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3) If you are selected, we’ll contact you by email to arrange delivery of the product we are currently testing. We require that you complete a brief online survey after following our product instructions and testing the product for a 30 day period.Please fill out the following information to be part of our trial program to test Perricone skin care products.  We will contact you via email if you are selected.

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  1. Perricone products are the first and only to actually make a difference in my skin appearance. I have been using them for years. People are always commenting on how great my skin looks…which is how I found Perricone to begin with. A woman older than me had skin nicer than mine so I asked her what she used! I found out it was Perricone and I never looked back. So I return the favor to other women and let them know all about it.

  2. I am 32 years old and have had acne ever since I can remember! I’ve tried just about everything and have spent tons of money! I really can’t afford to keep throwing my money away on stuff that doesn’t work! I’ve tried all sorts of otc stuff, proactive, murad, zeno, and even antibiotics! I would love to be a tester for Periccone products because I’ve heard good things but am still a little leary on spending the money! If I found something that works I would be a great advocate for it!

  3. I have had acne ever since I can remember! I’ve tried just about every otc remedy. I’ve tried Pro active and Murad and zeno. I’ve also been on antibiotics 3 different times! Nothing works! I’ve spent hundreds of dollars or more over the years and I just want to find something that works! I would love to be a Periccone tester!

  4. I would love to test Periccone products, as I have read his book on the wrinkle cure. I have had crows feet all my life and now am getting so many more wrinkles. I would love to learn more about what I can do nutritionally as well as what I can use to make my skin look somewhat young again. I also would like to hear more about the No foundation foundation! Thank you!

  5. Hi my name is Karen and I am 38 years old. I use to tan but have finally stopped for good. I’m half Irish and Half Mexican. I am cursed with oily skin and I still break out every now and then, mostly along my jaw line. I’m starting to notice more and more wrinkles. It scared me that I have waited too long to change the appearance of my skin. I have tried several inexpensive products and expensive. I haven’t found any that have won me over. I would love to test Dr. Perricone’s products.

  6. I would love to test acne products.

  7. I’am 62 years young. I have tried several product lines for anti aging. I also have had laser treatments.All a big investment that didn’t work. I have yet to find anything that has realy made a difference. I would love to be a product tester to test anti aging products for wrinkles, sagging skin, dark spots and hopefully I will find a product line that does what it says and spread the word to my friends with the same problems. Thank You for considering me.

  8. Hola, I just recently got introduced into Dr. Perricone’s world. Although I have always been into nutrition, with his 3day diet and his list of what food to eliminate and which to eat more I have already started to see a difference in my skin. I’m 25 yrs old hispanic and I suffer from sporadic acne which have never happen when I was an hormonal teenager. I have combination skin and have tried using retin A but have not seen a big difference, I’m still getting acne especially around my time of the month and because I have sensitive skin I always end up with brown acne scars that take eternity to fade. I’m very interested in trying new and current products from Dr. Perricone because although I have seen a difference with the vitamins I would love to be introduced into your topical products :).

  9. I’m 44 years old, Brazilian, and specialized in skin treatment. I have used numerous brand anti-aging creams without any good result.

    Currently I’m using two Perricone products (Advanced Eye Area Therapy and Concentrated Restorative Treatment), and I’m loving them. I never saw a cream giving good results in so short time.
    Pity that it is very difficult to find Perricone´s products in Brazil. I´ve read several interviews with Dr Perricone and I´ve got very interested about his non-invasive treatment methods.
    My difficulty now is to find a cream that deals directly with the eye area regarding flaccidity as well as swelling.

    Also I would like to be a tester of Perricone´s products, so I look forward to be chosen.

  10. I am currently using the No foundation foundation and am very satisfied. It is everything I expected and more. I have just received a sample of the Ceramic Skin Smoother but have not used as of this time.I would love to be a tester as I have read so many good reviews. I hope to hear from you.
    Thank You,

  11. I have been reading Dr. Perricone’s book and i’m really excited about trying his products. I have tried so many skin care products to control my acne/aging skin to no avail. I’d be a great tester considering all the failed products I have wasted so much money and time on! Thanks

  12. I am a very well-preserved 60 year old thanks to Dr, Perricone’s anti-inflammatory/low glycemic index diet. I used the Alpha Lipoic Face Firming Activator, but it was not compatible with my skin type; I experienced breakouts, especially in the t-zone. I would love to be a tester to evaluate products for those of us who do not have dry skin!

