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3) If you are selected, we’ll contact you by email to arrange delivery of the product we are currently testing. We require that you complete a brief online survey after following our product instructions and testing the product for a 30 day period.Please fill out the following information to be part of our trial program to test Perricone skin care products.  We will contact you via email if you are selected.

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  1. I discovered Dr. Perricone’s products through QVC and ordered two TSV from his line. I’m in my fourties with significant sun damage and enlarged pores and hormonal acne. So far his products have made an amazing improvement in my skin. The AFFA shrinks my pores and the neuropeptide moisturizer that I bought separately from his website is really firming and has improved my skin tone. I would love to test other products from this line! Thank you!

  2. My skin is very prone to be allergic to skin care & I am looking for products that are anti aging, but for sensitive skin. I have been using Skin Clear cleanser & AFFA for several months & my face loves them!

  3. I have purchased all of Dr. Perricone’s books and have followed the
    three-day menu and tried many of his fabulous recipes. I have not used the products because of the expense. I am paying both high school and college tuition and, like many mothers, put myself last. I would absolutely love to try the “No Foundation Foundation” or any other anti-aging product.

  4. Dr. Perricone has been my health and beauty guru for over ten years! He has had it right since the very beginning. From his anti-inflammatory lifestyle to his fantastic beauty regimen, his recommendations have been flawless. I look and feel better in my middle age than I ever have in my life. His recipes are simple yet delicious and his beauty treatments are easy to manage with great results which can be seen within days! I am proud to say I am a Perricone client whenever asked what my beauty “secret” is! Thank you for thinking of us, Dr, Perricone!


  6. I have been using Perricone products for 8 years and there is nothing like them. I started with the Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid. I received a sample of the Facial Conformer years ago and could not believe the results immediately. My skin glowed with radiance and looked so much smoother. My husband was so impressed he told me to order the full size product and that money would not be an issue if anything worked that well. My husband and I both have used most all of the products as well as the daily supplement vitamins, DMAE, et. We take supplements daily, and found that the Perricone supplements were much easier to digest and noticed great results. I can not say enough about Dr. Perricone’s philosophy on skin care, and the products that he continues to deliver. Thank you Dr. Perricone for your research and caring enough to ensure the quality and integrity of your products. It would be a pleasure to participate in the testing of your products. Thank you!

  7. I would love to be a tester of Dr Perricone products. They are of the highest quality and results are always very good. I have aging skin with age spots. Anything that makes the skin tighter (including the neck area), and my eyes seem to be a problem as well.

  8. I have not tried these products because of the cost, but would love to be a tester. My problem is mostly around the eyes, but have other wrinkles and large pores. I just turned 54 and am looking for something that really works.

  9. I am fairly new to Dr. Perricone products and I am already a believer. I wish I could become a ‘product tester’ so that I could have access to his wonderful products. My budget does not allow me to buy many of his products but the few I have tried I love them and I have recommended them to my mom and friends.

  10. I am currently using Dr. Perricone Products and without a
    doubt have noticed a difference in the reduction of the wrinkles around my mouth and the neck area.
    I am a mature women, but for all my adult life, the caring
    of my skin has been paramount in keeping my facial skin
    healthy and as wrinkle free as possible.

  11. I have been on the total body and skin vitamin supplement program for over three years. This product as well as other skin Perricone products play a vital role in my daily health regiment. Medical experts often question my age and are surprised at my good health and appearance. I personally give much credit to Dr. Perricone’s research in his efforts to help provide a better health for individuals who search for quality of life or “la joie de vie”.

  12. My husband and I have been using Dr. Perricone products since 2005. We don’t have wrinkles, but we do have sagging concerns. The DMAE moisturizer is wonderful. When we are not using it, you certainly can see the difference. We love what the products have done to our skin. We also use the supplements. When we have relatives from out of town visiting, they are always amazed at how youthful we look. As a matter of fact, I have turned my sisters and aunts on to the products.

    I would love to be a tester for these wonderful products, and to continue to be spokesperson and example of the miracles of Dr. Perricone’s products.

  13. I have extremely dry skin, blessed with it my entire life, most products I have tried in the past do nothing to help the problem areas, in fact, some make it worse. When I tried Dr Perricone products I could tell a noticeable difference in, not only the appearance, but how my skin felt, which was refreshed and not dry.

