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  1. Im sold on the products ive been blessed with trying these past few yrs.I work gravyard 2dys a wk but @ 46 i saw my eyes loose its beauty overnite they went too looking creapy,real wrikled,stinging,loosing its almond shape and they were slits ,i was just devastated..until i started using Neuropeptide eye contour cream and the Superberry Powder w/Acai… i got my beautiful eyes back.If i can just try his diet products so i can have a healthy body too match this face.I started working out,and using The Maitake Mushroom Extract…wow did this product work a miracle, it helped cut my appitite and helped me w/my belly fat..then my back went out for 8 wks and now i have to start over. I cant afford to get what i want in the diet/skin tighting section but I Love you Dr.Perricone and recommend your goodies too alot of folks since ive recieved alot of compliments since using some of ..which all the glory goes to Our Heavenly Father who gave you that UNIQUE Gift of BEING a Fabulous Dr. and helping alot of us grow old Gracefully and Beautifully.God Bless You

  2. I am about to be 30 and have noticed that my skin has changed more than I thought it would at this age; larger pores, fine lines starting around eyes,and lack of moisture. I’ve tried many high-quality skin products by brand name doctors. They all feel good for about 2 1/2 months, and then stop working. Period. If I could just find a line that really delivers, I would be sold!!

  3. P.S. I observed, after I used the Advanced Eye Therapy on my under eye area (I had some left over) I would dab it on my spider veins around my nasal area, then put left over Avage on those areas, they allbut disappeared? ;)…
    The only reason I bought TNS nightime, the girls at my Derms office said I could use it on my eyelids (They all did with no problems and it helped) which I see as a major sign of aging! It has helped? (Use it P.M.) At least they haven’t gotten creepe as of yet.I have asked your operators what I can use on my eyelids, named products & was told I couldn’t/Shouldn’t use products on my eyelids. Question here?… What can or should I use on my eyelids. I also get perm make-up done eye-liner ect., something that doesn’t take the color out of that. Thank You! Thanks SO Much!

  4. Please pick me! I am 32 and noticing signs of aging. As a mom to 21-month old triplets, I could use some splurging on myself. Thanks for considering me.

  5. Testimonial: After reading Dr. Perricone’s first book it made perfect sense, things I knew, but didn’t know well enough. I am in the healthcare business over half my life now (Geriatrics), and I observe and always ask why/how/why!.. I started the diet (3-Day) Big! difference in face and body! (He was/Is WAY! ahead of his time!)Then I tried his products (With the healthy “Menu” & “Supplements”) and received compliments from strangers as well as close friends on how radiant/glowing my skin was (I also had more energy, which is a plus! (Working 12-16-18 hr. days). I am into skincare, make-up and anti-aging big-time! (Skin! is! our largest organ & protector!) and as natural as possible. I believe nature gives us what we need, that said..Dr. Perricone has & I believe will continue to research, develope, guide, and teach us. I have learned so much from Dr. Perricone (I do research on everything medical! Dr. Perricone’s supps, diet, NEJM/& others leisure reading to me)… Thank You! Dr.Perricone! I love medicine and all it has to offer, but also believe there is much to re-discover & discover! I still try other products, I want to see if they compare(Anything AND.. everything) new that challenges Dr. Perricone from Murad, TNS, My Derm., ect., I have this driving ambition..understanding the human body top to toes, to be healthy inside and out (It does! start from the Inside!) the “Whole” being. Believe me, I could go on, to sum it up…Dr. Perricone Does know his study Very Well! NO one compares! I use his knowledge everyday in all that I do. Thank You Dr. Perricone for your knowledge and products!

  6. I have used many products from Dr. Perricone, however, the one I love the most is COLD PLASMA. It improves the appearance of my face like no other product ever has. I am a pharmacist, so I see customers day in and day out. The first day I used COLD PLASMA, two customers commented on my SKIN and how good it looked. I am a believer and am ready to be a Perricone Tester. Thanks for considering me.

