Perricone Skin Care Product Testing Survey

We are looking for volunteers to test and review Perricone MD skin care products.

For a chance to be selected:

1) Fill out our survey below.

2) After you complete the survey, we’ll review your answers to see if you match the product we are currently offering to test. It can range from skin care products to weight loss. The first 500 survey respondents will be contacted to begin product testing.

3) If you are selected, we’ll contact you by email to arrange delivery of the product we are currently testing. We require that you complete a brief online survey after following our product instructions and testing the product for a 30 day period.Please fill out the following information to be part of our trial program to test Perricone skin care products.  We will contact you via email if you are selected.

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  1. I love the way the makeup feels when I apply it, it is not to heavy! I highly reccomend! :)

  2. Products sound interesting…can’t wait to give them a try.

  3. I love the way the makeup feels when I appky it, it is not to heavy! I highlt reccomend! :)

  4. i’m sure i’ll love it

  5. makes my skin feel baby soft

  6. makes my skin feel baby soft.

  7. This sounds promising. I can’t wait to try it.

  8. i have never tried this but would love to.

  9. I have tried your products and I love them! I look forward to testing new products and providing an opionion. Thanky ou!!

  10. I love the special way it makes my skin feel.

  11. I’m very interested in these products

  12. can’t wait to try!!!

  13. I like the glow that the makeup gives me.

  14. Favorite product… hmm… I love their toners!

  15. Thanks

  16. i love the site and products

  17. I really like the products, they work great!

  18. High quality!

  19. I have not used Perricone Products yet but I would like the chance to try them out and see if the results are better than the products I have used in the past.

  20. Iam really interestd in anti aging products as I am in my early 30′s and want to get a head start on it!

  21. High quality that truly delivers results!

  22. I love the toners and cleansers, it keeps my skin clear and wrinkle free

  23. I like how the makeup feels so natural on my skin.

  24. I have tried a few different perricone products and have always been impressed with the results. Thanks

    shawna schulze
    570 young lane
    kalispell, mt 59901

  25. I would love to try Perricone!

  26. Still looking for the fountain of youth…. can you give me directions?

  27. The products seem wonderful, I can’t wait to try them!

  28. Pericone looks like a good product to try any samples

  29. Hi, I love perricone sounds great

  30. I was able to share your smoothie recipes for my aunt when she could no longer eat due to her cancer treatments. Your recommendations on these recipes allowed her to eat and I believe allowed us more time with her prior to the cancer taking her life. Thank you, cannot express our appreciation enough.

  31. I have never tried perricone before and would like to see how well it works on my aging skin.

  32. I love the maitake mushroom extract, and the omega 3 supplements. Dr Perricones’s products really do what it says. Every time i try something new from Dr. Perricone I fall in love with it. The health & weight management is awsome if you take them 3x a day as prescibed you will notice a difference in your energy and your weight.

  33. I’ve been using Dr. Perricone products for over 10yrs. I will be 51 soon, and friends and family say I could pass for 40!!!!

  34. I have been hooked on Dr. Perricone products since his first book “TheWrinkle Cure. I faithfully use high pottency eye lift,high potency face lift and ceramic skin smoother. I take PEP every day. I am 71 years old and am always being taken for someone in my 50′s. I’ve even had MD’s do a double take at my records when they read my age. Thank you Dr.Perricone.

  35. My skin looks 10 years younger,when y use Perricome products.

  36. [...] Fill out our survey 2) After you complete the survey, we’ll review your answers to see if you match the product [...]

  37. My husband likes the dewy softness of my skin. I’ve used the skin care line as well as the makeup and love the way my skin looks! I’m 49 and have been told I look 38….
    My skin looks so much better than the years I used the dept. store lines.
    Thank you!

    Nancy Long

  38. I have used the salmon diet. I noticed a difference in the youthfulness of my face and so did others.
    I have used the DMAE products and saw also the same glow.

  39. Firm, Smooth, Radiant Skin – all from the Perricone products. They really work.

  40. I am 49 years old, am very active and in great physical condition. My body looks like I’m 25, but I’ve begun to notice definite signs of age on my face. I have read Dr. Perricone’s books, and am very anxious to begin using some of the products I’ve been reading about.

  41. My skin has improved since using Perricone’s Neopeptide Moisturized. Wrinkles have decreased, skin texture has improved, pore size has decreaed.

  42. The tinted moisturizer makes my skin look like velvet…

  43. Please enter me to win a free Perricone product.

  44. Please enter me to win a FREE PERICONE PRODUCT. THANK YOU.

  45. It was “LOVE-AT-FIRST-SIGHT”…after just one application of Dr.Perricone’s
    skin care products my skin looked (and felt) better than it has in many long years. I have sensitive skin…and I am thrilled to have found Dr. Perricone’s products…they are truly the best products on the market and live-up to the advertised claims.I have only been using them for a short time,but I am “HOOKED”. Yes,they are very expensive and I will have to watch for specials and sales.I would love to win a FREE PERRICONE PRODUCT!

  46. My skin was so leathery and dull.Now after using the Fab in four weeks kit, my skin justs glows!

  47. Perricone is the most amazing skincare line

  48. I can leave the house without make-up now!!!!

  49. I like the science that goes into the products but would like it to be all natural

  50. I absolute love the ceramic skin smoother.