Perricone is looking for product testers!

We’ll be choosing random commenters on our blog every month to sample and test our products. At the end of every month, we’ll choose between 10 – 100 people to fill out our skin quiz to determine which product would be most helpful to them.

Upon completion of the quiz, we’ll ship out the product and ask for your feedback after 30 – 60 days.

You have a higher chance to be chosen if you comment on a blog posting that doesn’t have that many comments.

Good luck!

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  1. Hi I have alot of issues with my skin and have spent hundreds of $ trying to find products that actually do what they claim…..I have redness, wrinkles, sagging jowls and turkey neck and the dreaded hooded eye lids & sensitivity …..I would love to be a tester and I think I would be perfect for it because I have alot of issues to deal with so my results would help others….thank you

  2. The few Perricone products I have tried I really like.Not all are working as expected.My skin still lacks moisture.I would love to try more Perricone products and find the right skin routine for my very dry,sagging,aging skin.

  3. I sell mark products and we have soitehmng perfect to help oily skin. mark Matte-nificent Oil-Absorbing Powder is what you would desire. We also have mark Shine Fighter Oil-Control Mask that is really great too for oily skin.

  4. I would love to test your products. I have always wanted to try them, I’m just too cheap to buy for myself.

  5. I’m 46 and since my hormones have been changing, have noticed a huge difference in my skin. I have deep wrinkles in between my eyebrows, across my forehead,crowsfeet,and laugh lines but what bothers me the most is the sagging skin in my face…..I look 10 years older than I did just 2 years ago……..I wanna go down fighting!!! HELP!!!!!!

  6. I would love to be a product tester for your comapny. I’m 45 and showing signs of aging. I have tested for companies in the past.

  7. I’m 53 years old and have alot of wrinkles. I would love to try your product.

  8. I am a vain 57 year old who cannot accept the fact of getting and looking old! I have researched beauty products for many years,read about your products, and had the opprtunity to purchase your products. I was very impressed and would love to be a tester for your products.

  9. I have heard so many wonderful things about the Perricone product line. I would love to become a product tester! I am fifty eight years old and would like look the best I can for my age. I also love the fact that there is no animal testing involved.

  10. I know that any one of Dr. Perricones products would be a definate improvement to my face. I do love the citris cleanser and would never be without it.

  11. Would love to try more of Dr. Perricone’s products, to see which ones work best for my skin type and concerns.

  12. I would love to be a tester for Cold Plasma. I do not like the look of the wrinkles around my eyes. I am 50 and told I look 10 years younger but I feel I could look a lot better. I feel the cold plasma product could help me alleviate the tired look I sometimes have, too.

  13. I would love to be a tester for the neck firming cream, I cannot afford what I feel I would need a week-end mini face lift to control my turkey neck. I have layers of loose skin on my neck and I feel embarrassed at times if I feel someone is looking at my neck.

  14. All I talk about to my friends is Dr. Perricone and his books and advice. They are noticing my skin and curves getting curvier…and asked me what I was doing to myself. It’s so funny..I see them checking me out! They asked me if I am “working for him”…as I have been so ENTHUSIASTIC about his advice…from his books.
    So, I would just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to try Perricone’s ACTUAL products!
    Thanks, Dr. P..your books and advice are making me a very HAPPY woman!

  15. MY skin is dull almost lifeless.Luster is gone. I can recall when people you to say to me you have beutiful skin, that is no longer the case.What i miss most is the radiance my skin once had.I don’t want look sixteen but I want my glow back.I would LOVE to be picked as a Perricone tester.In writing this e-mailI thought of Eddie Murphy in Shrek PICK ME-PICK-ME.

  16. I’m 29 and will be turning 30 in December. I don’t get a lot of sleep and my skin is showing it’s age. If I take after my mother’s skin I’ll be looking older than I am. I’m in search of a good skin care system and would love to become a Perricone tester. As a single mother buying good skincare is hard because I hate to commit to something that I can’t try out first, and living in middle Ga there aren’t any places for me to pick up Perricone products or samples. So I would love to be considered for being picked as a tester!