  7. I have been battling hyperpigmentation on my cheek for three year, I have tries chemical peels to different skin lightening products but the result is simply underwhelming , I have yet to try Perricone.Lets see

  8. I am 71 and almost 72. No one can tell that I am this old because I have taken care of my skin using the best products, since I was young. I must admit I am vain. When I was still working I used LaPrairie, when I retired I used your products because you had all the healthcare products too, from cleansers to special skin care, Neuropeptides,etc., and the Total Body & Skin Care, Omega 3 fish gel, Maitake, etc., and I feel really good, because I never eat junk food. My question is: I bought recently the Hight Potentcy Eye Lift and the Neuropeptide Eye Contour eyes. I just started to use the Eye Contour and unfortunately, the pump is defective. I am not able to close the bottle. I am using it alone because I am not sure if I should use it with the high potency product. Do I use this together and if I do which one do I apply first? I have been buying my products from Nordstrom and I have recently decided to buy it directly from you Online. May I request that you replace the pump of the Neuropeptide Eye Contour creme that I was describing above? Thank you very much. I hope the product will oxidize before long.

    Joy Barnes

  9. I accidentally got hooked on Dr Perricone when I was looking for a really good moisturizer for my aging, dry, windblown, Wyoming skin. My job takes me outdoors in all kinds of weather and I needed an excellent moisturizer. I tried Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer and love it!! Now if I could find something that great for my wrinkles. I would love to be a Perricone tester because it costs alot of money to try products with no results. Then I could show all my co-workers what great results I get from Perricone. Please give me a shot. Thanks!!

  10. I have used several of your products and have noticed a significant difference in my skin. My biggest concern is puffiness and dark circles under my eyes.I have tried just about everything and have yet to find something that addresses this issue. Please consider me to become a Perricone product tester. Thank you.

  11. I am 71. I began using some Perricone products in Jan, 2009. I use the Nutritive Cleanser, Concentrated Restorative Cream, & Advanced Eye Area Therapy. Love the way my skin feels!The dark age spots have become lighter. My skin needs add’l help and it appears almost translucent in areas. I hope you choose me.

  12. I’m a 51 year old woman with very fair and Oily in the T-Zone skin, with some wrinkles beginning to appear around the eyes (crow’s feet), and the nasal-labial folds (a former smoker), and a few age/liver spots on the cheek and at the jaw line. I have tried Dr. Perricone’s Ceramic Skin Smoother and LOVED IT!!!!!!!! I have wanted to try other Perricone products, but since I am on disability – it is a little cost prohibitive for me at this time.
    I would LOVE to be a product tester for Dr. Perricone’s line of products, and feel that they would make a marked difference in the areas that I mentioned above. My eye area is also in need of a good hydrating cream, but not oily. I’ve had a hard time finding “just the right products” and am very into anti-aging products. I have also read two of Dr. Perricone’s books and am very interested in his skin care recommendations and lifestyle changes.
    Please consider me to become a Perricone product tester. I am dying to try his products and see the “Perricone Difference” on my own skin.

  13. I bought a set of smaller sized Perricone products just to try it out before making the investment in full sized products. I’ve been using face wash, toner and moisturizers for the last month and a half, and I’ve received so many complements on my skin recently. I’m really impressed with the results, and I would love to try more of the line.

  14. Hi…I am 33 years old and think overall and far away from a mirror, I have pretty good skin:) My concerns are enlarged, elongated pores, very fine lines and the thin skin under my eyes. Also my hands have thinner skin and I have yet to find a good hand cream. I live in Arizona where it is very dry so a good moisturizer and water are a must. I’m a bit worried that I will have to resort to fillers and lasers. I hope to find a product that lets me avoid that for years to come. Thank you.

  15. I have used a select few of Dr. Perricone’s products and would enjoy experiencing more of them and sharing my feedback concerning them. I’m a licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician and work as a Skincare Expert for a beauty retail company. I educate and consult hundreds of clients a week and I would love to share additional information about all of the line with them.