  13. Over the last 4 months I’ve been on a skin care odessy. I have recently turned 30 and find that fine lines and wrinkes are creeping their way onto my face. So, in an effort to combat the aging process, I have spent the last 4 months testing sample sizes, and introductory kits trying to find a skin care regimine that can make an improvement in my skin. Right now I’m still searching, but next month I am going to be testing Perricone products,and I’m excited to try them after reading several of the books by Dr.Perricone. I’ve been my own personal tester for the last four months, and I would love to do it for you guys too!

  14. I have been using Shiseido for thirty some years. I am 57 years old and I am a body builder by sport/hobbie. A friend of mine gave me “The Perricone Prescription to read and she said that your products in her mind are better than Shisedio. So I am interested in learning more

  15. I’ve been on a modified anti-inflammitory diet (with supplements)for close to a year with great results. However, I haven’t dropped any weight, and I could joyfully lose 10 – 12 pounds. At 45, my anti-aging regimine has been non-existant, and try as I might I’ve never found a foundation product I could wear so I don’t. I grew up surfing in Hawaii, then lived in LA and the sun damage is evident, made more so due to my crazy heritage (Irish, Native American, etc.). I am intrigued with Dr. Perricone’s ‘Beauty from the Inside’ approach, something we all know and immediately forget at the cosmetics counter. I would like to “test drive” these unique combinations of supplements with the adrenal support I currenly use. As well, the addition of topical treatments to lessen the dark circles, fine lines around my lips and crows feet around my eyes would be awesome. Thanks much for your consideration!

  16. I have sun damage on my face and wrinkles around my lips and some medium size pores on my nose. I am 62, so I already have aging skin. I have been using Dr. P’s product for a while now. Have begun to notice some improvement. I would appreciate using new products from Dr. Perricone

  17. I use several of Dr. Perricon’s products..not always certain that I use them in the correct order. I have good skin basically but my pores seem to becoming enlarged. I am almost 66 years of age but I am a believer that 66 is the new 50, at least that’s how I feel. So Dr. Perricone can you please help me retain my youthful appearance? I would be a honor to test your products. Thank you.

  18. I am 57 years old and have fine lines around my eyes and dark circles. I have always had dark circles but as I am getting older they really bother me. No concealer seems to help. I always look tired. I have used the Face Firming Activator from Dr.Perricone and it is wonderful. I would love to be a product tester..Thanks for your time.

  19. I have used several of your products over the years and am a firm believer in your Amine complex face lift, advanced eye area therapy and lip plumper. I credit your products with maintaining younger looking skin, even as I approach the ominous age of 60. I have tremendous faith in your products and look forward to trying your newest advances in skin care.

  20. I recently received a sample envelope of N.V. Perricone’s Eye Area Therapy and, after a week of using, took a very good look at myself in the mirror. It actually works- here was a product that showed very real results. At last. I’ve always taken great care of my skin, stayed out of the sun and kept to a healthy diet. However, at 52, the years of laughter have begun to show themselves as fine lines in my eye area and, while I’m not sorry about them, I would like to help them keep it to a dull roar.
    I’d love to test the Perricone products for you and am a most willing candidate.

    Thanks so much.

  21. I have the Perricone Prescription and I am amazed that the diet plan does work. I am 44 and have some sagging at the jawline and neck area, wrinkles around the mouth and am just starting to see more lines under my eyes. I am very interested in testing the products.

  22. I am lorrie & have used dr. perricone products for a few years. I have had Rosacea, but thanks to dr. Perricone’s products I no longer need medication . Now I am getting older I need something for my wrinkles, please I need a product of yours to help

  23. I am 65 years old and will never settle for “getting old”. I am very beauty conscious and have been using Perricone products for a number of years now. I get so many compliments on my skin and people cannot believe my age! I have switched to the Regimen 4 and love it. I still need something to get rid of the brown spots. I would very much like to be a tester as I like to try new products. Today I am ordering the No Foundation foundation. Can’t wait to try it.

  24. I have used Dr. Perricone’s products in the past; loved them and have been guessed as being much younger. (10-15 years younger) However, in the last 6-10 months I started using other (cheaper) brands and guess what? I can tell I am starting age more without Dr. Perricone’s products. Yikes!!! Money is tight right now but I am figuring how I can get a few items at a time to combat what I don’t like seeing in the mirror.

