Perricone Skin Care Product Testing Survey

We are looking for volunteers to test and review Perricone MD skin care products.

For a chance to be selected:

1) Fill out our survey below.

2) After you complete the survey, we’ll review your answers to see if you match the product we are currently offering to test. It can range from skin care products to weight loss. The first 500 survey respondents will be contacted to begin product testing.

3) If you are selected, we’ll contact you by email to arrange delivery of the product we are currently testing. We require that you complete a brief online survey after following our product instructions and testing the product for a 30 day period.Please fill out the following information to be part of our trial program to test Perricone skin care products.  We will contact you via email if you are selected.

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  1. I have had botox in the past and can’t afford the procedure any more.It would be great to use a cream that could give me the same confidence I get when I have the botox.I am realistic about creams not doing what botox injections do,but am very interested to see if creams come anywhere near close. In the past I have not had faith in any of the expensive creams,therefore would be grateful to try out one.

  2. I am very unhappy with the way my skin looks and feels, I would very much love the opportunity to try your product as I had never heard of your products. Hopefully make a difference

  3. My main problem is around the eyes: dark circles and wrinkles.

  4. I have used Dermologica for a long time and would like to look for alternatives.

  5. As a busy nurse and mother of three, I don’t have a lot of time to take care of my skin, and this is starting to show, especially after a stressful day! Would love the opportunity to trial your products, who knows, there may be a younger looking me lurking underneath!

  6. My neck is looking very wrinkled and sags, I would be amazed if your product could improve the look of it.

  7. I’ve never heard of your products, but I’d be very willing to participate as a tester, I’m sure I’d be soon converted.

    I don’t use any specific brand, just whatever’s cheapest and seemingly does a relatively good job.

  8. some here never heard of the products but would like to try!!!

  9. would like to try a face cream that will make my skin look fresher.

  10. I have many problems, wrinkles, frownlines,
    open pores, sagging skin, drooping lines around my mouth, sagging neckline, acne, combination skin, redness – uneven skintone, wrinkles around/under eyes & crowsfeet, crease lines in cheek since teeth extracted – help!!!

  11. I have never heard of this product before, and am willing to try something new.

  12. I have never heard of your product, but am willing to try new products.

  13. I wold be interested in becoming a Perricone tester.

  14. I would love to be selected to be a Perricone tester

  15. I am willing to give them a try :)

  16. Spend a lot of time outdoors and had not heard of your products before, so difficult to comment yet until I have tested!!

  17. i would rather buy products tested on humans and not animals.

  18. would love to try the product x

  19. I have tried perricone cleansing products and found they really worked on my skin, I would love to try other products in the skincare range as I am starting to become aware of first signs of aging and a few lines here and there!

  20. Hi Would loive to try if selected!

  21. I have tried soo many products nothing seems to live up to their claims. I am 43 years young however I am noticing fine lines in my forehead and around my mouth..however I still have oily acne prone skin I need a balance. My eyes have dark circles & bags that seem to get worse with my age. Help

  22. I have to admit that I have not hear of your product but would like to try out your proudts to see if they will make a driffence. I think that my skin is not to bad but all the help will be welcome

  23. Hi I have never heard off your products but would love to give them a try, I have tried and spent lots off money on others. Would love to find something that works and that I like.

  24. i never heard this product before so i am willing to try,because im still looking anti-aging cream,combination of mosturizing too in my age.

  25. I would love to try this product, I have never heard of it before but I have not yet found anything suitable for my skin type. I suffer puffiness under the eyes which makes me constantly look tired.

    Would be very much appreciated to try this product and spread the word around to friends and family who have not tried this either :)

  26. i havn’t tryed may things to help my skin and would love to try your product.

  27. I havnt heard of your products but willing to give them a go

  28. plz help me with my skin on my face .plz send me something 2 hlep it thank u

  29. i would like to test the product because iif itworks for me i will continue to use it

  30. l am very unhappy the way my skin looks
    l would love to try your products

  31. getting older now and really starting to see the changes in my skin, but when i go to buy its too confusing .. the miriad of products pro.. this and shrink that!!.. just too many choices.. maybe if i could try something and ended up loving it?… i wouldnt have to make that choice!!

  32. I have read the Perricone Promise and really would love to try your skin care range.

  33. I have read the Perricone Promise and really would love to try your skin care range. I dont currently use any skin care products because i dont want all the chemicals they load into them.

  34. Well, I love good skin care products which works, so Im happy to try yours:))

  35. i am also trying to loose some weight so products for that wuld also be great to try .

  36. yes i would love to become a tester for yur product please i havant used your products before and would b a good way for trying them .

  37. Interested in anti wrinkle ,wrinkle freeze ,wrinkle temporary cover .want to avoid botox and fillers I hate needles!

  38. Hi i would love to be a tester for skin care or weigh loss. i see it on tv & in magazines that these products are the best. i would like like to test it for myself to see the results for myself.

  39. have not heard of these products before, would be very interseted in becomming a tester, thank you.

  40. I think for my age and raising 5 children on my own I have done fairly well until now / have a few wrinkles around the eyes / have tried a lot of products out there that state within 14 days you wil see a difference / it has cost me a fortune so yes this would b nice to be a tester for you

  41. I am always looking out for new products to help reduce lines anwrinkles especially around the eyes

  42. im a mum of seven and my four year old is calling me old so maybe its time to try something

  43. Never heard of this product before but use anti-aging products

  44. I am 52 years of age and have tried various creams and lotions to delay the signs of ageing but most of them seem to have been a waste if money, with little or no effect in the makers description of diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. I would be willing to test your products to see if PERRICONE is the one to change my life for the better!

  45. I would like to test your product as I am getting older with more wrinkles appearing each month & I would like to see if you product will assist with the slowing down of the wrinkles.

    Kind regards,

    Fay Byrnette

  46. One of Perricone’s product is called “The Crease Cure” – HELP – I NEED IT!!

  47. I am desperately in need of new facial products. I asked Santa but he gave me a new toilet seat instead. Is that telling me something? The last product I bought was in Hong Kong last yr but I can’t list it due to the labelling wearing off. People told me I looked good when I returned to OZ but that may have been due to being on a 77day holiday and being exposed to the Himalayan altitude. Do hope I can become a Perricone tester.

  48. cant wait to try your products they sound great. My skin isnt too bad for my age .but im always looking for great products to use Hopefully you will choose me to try your products. thanking you ; Debbie Peet

  49. hi i havent heard of your product,but if it helps with the aging pressese then i would be glad to give it a try

  50. i have afew skin concerns and hopefully they can be resolved here with perricone md.