  16. I just started using Dr Perricone citrus face wash and firming toner, and I just love it!!, I also use the no fundation fundation and is amizing, I am so happy with the results and its been a week only.
    absolubly love it!!!

  17. I currently have an Educational Television show and I taught art at a high school for 30 years. I started using Dr. Perricone about 9 years or so ago. You cannot believe the difference in texture, elasticity, tightening, toning…almost a work out for the skin. I invested in the whole system and have not been sorry. yes, I use the facial conformer..but it is worth it. Take a look at me you would not believe I am 60+.
    Google Blip.TV
    type in Carol on Creativity Gav TV
    click on one of my shows. Everyone thinks I am late 40′s early 50′s.
    Yeah Dr. Perricone! I am your biggest Fan
    Carol Peters

  18. I just ordered my first products. I’m 59 and the eldest of 9 girls and 3 brothers. They will all take note.

  19. I just ordered my first skin care kit and can’t wait to try them. I am 59yrs young and just starting to show signs of aging- from large pores to tiny lines around mouth, eyes, and forehead. More visible are the dark spots here and there, also the dark circles. Have great hopes for these products. I am the eldest of 8 sisters, so they will take note of any improvement. Wish me luck.

  20. I would love to try the Perricone products and would start using the line if I felt it was worth it. My derm laughs about me using anything but Retin-A. He feels everything else is just hype. It would be nice to try this line and if it works as good as you say, show him how good my skin looks and teach him about the perri-glow.

  21. I am 51 with very sun damaged, large pore, wrinkled and now starting to sag skin, tried MANY anti aging products from $ to $$$ and my skin looks the same. Im active, pretty much follow the diet already, with the exception of cantaloupe. My body feels like Im 25, making me even more depressed and self conscious of my skin. Dr Perricone since youre the pioneer and expert then I feel you are my last hope. Please please help me.

  22. I have Dr. Perricone’s books and am on the diet, having amazing results. I have always had a problem with acne so I am looking forward to incorporating the products. Any suggestion on which one to start with?

  23. I’ve been using perricone for appr 6 yrs. I work with a makeup company, I’m an esthetician, but cannot leave my perricone products because I have found NO other products that give such amazing tremendous results!!! I am in my thirties and besides my good inherited genes… I have perricone to thank all the way! I am fascinated with Dr. Perricone’s love and understanding for skin inside (nutrition) and out (topical creams). I would be honored and privileged to be part of the trial. Thanks so much!!!! Shannon B.

  24. I’ve used Dr. Perricone’s products and think that are fantastic. From all the ones I have used are the ones that gave me the better and quick results. I’m 52 and barely have sign of aging, but have problems of some spots and large pores. Unfortunately, can’t afford the constant use of Dr. Perricone’s products, but will love to share my experiences with its products with others.

  25. Hi Dr. Perricone,
    I will be honest here about me and my skin. I don’t want to lie just to get to try out your products.
    I am 39 years old. I am just now starting to get deeper wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes. Now I have had problem with acne because of having to use steroids in my past.
    I have quite the deep acne holes(I don’t know what else to call them)on my face. I am more worried about making these smaller than the wrinkles, BUT I would love to try out any products that you would think I would be good at trying for you.
    I am fair skinned, freckels and don’t have sensitive skin. I do use some of your products but don’t always have enough to stay using for a period of time that would make a difference in my skin. I had sent an email about my skin to you previously and you gave me suggestions on what products to use. I have just now started the Face Firming Activator, so will let you know if this helped a bit. You also suggested a Alpha Lipoic Acid, but I have not used this yet, but would love to try it. You had said there was a study that had helped 80% of persons on the study, but the people using the placebo didn’t have results, so I definetly will try this weather or not winning this study.
    I live in Nebraska where the weather is very humid and very snowy and dry in the winter. I have combination skin, but it likes to be on the dryer side a lot. I can put it this way, if I use a powder foundation it makes me look older as it really brings out the wrinkles and holes in my face.
    I am excited to see the results of your test. Yours Truly
    Kimberly Feik