  17. Thank you for the opportunity to be a tester. I have droopy eye lids and haven’t found any product to help me.

  18. I would like to be a tester as I am always open to what is the very best. I have ventured into your products and so far, I am very pleased. I have been told I look like I am in my late 40′s or early 50s but am in my 60′s. I have taken care of my skin since my 30s, I do smoke, I do not drink and I eat right for the most part. I would be very objectional in my evaluation. Thanks,

  19. I’m a flight attendant so my skin goes thru a lot, confirmed spaces, climate changes, hours working etc. My skin is basicly clear however showing the signs of aging. Would love to try new products and hope I’m selected!!

  20. I want to find something that will really work to make my pores appear smaller. There are so many products out there, but haven’t found anything that really works for me.

  21. I’m 62 also, but it’s my neck I’m worried about, it’s collapsing! Thinking about undergoing the knife, but would like to try products (topical and supplements) to see if I can delay invasive procedure.


  22. Terrific idea! As a single mom, I don’t have the opportunity to try as many products as I would like, and this seems a perfect opportunity.
    A Win-Win situation for us both!

  23. I have used Perricone for several years via QVC easypay. Love the results. Would be thrilled to try new products.

  24. I just turned 50 yrs old and could use some real help with my complexion. I have bought several Perricone products from this website and QVC. My recent purchase is the cold plasma. I can see a difference already in my pores and wrinkles. I also use the stimucell, eye creme, and a couple other products I cannot remember the names for the past 6 weeks. I can already see a difference! I would really love to try the various supplements you sell. I have acne scars, semi-bad 11s between my eyes, deep wrinkles from my bottom lip to my chin and very few wrinkles on my forhead and around my eyes. My complexion could use a boost! Please, please pick me to become a Perricone tester! Thank you for your time.

  25. I am 62 and loving Perricone- especially stimulcell and neuropeptide firming moisturizer. I would love to test new products.

  26. I am 50 with oily skin, large pores, and uneven skin tone. I have tried countless products that profess to help with these problems but none have worked so far. I would love to find something that really does what it says!

  27. I would love the privilege to test your products. I would provide detailed feedback. I have been trying out skincare products for 16 years- since I was 11! Everything from drugstore to department store to dermatologist to prescripstion products. I have combination skin. Even though I am 27 I still break out- and after my breakouts I am left w the awful after marks of acne. Parts of my skin gets shiny during the day. Parts of my skin gets too dry and flaky! It is ridiculous! Now I am also suffering from hyperpigmentation on my upper lip (probably from taking birth control)- it creates the illusion of this shadow so that it LOOKS like I have a mustache even though I don’t- very upsetting to me. And my skin is very, very sensitive. Oh, and all my life I have had horrible dark circles around my eyes. No matter how much sleep I get I have dark rings around my eyes and no matter how expensive of an eye cream I use, they never improve. The circles also have the texture of chicken skin or goosebumps- tiny little bumps- if you look closely. I am sure this is more than enough information and problems for you to tackle. Just letting you know…. any product you have…. I probably have the issue it addresses and would love to test it out and report back to you. Thanks so much!

  28. I’m 33 years old. I have enlarged pores, uneven skin tones and redness that requires foundation to look presentable, my skin is in need of a lift (seems looser, maybe it’s loss of elasticity) and of course some lines are starting to show. I also have hyperpigmentation on my left arm due to sun damage.

  29. I would love to test any product. I have saggy eyes. I have black heads and pimples on my chin, nose, and forehead. I am 24 years old.

  30. I would love the opportunity to become a product tester. I’ve been a product tester in the past about 7 years ago for a few other skincare and haircare lines. I’m 44 years old with resistant skin.

  31. My grandsons tell me that I definitely don’t look 62, and I have to agree with them. Your products improved my skin greatly over the past few years, especially the Neuropeptide line. The absence of toxic ingredients is just what I am looking for. I would be honored to become a Perricone tester!