  14. yes ! … I have read the books and must say that with following the diet the difference is amazing … i am 52 but look 40 thanks to the anti-inflammatory system proposed by Dr. Perricone … I have not however tried any of the skin products but would love to see the results. I don’t have any wrinkles but I am just starting to sag and lose definition … here’s hoping, janie

  15. I am one of those that try all the new products looking for the fountain of youth. I think that I have found that fountain in Dr. Perricone’s products. I would love to be a tester !!

  16. I have just started to use Perricone, but I would like to comment- how come I cannot find ANY information on this site for skin with MELASMA???

    This is a huge skin problem that affects tons of women & I am shocked not one product, article, supplement or anything geared towards this is dealt with! Nothing? Am I missing it?

    I was hoping Dr. Perricone would have some information on this frustrating skin condition, especially the internal aspect of it.

    If you ever have products designed to battle MELASMA, let me know.
    And yes, I do have the pigment corrective cream & Supplement and have been using it, but no real results yet.

  17. I love your prodcuts, would like to start using your supplements as well. I dont want to worry about my skin, I want to use a product all of the time that I know is helping and is good for my skin, and know I am doing all I can. Thanks for considering me.

  18. I am 62 years old and everyone tells me I have beautiful skin, but I work outside and even with sunscreen and hats my skin shows quite a bit of pigmentation and wrinkles that I’m sure come from damage as a youngster. I am a small business owner and lately am very conscious of how my skin is looking. I would like to try Dr. Perricones products to see if I can improve the look of my skin and because I work with the public on a daily basis I would be an excellent advertisement as people notice the marked improvement in my skin condition

  19. I was introduced to Perricone thru QVC..I WAS a skincare these are the only products I will use…love to try new things when they come out. I have seen a definite improvement in the clarity and firmness of my skin, which gives a boost to my mental health when I look in the mirror

  20. I have fairly good skin for my age (60-ish), but I am troubled by puffy eyes and age spots. I have tried Dr. Perricone’s products over the years and have always been satisfied with them. I would love to become a tester for any of Dr. Perricone’s products.

  21. I have Dr. Perricone’s books and have followed his dietary and supplement recommendations. I am 54 years old and people tell me I look 10 years younger. I also have a much younger physique. People ask me what I do to stave off the years. I’ve recommended Dr. Perricone’s books and suggestions. However, gravity, environment (I live in Florida), and the years are all conspiring against me. I would love to test Dr. Perricone’s products to see what works and how well!

  22. I have tried almost every skincare product on the market and I finally decided to try Perricone MD. I have been very satisfied with each product. I also feel I can trust these products because of the research that backs them up. I also very much appreciate Dr. Perricone’s approach to skincare that includes diet and vitamins. I am always learning when I read his columns about how to improve my skin but also importantly my overall health. Thanks Dr. Perricone.

  23. I have tried several lines of skin care and it has become very apparent that Dr. P has the best. His research has taken the deep dive to reveal that it’s not only what topical you put on your skin but also what you are putting inside your body that makes the difference on the outside. I would also like to add that when I read the ingredients that are in his products they are more natural. Natural is always better. I would feel extremely honored to test any products and provide feedback. By using his products I have had men and women say your skin is glowing. At age 53 that make me feel awesome. Keep it coming Dr. P ;-)

  24. I have been using Dr. Perricone Products faithfully for about 4 years and they are wonderful. I get complimented on my skin all the time. I am 45 years old and live in Florida….my students think I just turned 30! I would be honored to participate in your trials and it would be a great advertisement for your products.

  25. I read about Dr. Perricone in the english magazine during my stay in England 5 years ago. Since that time I am really committed to the exellent products. The most important is for me the theory itself. I bought all the books, read regulary the news letters and try to follow. I find it very interesting to know, why should I eat this and not to eat that product. I can tell that after following the 28-days diat my own daughter and my colleques in the office told me, that I looked much better, the skin is glowing.
    The creams are also wonderful. I like the feeling of having them on my face. And this exellent smell, not some parfum smell, as the creams from other brands, but very natural treating smell.
    Unfortunately it is not possible to buy the products in Germany, where I live and not in Moscow in Russia, where so many ladies will surely buy so effective creams. And they are a little bit expensive. I had to cut some other spending, to buy the whole treatment parts. But i am really happy about it. I feel me much better since I follow the diat and the people say I look better.
    Thank you for everything!