  26. I’ve been a Perricone user for 2 years now. I became a believer after ordering some products from QVC. I started with a travel size kit and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m an Onocology RN and I have also worked @ medical spas that only sold medical grade skin care products. Dr. Perricone’s products do what they say they will! I would rather spend money wisely on products that I benefit from than save money on a drawer full of cheap stuff that doesn’t produce any long term results. I’m thinking “maintenance” at this stage of the game. If using these products can help me put off a face lift for years to come, I’ll do it. I do use botox on my forehead, but I don’t need it anywhere else thanks to Dr. Perricone. I’m a faithful user of the cleanser,vitamin C cream, the neuropeptide firming cream, and the advanced firming actiator. The eye cream is great too. The neuropeptide cream is expensive BUT IT WORKS! I rec’d compliments the first week I began using it from the girls at work.
    I started using while on vacaton and when I came back to work one of my coworkers asked, “Did you get some work done while you gone? You look really good. Something’s different.” It was the neuropeptide cream! I’m 41 and usually get guessed to be in my 30′s or even late 20′s. I refuse to pay good money for low quality products,ever again! If it doesn’t work, it’s not worth the two nickels rubbed together that I supposedly saved. I would love to be a tester. More than that, I would love to sell these products!

  27. I was a sun goddess in my youth and have lots of sun damage on my face that I would love to erase. I am a longtime user of Perricone products. I’m just starting to use the pigment corrective. Can’t wait to see the results!

  28. I have tried a few of the products and think the price point is high for the results. At age 62, I am always trying new products in the endless search to look as good as one can at this age without surgery. I would be a good candidate to test products.

  29. I recently purchased the Light Renewal System by Dr. Perricone and have sun damage. I hope to restore an even coloring to go without heavy make-up. I am 62 years old and my skin tends to be dry. I am trying to use the light system regularly starting this week.

  30. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Face Firming Moisturizer and can clearly tell the difference between it and other products.

    Also the Advanced Face Fiming Activator and the Olive Oil Cleanser – great products!

    It would be great to try them all!

  31. Don’t tell anyone my age anymore because everyone thinks I am much younger. My teenage daughter(tough audience) says her friends all think I am considerably younger than I am (56). Attribute this to taking care of myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When it comes to my skin and nutrition, Perricone products and supplements have proven to be the best and worth the extra expense!

  32. I have used over 20 different skincare lines before trying Dr. Perricone. Because of the fast results, I have decided to use your line exclusively. I am so appreciative for all of your sales so that I have be able to afford your products. Words cannot describe how eladed I am that I found your product line at 39 years old so that I can get middle age off to a good start. I am now interested in trying your supplements and reading your books so I can live the Perricone lifestyle.

  33. I use the gentle cleanser currently and it is all fantastic. Would love to try some of the other anti aging products. Concerns are wrinkles around eyes, laugh lines, large pores, occasional break outs.

  34. I have been noticing my skin is dull and getting a fold in the crease of my upper eye lid.

    I came across this web site and feel like it was meant for me.
    A lot of good reasonable information here and I have started the Perricone diet.

    I look forward to learning more about the skin care.

  35. I am 66 yrs old and maintains a healthy live style. How we take care of our body results in how we look. I strive for the best and would love to try the best skin program available. Dr. Perricone has achieved such success with his products, L would love to try them.

  36. I currently use some Perricone products but I’m not sure if I’m using the right ones. I’m aging and am of Japanese/African-American descent and my skin discolors easily. I’ve followed Perricone since “The Perricone Prescription” and he’s the person that began my education on nutrution and aging. I still take supplments that he suggests using until this day.


  38. I will be 52 this year and live in Sunny Florida. Protecting my skin from sun damage is essential to me. I have tried several products to help with uneven skin tones (pigmentation) and under eye signs of aging. A few weeks ago, I purchased my first Dr. Perricone product. The eye area contour treatment is wonderful. I see a great improvement already. In fact, I just ordered two more products! To me, it is worth every dollar I spend to look and feel great. So I cut out a few extra latte drinks and lunches out. Thanks Dr Perricone.