  32. #1 I have fair skin of Irish heritage raised in Buffalo, N.Y. now living in Florida. Born in 1945 qualifies me as a boomer. Given these circumstances the years are starting to show; wrinkles, age/sun spots and sagging.

    #2 My husband who is pre-baby bommer, being four years my senior has oil in his skin, so less wrinkles but gets blemishes.

    #3 Listening to the good Doctor on PBS I know the products will work for us because of the chemistry and the reactions the Doctor so eloquently explained.

  33. Perricone is my favorite skincare. I would love to get my hands on more of this. I have had the best results by far!

  34. I am a high-powered corporate professional working for a Big 4 Accounting firm, where looks do matter. I’m not young anymore (55) and the anti-aging products in the cosmetics departments of high-end department stores just don’t cut it! I’ve tried Chanel for years, then Arcona, Clarins, etc. I turned to Dr. Perricone products for help (Advanced Eye Repair, Amino Face Lift complex, Ceramic Skin refinisher), and I look like I’m 30! Perricone products turned back the clock 25 years! I’m not kidding. No visible bags or lines around the eyes, my jawline is more defined. My husband keeps saying, “You look so gorgeous! What’s different?” I could be a face/skin model for Perricone products. But, I’ll settle to be a tester. You want clients like me — professional working women with discretional income, Baby Boomers, who don’t want to age badly, but with Perricone products can truly age gracefully!

  35. I am an esthetician and i am always trying new products,i would love to try a product from Dr. Perricone, and I would love to give my feed back. I love taking care of my skin and others. Thank you Stephanie

  36. approaching yet another birthday and am becoming more concious of wrinkles – not ready to accept it as inevidable but want to postpone this sign of aging as long as possible

  37. am increasingly becoming more and more concerned with facial wrinkles and have been very curious as to the various treatment methods available – i would be very interested in trying products in order to combat wrinkle/aging process(not ready yet)

  38. Any product that will ease or lighten age (brown) spots would be worth the price. I would love to be a Tester for any anti-aging product. Thank you!

  39. Reading Dr. Perricone’s books, in particular “The Wrinkle Cure” gave me a better understanding of WHY my grandmother had the skin she did and lived to the age of 105 years old. She was of Sicilian descent, ate a Mediterranean diet, washed with Dove soap and put the good olive oil (oglio buono) on her skin. I am 53 and do the same, especially now after gaining the knowledge from Dr. P. Other than the olive oil and the soap, I am only able to afford at this time and use twice daily, is the Tinted Moisturizer, Medium. Sincerely, Thank You for helping me comprehend how to slow down the aging process.
    Denise Lynn Franczak

  40. I will be 60 years of age in
    3 years and up until this year- I had been told that I
    did not look my age. Well age has finally caught up with me and I need some serious help. I’d love to try your product.Thanks

  41. I would love to be a tester of any new
    products. I am a little concerned of
    some broken capillaries on my cheeks.
    And a deep furrow on my forehead.
    Otherwise my skin is aging well for 50

    thank you Marie Vezza

  42. I do not wear makeup so I would like to get my age spot under control

  43. I’m 50, and have always been told I look younger. I am developing the crepy skin under my eyes. so not cool! thanks for the opportunity to be a tester. I hope you pick me!!

  44. I’m 56 and have used almost every expensive and non expensive product on the market. I have wrinkles and I want to keep looking young, but botox and other injections have never been an option.

  45. I’m 56 and I have great skin, my mother is Italian 84 and has no wrinkles, My grandmothers were both in their 90′s and had no wrinkles. I have discoloration on the skin..I have spider veins around my nose and cheeks, this could be from the products that I am using, or it could be my diet,,,I will try the three day diet to see what happens.

  46. dying to try your products, have crapeyness around the eyes along with fine lines; can’t find anything i have tried to tackle the crapeyness problem.

  47. I think it’s GREAT that you DO NOT do animal testing!

  48. I am only 26 but for some reason I have visible horizontal wrinkles on my forehead. I suspect that it’s due to my mimics- people say that they can see all of my emotions on my face. At this rate I can have deepset wrinkles in 5 years. I am even considering getting a botox injection. Any advice?