  25. I am 60 and always had nice skin until the last year. I have developed a small case of acne and lines under my eyes and mouth. I have the book the wrinkle cure and have read articles about Dr. Periccone’s products. I want to buy the products but have been afraid to try because of the expense. I have tried many things that did not work. I would love to be a tester. Thanks

  26. I would love to test Periccone products as I try and be up on the latest treatments for wrinkle reduction and am the first one of my friends to try new products and let them know the pros and cons. I just started using the No foundation foundation and asolutely love it. It has replaced all my other makeups.
    I would love to be on the front line as a tester. Thank you.

  27. I would love to test your products as I love using them and feel that they work

  28. I am a “young senior” luckily with youthful skin so far and want to stay that way. I am noticing those pesky wrinkles and sagging skin are sneaking in, trying to take over my face, arms and whole body. Want to stave off that natural phenomenon of looking old. Have good intentions but don’t have the know-how or the resources. Would like to help you which in turn would help me. Thanks for consideration!

  29. Hello,

    Well I would be a good Guinnie Pig. I’ve been getting the newsletters for years now and have always wished I could try at least one product. I live in Canada and here where I live been looking for his products and can’t find it anywhere not even Sephora just because the products don’t have French on them (Who cares) not a good enough reason for me at all.
    Second I am turning 42 and my hubby is 8 yrs younger than me and I really need to look younger than I am at all times.
    I have square face lot of those shape face gets jowls gross. I can see the outline starting already and my eye area need help the most.
    Pick me Please you need Canadian opinion also. Thanks.

  30. I receive the anti-aging on a fairly regular basis. Dr. Perricone is excellent for my skin. I have tried several high end skin care products, and none came close to the results i GET FROM Dr. Perricone.

    Thank you.

  31. I’m 55 andam strarted to have some brown spots on my cheekbones. The corners of my mouth are turned down and some very slight sagging in my jawline.

  32. Two years ago I ridgidly followed the eating habits and supplements as detailed in your book. I lost weight and felt wonderful. The last year has been stressful and I have unfortunately reverted back to some of the not so healthy eating habits and cut back on exercising, and of course gained weight and started to wrinkle. I would love to test some products and get back into the regime again. Photographs taken two years ago and now – clearly show a huge difference. I would love to be considered as a product tester – I look up the Perricone website often but just cant afford the products.

  33. I’ve used several products in the past, because I don’t see results I switch. Some of the challenges I have is hyperpigmentation that keeps spreading and dryness around the eyes. I am constantly buying products to help with both of these problems I face. It’s very frustrating and I keep being told that because I have tan skin that it’s difficult to find anything that will help with hyperpigmentation. Would very much like to be a part of your trial.
    Thank you.

  34. I am 36 years old. My skin is getting lines and wrinkles. My pores are huge, my skin is getting oily, lines under my eyes, and texture. I would love for my skin to look perfect again.

  35. Jerri Reininger from Weston, Florida
    I”m 65 , and maintain a healthy life style.
    I have been using Perricone products for about nine years. I love them, and have had good results. However the last 6 mos. , I had have developed a allergy ,or a skin irritation to certain products. I’m 99% sure it is the nutritive cleanser, and the firming facial toner. The irritation is only on my neck creases. I have stopped using these two products , due to the red and dry patchs it leaves. I would like to try something a little milder.
    Like i said i’ve used these products for over nine yrs. now. Ma ybe it is my hormones.
    I also saw some new products on qvc. Cold Plasma, and Neuropeptide deep wrinkle serum. i did not order them, due to the cost. I would like to try these products very much.
    please consider me to become a tester.

  36. oi ganhei de brind um caixa em forma de um coração com perfume da lolita ,e dois cremes que acompanha na embalagne,mas não sei o que pode ser usada ,pois não entendo nada de inglês

  37. hi,my names jo im 39 years old ive always had pretty good skin and people could never really guess my age…ive always used all natural skin care products but and about 2 years ago i went to see a beautician about a problem i was having with acne,she put me onto a product (which i wont mention the name) and i had a couple of facials (the first ever in my life) to cut a very long and painful story short i ended up doing damage to my delicate eye area and my skin went from looking youthful to years beyond my age, to say i was devastated is an understatement i went from being a happy bubbly person to a OH MY GOD what have i done to my skin and wouldnt go out in public for a very long time until that is i came across the book that changed my life THE WRINKLE CURE and from that point on i not only changed the way i looked at my skin but my life,i took on dr perricones holistic was a bit hard to find a specialized perricone distributer as i live in australia but i was able to get a hold of some of the perricone line AND LOVED IT :)i would so love to be a part of the perricone movement and bring more of it to australia as i believe he is the leader in ANTI AGEING..
    much love and blessings from the land down under jo :)

  38. I have used Dr Perricone products for a few months. Even though I am 44 I have problems with breakouts and would like to test the products for this and aging

  39. I have never used Perricone’s products but I have seen it mentioned in a variety of places. I look young for my age (41) but how long can that really last? While I don’t have wrinkles (except for some small crows feet), my skin elasticity is not what it was and I have large pores.

