Perricone Skin Care Product Testing Survey

We are looking for volunteers to test and review Perricone MD skin care products.

For a chance to be selected:

1) Fill out our survey below.

2) After you complete the survey, we’ll review your answers to see if you match the product we are currently offering to test. It can range from skin care products to weight loss. The first 500 survey respondents will be contacted to begin product testing.

3) If you are selected, we’ll contact you by email to arrange delivery of the product we are currently testing. We require that you complete a brief online survey after following our product instructions and testing the product for a 30 day period.Please fill out the following information to be part of our trial program to test Perricone skin care products.  We will contact you via email if you are selected.

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  1. I suffer from dry skin and take a mild reaction from shaving gels / foam and im looking for a product to ease the dryness/tightness in my skin.

  2. I have a lot of blackheads as my job is working in oil and grease and with using a welder quite often it soon drys out the skin

  3. I’m sick of people thinking I’m older than I am. It doesn’t help that I lost my hair in my twenties. My skin’s not bad for a 43 year-old but I need to keep it in top condition. I’ve even given up smoking to help the process (I miss it!)

  4. I saw your ad on facebook and thought to apply for the position since it specifically said you required male testers.

    I look forward to your response on the matter in due course.


  5. I have tried all the number 7 products. However, after reading the sun magazine the weekend before last it has made me very interested in the products you have to offer. Thanks Danielle

  6. I’m a big Dr Perricone fan and would be honored to test any of your products.

  7. Recently bought cold plasma, serum prep, eye therapy, and face finishing moisturizer. Can’t wait to see if these products make a difference in my skin clarity and texture! I have somewhat sensitive skin, and I am unlucky enough to still be experiencing minor breakouts AND at the same time, beginning to get my first wrinkles. There should be some kind of universal law that a person doesn’t have to get both at the same time. You gotta love the hormonal changes we women go through after childbirth and into perimenopause :)

  8. I would love a chance to try your products. My main concern is aging around my eyes and dark circles. So far I have not found a product that really does a good job with either of these problems. I also have some rosacea and would love to have a product tone down the redness and help to even skin tone.

  9. I do have a skin care routine everyday, but i do have very large pores and not found a cream to over come them, would love to try something new and hopefully help my problem.

  10. always keen to try something new

  11. My skin is all over the place. Sporadic spots and big pores. It looks dull and tired. Nothing ever seems to work. So to try something new is a must!

  12. I have not heard of your product. But would like to be a test subject.
    Would be interested in trying product that will hide or get rid of the aging around the eyes and wrinkles in general. Also dark circles under the eyes.

  13. I do not like the way my skin is looking wrinkles aroud my eyes and large pores. Its very stressful. I dont want to look my age cause I dont feel it. I would love to try your product so that hopefully it will make my skin look and feel younger and make me feel the way I should .

  14. I have always been prone to acne… always tried clearing it up.. now im in my mid 40′s and im am no longer fighting the breakouts.. im fighting aging skin and its even worse now that im in the middle of the desert (afghanistan)… please..if u have a product that will work even a little i would love to try it.. my face absorbs moisturizer here like a dry sponge.. thanks

  15. Starting to see the signs that I’m getting older. Would love the chance to try new products and see if I can slow the process down a bit.

  16. I’am a qualified beauty therapist and have studied and tested many other products,(m.d. formulations, dermalogica, ellamis, etc), I’am always interested to try new products and study their properties and benefits, and would very much like to take part in testing your products. I would give you a professional review of what I think of your products and their properties.

  17. I’ve seen your products but haven’t tried them but I’d be interested to try them.

  18. I have dark circles around my eyes with crows feet when I smile. I’m looking to try
    out anything that will make a difference.

