Perricone Skin Care Product Testing Survey

We are looking for volunteers to test and review Perricone MD skin care products.

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2) After you complete the survey, we’ll review your answers to see if you match the product we are currently offering to test. It can range from skin care products to weight loss. The first 500 survey respondents will be contacted to begin product testing.

3) If you are selected, we’ll contact you by email to arrange delivery of the product we are currently testing. We require that you complete a brief online survey after following our product instructions and testing the product for a 30 day period.Please fill out the following information to be part of our trial program to test Perricone skin care products.  We will contact you via email if you are selected.

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  1. I have tried many different lines that promise the world when it comes to skin care. Unfortunately, they did not deliver the results promised. I am still on my quest to find a line that does deliver, and I have heard that Perricone is the one! I would love to try the products!

  2. Since turning 40, I’ve been looking for a new skincare regimen that has terrific anti-aging products in their line. I do get complemented occasionally on my skin, but as I get older I’d like to keep those comments coming! :) I’ve read and heard so many good things about this line that I started buying/using a few of Perricone’s products, trying to see if they work and live up to their claims and perform well for me. Would love to test more products from the line. I used to test a few household/toiletry products back in the 1990′s so I’m familiar with and accustomed to lengthy feedback surveys from testing.

  3. I would be honored to try any of the product’s.

    Thank You,

  4. I’m ready to visit a plastic surgeon, but want a minimally invasive approach to skin care. I’ve tried a number of products in the hope of stopping time–just a bit–however, I have yet to attain my goal. –60, and still looking.

  5. Between Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Sephora and, of course, on line I think I have ordered and used practically all of Dr. Perricone’s products. Everyone says I look a good 10 to 15 yrs. younger.
    Need I say more?
    Thanks for being there…….you make life easier in a difficult era :>)

  6. First of all I am turning 50 in a couple months. I look about 38ish. I had severe acne all through my teens. I saw a dermatologist regularly. He would tell me to lay in the sun and burn my face so it would peel. He was not quite sure what to do about my condition. So I tried to educate myself. I watched most everything I ate. And I exercise at least 5 days a week. I do not and have never worn makeup. I have always taken some of the suppliments recommened by Dr. Perricone. And then started reading his books. I started taking his Skin & Total Body suppliments about 1 year ago. They have made a noticable difference. I eat no red meat. Have always eaten salmon & chicken. And tons of raw vegetables. My skin still gets oily whithin a few hours of cleansing. I wish I could have found out about Dr. Perricone in my early teens. It would have saved me alot of teenage greef!!! When ever someone askes me about how I look so young “I tell them to read the Dr.” He has the Lifestyle Percription!! Thank You!!

  7. Since approaching and turning 40, my interests in the cosmetic industry has done a 180. Now my efforts are directed towards skin care inside and out as opposed to color and makeup. I am a stickler for sunscreen but still learning about what products actually work to improve my skin and how best to apply them. I have tried many products from many different lines over the years but my choices are usually based on reading user reviews and doctor recommendations.

  8. I have been trying to lighten my melasma with hydroquinone and have little or no success. I am 41, and not on any hormone therapy. Nothing seems to work…I would love to try Dr. Perricone’s products with the dietary supplements if neccessary. I am desperate for a solution.

  9. I would be interested to try out Dr. Perricone’s products. I have read his books and I am confident that the products work but I am curious as to what extent. I would love to try them out!

  10. I am new to Dr Perricone’s products. I met someone my age and I thought for sure she either had cosmetic work done or she was lying about her age. She told me about your line of products and her results are remarkable. There is so much hype in the market place. I want to use something that I believe in and would love to be part of your survey.
    I bought 3 of your books the day that I met one of your ‘guros’!

  11. I have tried some of the products with mixed results. Would like to test some of the new formulations and try to find the right fit since it seems to have some good results for others.

  12. I just learned of Dr. Perricone as a friend is following his theories on food as a weight loss plan and has been very successful at it. The more I read, the more intrigued I am….

  13. I would love to be chosen to be a Perricone tester! I absolutely love Perricone products and I get compliments all the time on my skin. I was told just yesterday that I look 30 and I am almost 46…..thank you Perricone!!!!!!! :)

  14. I do use the ceramic skin smoother and I really don’t find it to be any different than the other products on the market that are cheaper. Photo finish is actually better for applying make-up and it costs a lot less. I eat very healthy so my skin is getting all the nutrition it needs. I know that’s a big component of the Perricone regime. I’d like to try out products but I don’t want to spend the money if a cheaper product works just as well.

  15. I am 49.5 years of age and feel that I have fairly good skin. I have tried Principle Secret, Este Lauder, Mary Kay, Philosophy, Dr. Denise and many more. I started using Perricone MD about 2 months ago and I love it. I guess you have to go through a lot of trial skincare products to really appreciate a GREAT PRODUCT. I truly enjoy my looks and skin with Perricone MD. I really want to be a tester of your product line so I can continue to age gracefully. I am currently reading Dr. Perricones books so I can become internally healthy too. Sincerely, Rene

  16. age:59
    oily/dry/lack of firmness skin.
    deep creases from nose to mouth.

    i’d very much like to test your products and have the ability to show others what can be done by using them.

