his range seems very impressive

  19. Being in my 50′s, my skin has really become unattractive. I have very, very, dry skin as well as extremely sensitive skin and it is very hard to find products that I can use and that are effective. Hopefully you can help!! Thank you for your consideration.

  20. At 40 I’ve recently lost a substantial amount of weight and need to find non-invasive ways to firm and tone my skin, especially in the neck and decollete areas.

    I’ve read many wonderful things about Dr. Perricone’s products and hope to be given the opportunity to become a product tester. Many thanks for your consideration!!

  21. I’ve tried so many different products and I can’t seem to find something that will address my adult acne and beginning signs of wrinkles. I’d love to try your products because I’ve heard good things!

  22. I have tried some of Dr. Perricone’s products, liked the quality and results for anti-aging but found them too strong for my sensitive skin. I have also read two of his books and believe he is right on with the connection of sugar and inflammation. When I cut out sugar and simple carbs, my skin improved and my arthritis symptoms were greatly diminished. I just find it difficult to maintain. I would welcome the opportunity to test any Perricone product.

  23. Would LOVE to be a tester. I am 56 and 12 years post chemo-induced early menopause. I use your basic products and the texture, surface of my skin is excellent for my age–very few fine lines and wrinkles. However, I am starting to sag a bit and the skin around my eyes changed dramatically in just the past few months. I am interested in light therapy for lifting facial contours and extreme moisture/firming therapy for upper eyelids. Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. I have very sensitive primarily dry skin with Rosacea. I have always been concerned with reducing my pore size and evening up my skin tone as well as battling the fine lines and dark circles around my eyes. I have tried a plethora of products trying to find that perfect solution to my skin problems and nothing yet. So it would be great to be able to test your products as I am hoping to find something wonderful for my skin in the process.

  25. I was given a sample of your product and loved it,I would love to be a tester for Dr, Perricone. Thank you.

  26. I’ve never had to look into anti-aging products before. But all of sudden there they are fine lines and wrinkling. As a busy mom I try to keep us with myself but it gets a little crazy sometimes. I am seriosly looking into all my options because I really want to take care of my skin before it’s too late. I am 36 and I hope and am looking forward to testing your product.
    Thanks, Sara

  27. I first tried Dr. Perricones Neck firming cream. I was skeptical,needless to say it is a miracle worker. I recently started the Advanced Face Firming Acticator. In just a few short days my skin is very soft and hydrated(I don’t drink as much water as I should). I have roscea and have beeb misdiagnosed for years causing great pain and embarrassment. I would love to be a tester for Dr. Perricone. He is now my skin savior. Also, people think I’m younger than I am (except for the crow’s feet). Thank you and good luck to all.

  28. Dear Dr. Perricone,

    My two most bothersome problems are 1) I have wrinkles around my eyes that make me look even older than I am 2) A bit of sagging below/around my jaw line.
    I have been using anti-aging products for years but nothing really works for the long term.
    I hope to be selected as a product tester, I have hear many good things about your products.

  29. Taking care of my skin is so important to me and I have been searching for the best products to get my skin back to the condition it used to be about 5 years ago. Over the past few years y my skin has changed so much and gotten worse and worse over time. I would say mostly due to STRESS. People used to compliment me on what a beautiful and clear complexion I have, but I havent received such a compliment in far too long. I would do anything to get back the confidence I used to feel about my skin and anything to stop hiding behing all the makeup I feel I have to put on each and every day. PLEASE PICK ME TO BE A Perricone PRODUCT TESTER. IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME. THANK YOU.

  30. Any recommendations for sun damaged skin?

  31. What is the most popular product?

  32. I have uneven skin tones, any suggestions?

  33. Can’t wait to try new products

  34. I am always up for trying new stsuff

  35. I would love to get rid of the wrinkles and large pores. Help.

  36. I am only 46 years olkd and people have told me I look like I am in my late fifty’s. I was at the doctors office with my 74 year old mother and the doctor thought we were sisters. I would very much like to try your product to help me in anyway at all to look younger. Thanks,

  37. I have tried so many products over the years and would love to find one brand that I can have success with and stick with!

  38. I have large pores and after I became pregnant I got brown spots on my face and would love to see these gone. Everything I’ve tried OTC hasn’t worked!

  39. Anyone can say their product is great. I would like to find one that truly is. May I test your product please?

  40. i would very much like to become a product tester. i have been trying to improve my skins appearance internally as well as externally

  41. I love your products.. Thank you for this opportunity.

  42. I’m looking forward to trying you product to maintain my supple skin through menopause.

  43. I’ve been trying to find something that will help with acne, and anti-aging. I would love to test this product out and share my opinion.

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  45. I have light and dark spots on my checks, caused by a bleaching cream,… I have tried a facial brightener 100% hydroquinone free, sad to say,…with no results. I love the Dr. Perricone skin care products,… Advanced Eye Area Therapy, Advanced Face Firming Activator, and the Lip Plumper. I look forward to using his products for pigmentation problems.

  46. I’m a little nervous but intrigued about trying your product.

  47. Testing would be awesome!!

  48. Dear Dr. Perricone,

    After losing quite a bit of weight in the past year I noticed that my formerly plump wrinkleless face began to sag and had visible wrinkles, especially in the cheek area, accompanied by saggy jowels and neck. I discovered Dr. Perricone products when searching for information on anti-inflammatory foods. I began taking the skin and total body supplements and noticed quite an improvement in the sagging and had an overall improvement including a nice glow and firmness in my face within the first month. I have used many Perricone products over the past several months and I look completely different than I did when I began. I still have a way to go but with continued use of your well researced topicals and supplements I have no doubt I will be able to avoid a facelift at my current rate of improvement over such a short period of time! Thank you for your commitment, dedication and continued research in anti-aging. You are helping me to literally turn back the clock!


    Nell Graham
    Cullman, Alabama

  49. Would love to try products to see if results would take the place of getting a more invasive procedure.

  50. Thanks!