  39. More than anything I would love to get rid of these dark circles! No matter what I’ve tried they keep reappearing! I can sleep all day and night, moisturize around my eyes and nothing happens. Please help me….

  40. I am a manager at a cosmetic practice and therefore have access to many different medical grade lines. I have yet to find something that covers anti-aging and refinement of larger pores. Hopefully Dr. Perricone’s line is one that can resolve this with a product that is more of a treatment with lasting results, not just temporary ones.

  41. I would love to try Perricone products. Iam concerned with skin blotchiness and discoloration,large pores,and fine lines. My eye area is also dry. I recently purchased Concentrated Restorative Cream and cant wait to try it.

  42. I have 2 of Dr Perricone’s
    books and I have tried the 3-day face lift. I had great
    results and I love the diet.
    I am 55 and have problems with
    acne AND wrinkles. LUCKY ME!!
    I have tried some of the Perricone anti-aging products but none of the acne products. I’m addicted to the nutritive cleanser. I don’t know what’s in it but the smell is WONDERFUL!!

  43. I an 60 years old and live in New Mexico. It is a very dry climate and my face needs moisture. I have tried some products but find them to drying for my face. I do love the makeup, however, it looks like thats changing and I am not sure how to convert to the new one, any suggestions. Mary Lou

  44. I’ve used Dr. Perricone’s products for several years and i love them all. I’m excited to be considered for becoming a tester. If i was strand in an island and had to take one thing only, believe me it would be Dr. Perricone’s products can’t live without them!

  45. I am a Cosmetologist whom not only address’s the hair needs of my clients but also their skin issues and concerns. In my career I have had the opportunity to try many excellent products on the market today. When I test a Product I have high expectations and very few meet the mark….Dr. Perricone is one of those products that meet and exceeds my expectations. In fact my clients call me miss consumer reports because I research and find the best of the best. That said, Dr. Perricone’s products coupled with his sensible nutrition guidelines is the best I have ever found. It produces visible, consistent results prolonging the need to have invasive surgical procedures. Depending on how much money you have to spend, you can get miraculous results with his neuropeptide high end products. However as some reviewers have noted, the cost can become prohibitive to use on a regular basis. But if your in the market to really see a difference then this is the product for you. I would love to be on your panel of testers

  46. I am 42, fair skinned with red/strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. I am starting to show more signs of aging and I don’t like it. I have always wanted to use Dr. Perricone’s products, but can not afford them and don’t know which ones to use if I could afford them. I would be a great candidate to test any or all of these products because I have several different issues from acne, to a deep wrinkle on the T-bone area to sagging skin around the mouth area that is some what hereditary. Both my Mom and I have it. Up until recently, I had little wrinkles around the eyes, but am starting to get them there as well. Also, I have recently developed some kind of irritation on one cheek and one eye that is reddish and very dry. It doesn’t always bother me, but I’ve noticed when I sweat from working out it does sting. I have used several different products from several different companies promising to do this and that, but have not found any of them to stand up to what they say they will do. Therefore, I’d love for you to pick me as a candidate to test your products on, so I can be proud of my skin and be confident in it. Thanks so much for considering me and for helping to make us all beautiful on the inside and out.

  47. I just turned 40 and need a boost. I feel like I’m in a skin care rut right now and would love to try Dr. Perricone’s products!

  48. Love Perricone :) Really enjoy the products I’ve tried. I am self employed and affordability is preventing me from using the line regularly. Would love to try the supplements someday. The skin care is amazing, the books are full of very valuable information great research and trustworthy. Thank you.

  49. I have been using several of dr.perricone’s products and love them all. I have some dark spots and would love to see these spots fading away.

  50. I’ve used too many different anti-aging products over the years to keep track of what they were. I am 67 and would really love to try Dr. Perricone products especially around the eye area. I try not to use too many products and do think I look young for my age but would love to look better!

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