  17. I have used Dr.Perricone’s products for a few years. I have sensitive skin and a little Rosecea. His products are the only ones that don’t irritate my skin and improve the redness and sensitivity. My skin is smoother and people always comment how young my face looks!
    It would be an honor to try any of his products. Thank you , Dr.Perricone for all your research and interest in Womens’s Health and Beauty.
    Fran Burstein
    Framingham, MA

  18. I have used some of your products for about 2 years, mainly addressing the lines around my mouth. I had to use Accutane about 25 years ago because of extreme oiliness, and in return I got lines from the dryness of the medication.I have 2 of your books Dr. Perricone and eat healthy,but the lines don’t seem to go away.It really bothers me and I would love to test some of the products that would address my problem.Your products that I have used have been wonderful, but I can’t always afford to buy them as often as I should.You work at the cutting edge and it shows in the skin care you provide.

  19. Dr. Perricone has great products…..I use the complete product line from the cleansing products to the neuropeptide products. My skin maintains a very youthful appearance. Thanks

  20. I love Dr. Perricone’s products and can see a big difference in the smoothness of my skin. I have been using the night firming cream and the day face lift (plus the cleanser) for about a year now and look younger. :-) I just turned 60 and need the extra ingredients in Dr. Perricone’s formulas to keep looking good! I’d love to be a tester of his products as i feel they work well for me.

  21. I have used several of Dr. P’s products and find them effective.

  22. I have used NV Perricone Products on and off for years, but I always seem to come back! Some of the basics like the firming facewash and facial toner, I NEVER go without. I had my husband using the men’s line…He loved the shaving cream! I now have my 15 year old son using the facial cleaner for acne prone skin… The best part of NV Perricone is the science behind it and the education he provides to maintain healthy lifestyle changes for beautiful skin. I started using the pigment controlling balm when it first came out and my skin is radiant. Thanks for providing “hope” for the “(EX)tanning generation”!

  23. I discovered Perricone M.D. products about two years ago and have been delighted with my results to date.
    I have used the Face Firming Activator and the Face Finishing Moisturizer with great success. Due to money constraints, I am unable to puchase more in this line – I am especially interested in the eye area, but do not
    want to give up my other products to try out other Perricone MD products.
    Would LOVE the opportunity to test products and give my opinion. Thank You.

  24. I’m a stay at home mom,I’ve been married for ten years, I’ve got 2 kids 2 cats a husband a dog and a turtle and I’m 28 and I look the worst I’ve ever looked in my life. You would never guess my age by looking at me. I really need something to make me look my best, so yes I would love to test out these products. I’ve heard of Dr.Perricone and if he can do what I’ve heard he can then I will be on a fast track to the image of health.

  25. My skin has started looking older with lines on forehead, large pores, and sagging. I have tried many high end products but found Dr. Perricone’s products works without breaking me out which most products do. I would love to be a part of the testing team to see what results Dr. Perricone can do for my skin.

  26. I have previously battled eczema and spider veins. Little mini red veins (spider veins) on my nose and face would pop up. Eczema appeared on my upper tricep area.
    I no longer have these symptoms.
    By using Dr. Perricone’s recommendations of fish oil and borage oil supplementation, and topical treatments of “Complexion Corrective” and “Body Toning Lotion”, these issues no longer appear on my skin.
    Additionally, by following Dr. Perricone’s Top 10 Vitamin Supplement Regimen, I’ve lost 25 pounds of body fat and maintained lean, toned muscle mass. My friends tell me I look younger than I did, 15 years ago.

  27. I bought Dr. Perricone’s book several years ago and we have made a habit of consuming much more salmon in our household. I also use the face firming activator, and it is an awesome product! I would love to test additional products/programs as stress of the past year has taken a toll on my appearance and general health. My 24 year-old stepson was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer, my Mom had 3 surgeries, and my brother-in-law is presently undergoing chemo for lymphoma. I need help to keep me strong during this intense time of caregiving, and I see the toll it’s taking in the mirror. :( Would love to test suggested products!

  28. I have used DR. Perryicone Products in the past but got away from them because of cost but always loved the way they felt on my skin and made my face look so youthful and healthy. since i am a senior citizen now I am concerned about wrinkles and around my eyes, I want to look as young as possible for my age and I feel that Dr Perricone Products will achive that wish. Also I love the Vitamin E

    el on my skin and the way it made my face look so youthful

  29. I not only show signs of aging with wrinkles but am still battling acne and large pores. I would love to try products that would help smooth out my complexion. Thank you

  30. I have been using Perricone for 5 years now. I lost 30pd on his wringle free diet. People comment on how good my skin looks and if i had any work done. I say only Perricone, only Perricone. Great stuff.