  40. I recently retired from teaching after almost 40 years in the classroom. I’m concerned about early aging of my skin/ wrinkles. Also, I would like to try a product that diminishes brown/age spots—one that works!! I’d love to be a tester on any products that might work for me.

  41. I recently turned 40 and need something different for skin care. I still have acne, and the wrinkles are starting to show. I just heard of this program and would like to try someting new. I am going to try the three day facelift diet for starters!

  42. I am a black lady and have tried numerous products for anti aging. In the past I used Olay products only, but it takes years to see a difference. Last December I went to a specialist for the ()around the mouth and for the ” between my eyes. It was an immediate difference but did not last 6 months. I listen to your session on PBS last week and liked what I heard. With the economy being as it is, funds are tight right now, but I would love to be Product Tester.

  43. I live in sunny southern California and grew up in sunny south Florida. I kept myself tanned until my late 20s and now I’m paying the price. My skin tone is not as even as it used to be, but one Perricone product is starting to help. It’s the No Foundation Foundation. When I wear it people ask me what I’ve done to my skin…it looks remarkable. In addition, there appears to be a long term benefit because my skin is becoming more even toned. Now I just need a miracle for the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes…

  44. My entire skin care regimen is Perricone, from cleanser, moisturizers and treatments to vitamins! I’m not wealthy but my skin is a priority. I was blessed with good genes and I’m making the most of it. The Gentle Cleanser is one favorite because I have delicate, sensitive skin. All the moisturizers are great in their own area, and I always use Ceramic Skin Smoother before applying foundation. Try the vitamins; I can guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

  45. Used your product before & was told by a dermatologist that I had very hydrated skin to be 60!Very encouraging, since I’ve always had very dry skin. Since then I’ve gone through treatment for breast cancer.The drying effects of both chemo & radiation are terrible on the skin, even the steroids & pills are drying to the whole body. I would be very interested in being a product tester, so I can see what product would be best for my skin problems.

  46. My skin concerns include hyper- and hypo- pigmentation, mild acne, combination skin and slow healing skin. I have tried a variety of prescription, beauty and drugstore products (also laser procedures) over the course of the last 15 years. The Dr. Perricone products that I have tried have been the most successful, and I am eager to try more, especially new or experimental products.

  47. I would like to test NeoNeuropeptides.

  48. I would love to be able to test Dr. Perricone’s products. I’ve used a number of lines.. nothing that’s given me a WOW!! I have pretty good skin thanks to genetics.. but still see some lines.. the 11 and a little sagging around my mouth. I’m 61.

  49. I am 56 years old and have tried almost every anti-aging product out there. I have just ordered a few Perricone products and I am very excited to get them and start using them. I have read so many positive reviews about this line. I also have purchased The Perricone Prescription and am ready to go! My problem area seems to be the eye area with puffiness, lines and wrinkles. Also sagging skin. I would love to be a product tester for Perricone. I am and always will be a Beauty Junkie!

  50. I’ve always had a personal interest in inner health and well being and dr perricone’s theories have always been attractive and logical in thought.

    Being in Australia the products haven’t been readily available as such and quite expensive and to date i haven’t had much need in regards to anti-aging products. I’ve recently turned 28 and realised that my youth is no longer invincible and that i should look to prevention rather than cure. This moment of truth led me to seek dr perricone out and purchase the trial pack and the advanced face firming activator and the evening facial emollient. I have always believed in his theories regarding the anti-flammatory diet (although have never had reason due to follow through strictly with the diet because i had youth on my side), but after using the products i am now a perricone fanatic due to the amazing change in complexion.

    I’m slowly incorporating the perricone lifestyle changes into my life but would love to have the opportunity to support and accentuate these changes by complementing them with the array of products that i have yet to encounter.

    Although still young i believe prevention is key to anti-aging and would love to be a representative & voice of Dr Perricone for the younger market.

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