  19. i would welcome the chance to test your products i am always looking for something to suit my skin to help with ageing around my eyes and also my skin has started to lose its elasticity

  20. i am looking for a non greasy product that can diminish the signs of large pores. i currently splash with cold water before applying moisturiser. i am looking for a more permanant solution rather than a quick fix. i would love to test your products and can give you a comprehensive report on the performance, consistanncy, look, smell and how well it worked for me. thank-you for this opportunity to potentially find the right product for me. regards kirsty

  21. I would love the opportunity to become a product tester for your products I have not previously seen your products and at the moment use Boots products. I would like to compare.

  22. Would love to become a tester for your products ,

  23. My skin is dry, and as I’m getting older I can see a difference in my skin. Not so firm, wrinkles, especially around eyes, neck

  24. I Would like to test the products and give an honest opinion on them .


  26. The signs of aging and wrinkles around the eyes are beginning to show more prominently along with large pores on my nose which does bother me. I’d love to try something which could actually address these problem areas specifically whilst also smoothing out the wrinkles.

  27. Not heard of these products but would like to give it a go.

  28. A big shock to suddenly find wrinkles and lines around my eyes, I have never used an anti ageing product before and wouldn,t know where to start looking for a good one, Help !

  29. Hello

    I am fed up buying foundation to conceal dark circles under my eyes – nothing works..!

  30. I have tried different products but nothig has worked so far. i would like to try your product. Thankyou

  31. I am keen to try ant ageing products. I am concerned about crows feet and would like to fill the furrows that have been left as a sign of either frowining or smiling too much. I am not prepared to compromise having emotions and feeling daily life, but I would like to delay the toll it takes on my skin!

  32. i would love to try this product as i have recently lost 6 stone and my neck is very wrinklely and saggy due to the wieght lose

  33. I would be very willing to test your skin care products as i am aware that i have wrinkles around my eyes and i am looking to improve the appearance of these lines and wrinkles.I am 48 at present and turn 49 in may.I appreciate any help at all with this matter.Thank you.

  34. I am always looking for THE Product that makes my skin look and feel the way it used to! Maybe this is THE Product??!!! Happy to give it a go!

  35. i don’t use many creams though i feel i should as just about to turn 40 and wrinkles around my eyes are starting to appear

  36. pick me please!

  37. i am very worried about the dark circles around my eyes and mouth area.I would very much love the opportunity to try your products as I had never heard of your products. Hopefully make a difference to my face

  38. I’d like to find a product that can reduce my frown lines andhelp smooth my forehead

  39. I have used a wide range of anti ageing products and like most people I am always interested in trying new products that come onto the market place.

  40. Would love to test products for you. General ageing problems. Skin around eyes, wrinkles, large pores etc.

  41. yes i have heard perricone but i have never got around to purching it,I have a friend who looks nearly 20 years younger useing perricone ,i hope to get the chance to test perricone.

  42. Im a mum of 4 and live on Orkney isles and we get every type of weather here so looking after out skin is more important as not to look weather beating. It would be interesting and exciting to try out new skin care products as here in Orkney we dont get all the new and latest products

  43. Would love to test this product, I have heard of the claims this product can produce, but being sceptical as there are so many products whose claims are false. Would appreciate the opportunity to test for myself if this product is as good as advertised. I would like to see if my skin, aging process etc.. can be slowed down and skin enhanced.

  44. I would be very interested in testing your products, i have never heard of it and have tried all the leading brands with all the promises of results that go with it, it would be nice to try a product that does make a difference .

  45. I would love to give this a go i love trying out new stuff Im always spending lots of money on skin products to find the correct one for my skin and i would love to try this.

  46. would love to try something new

  47. My eyes have got some wrinkles and the underneath of eyes are dark. If you think your products could help i would love to try them.

  48. I have used moisturisers before but they just seem to give me spots, so tend not to use anything and would love to find a product that is good for my skin

  49. ive tryed a number of different products
    for fine lines dark circle under my eyes also fine lines above my lips but ive not seen any improvment ive not heard of perricone but would love to try it to see if this one does work .

  50. I am always on the look out for a product that really works.
    It is always exciting to discover a product I have not heard of before.
    I would love to participate and try out your products to see if they could help with the shadows and lines around my eyes!