  31. What products would you like me to try – would love to get the one to fade age spots

  32. This is fine – not certain of the Website name though

  33. I live in England and get my daughter to send me Dr. Perricone products, I just love it when I visit and I can go to the Store myself to the Perricone Counter to try new products. I have been using Dr. Perricone products for a number of years now since I read the first book, they are excellent and I can’t wait to try the new foundation. His diet and suggestions are so good and the products fantastic, I would be delighted to participate in your tests.

  34. I use Dr. Perricone’s face finishing moisturizer and I receive compliments from strangers on how nice my skin looks. I notice the difference as well. I am 51 years old and continually shock people by my age. I would recommend this product highly.

  35. 47 year old in great health. Exercise and eat well. Tried many different anti aging products through the years.
    Don’t know much about your products but, love to try.

  36. I began using Perricone products several years ago and have tried many of his products with supreme results from all. I also own the books and I’m a nutrition fanatic. I would love to try more of his products — I’m sure I’d be sold on anything I try.

  37. I am on a search to find the best anti-aging product that will work for me. I have tried various products before, but haven’t found that “special” one that I stick with. Lately I have read and heard so much about Dr. Perricone, his products and philosophy on skin health (care) that I would love to be a tester of his products.

  38. I’m a fan of Dr. Perricone because his approach to beautiful skin puts emphasis on a combination of nutrition and skin care products. In other words, beauty from the inside out. I have seen a huge change in my skin since incorporating the Face Lift Diet into my life. I also have more energy which makes me feel and act younger. The products I know are the Skin Clear Cleanser and Toner because I have large pores and sometimes breakout. Although I’m over 40, I am not sure what other products to choose. I would be very interested in participating and learning more.

  39. I have used many of the Perricone products over the past ten years. I’ve been impressed with how the products address unique needs of the skin as I age….(yuck) Also watched his PBS special several weeks ago and was interested in the nutritional component he addresses. Seems I always come back to his line.


  41. I have all of Dr Perricone’s books and love them. I wish I loved Salmon as much! I have purchased his line of health and weight & management dietary supplements and they are superior.
    I would love a chance to try his skin care products!

  42. I have always had dry skin, but even at 57 I still am prone to acne. Anything I try for wrinkles has a tendancy to break my face out. Anything that I do to keep my face clear, makes it dry and lose tone. Many of the SPF products that I have tried, tend to break me out. I love the Perricone body products.

  43. I have been a using Perricone for about 2 years. I have lost weight and continue to follow the behaviors still today. I also use many of the skin care products and I am very good customer. I have received many comment about my skin and people can’t believe my age when I tell them. The area i continue to seek better results from your products in the eye area dark circles and puffiness. i would be good test candidate in that area or maybe i am not using right product. Choose Me!

  44. I have been a customer for over 5 years. The Perricone products are the only products I have used that made my fine wrinkles fade and be less noticable. I use the Advanced Firming Activator, Restorative Cream and moisturizer everyday. I will not give up these products but would love to try some different or new products as well.

  45. I have only tried the Concentrated Restorative Cream so far.
    I’ve use it about a week and notice a slight improvement, a bit smoother look to the skin.
    Also I like the scent.

  46. I also have many of the Perricone books and became extremely interested in what he had to say. Unfortunately where I live(Brussels, Belgium)there is not a store that sells Perricone so I can only buy the products if I order them online(expensive shipping rates) or if I go to Paris(expensive train ride).I have passed on the word to many friends here in Europe and in the U.S. I visited the flagship store in NYC and implored them to open a shop in Brussels which makes sense because as the capital of Europe, it attracts people from all corners of Europe! A Belgium friend of mine even suggested we open and run the shop ourselves because we are such strong believers in Perricone. Apart from all of this, I have found the whole Perricone super regimen highly beneficial for my daughter who is polyhandicapped and I have passed on this information to other parents of disabled children. I obviously would love to become a Perricone tester!

    anne 3 september 2009

  47. I use several Dr. Perricone products and I love all of them. My favorite is the Face Firming Activator. I would love the opportunity to test more of the Perricone products. I am 49 years old and I would like to keep my skin looking great!

  48. I have read this dr’s book about the wrinkle cure and it’s one of the best books I have ever read on wrinkles…

  49. I have used perricone for years. I always laugh when people jump around using all the different products out there. Perricone is expensive which seems to be the complaint of most. I find your products go along ways so they are no more expensive than other higher end products. People are always shocked when I tell them I’m a great grandma. Your products have kept me young.

  50. I look forward to reading the Dr.’s discussions in the email. I’m always tempted to buy, but I’ve never tried the products due to pricing, and I was afraid I’d be disappointed. However, I do know of one person who uses the products. Her skin is beautiful! I’d love to finally use a product that gets rid of my dark under eye circles and wrinkles.

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