  26. I have used and currently use a number of Dr. Perricone’s products; however, I am not always certain of the best regimen. I am fortunate at 67 to look younger than I am and have basically good skin. I use, for example, two of the facial cleansers, the Nutritive and the Citrus, alternating them. Good idea? I don’t know. I also use the No Foundation Foundation which I love for summer particularly. I currently have facials and microdermabrasion regularly. Is there a combination of products that would have the same effect on the skin without what seems to be rather harsh treatment? It would be wonderful to try a combination of products that would help me retain a youthful appearance consistent with my energy and outlook.

  27. Sorry hit wrong key. I AM old! LOL Please match up to prev comment. Thanks!

  28. I have been useing Dr. Perricones products for about 5 years. This includes his book. I am 75 and people usually think I am in my fifties, or did until last year when I had two surgery’s. Now I just look tired which is aging. During this time I had stopped using the products so this also may account for the aging to progress faster. I wanted to check two problems above. My large pores across my nose area,which I hoped would shrink with age have not. Help!

  29. Hello there,

    I have read “The Wrinkle Cure” and got very inspired. I have also tried Dr. Perricone’s samples and was very impressed. I would love to test your products. My major concern is wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes. Thank you!

    Best wishes,


  30. I have been working in the spa and beauty industry for 5 years now, and have had the opportunity to try one of Dr Perricone’s SPF products. Living in Asia means that my skin is constantly in the sun, and an SPF is the single most important factor in my beauty regime. I would welcome the opportunity to test some different products, especially those for reducing black circles around the eyes, which I suffer from year-round.

  31. I have been using Perricone products since 2004 and have noted the difference. My friends tell me I look 10 to 15 years younger than I am. I also have 3 of his books as well as a video, and have been following his diet religiously. His face life in a jar is especially amazing. And, I could not bear to part with the moisturizer! Also use 4 of the eye products. Well worth the money.

  32. I am using or taking Dr. Perricone Products for more less five years. I love these products. only when it is difficult to buy that I stay without the Perricone products. I love, but now I am not taking is: “health and weight & management dietary supplements”, for me it is the best. The maitake mushroom I need to take because it is very well for my immune system, and alpha lipoic acid and more the Omega 3. In my skin used demae and alpha lipoic acid, both Perricone`s Products I would like to participe in your tests. Dr.Perricone products are EXCELLENT FOR MY SKIN AND BODY HEALTH.

  33. I absolutely love Dr. Perricone and wouldn’t use anything else. I am 49 years young and started using face firming activator and the moisturizer with DMAE two years ago. I was unable to afford Dr. Perricone for a time and I noticed a huge didference in my skin. I looked older in just a week or so. Dr. Perricone’s products are a priority to me. Great products.

  34. Have never tried his products, looking for a good antiaging skincare that will help with pore size and lines and wrinkles and not cause breakouts! would love to try!

  35. I just started using the No Foundation Foundation & I LOVE IT! I always struggle with foundation’s not having enough coverage or feeling to heavy. This is the perfect combination! It feels great with enough coverage. I have used many foundations and am always in search for the right one & have found it.

  36. Browsing in a book store, I picked up Dr Perricone’s book, The Wrinkle Cure. I could not put the book down! I felt it was written just for me. My skin is dry, very sun damaged, and become very thin. The loss of firmness and smoking has left my skin a mess. To look into a mirror is the most depressing part of my day. I have recently stopped smoking and am replacing unhealthy foods in my diet. It is a slow process, but I know that it is worth it. I am reluctant to volunteer as I feel my face is too far gone and I would be his first failure, but I would absolutely love the opportunity to participate.

  37. I am a 37 yr-old who was first introduced to Perricone products by my mom about 10 years ago. Although I have tried cheaper products that claim they can provide the same results I have always gone back to Perricone products. I cannot live without them!! Because of this I am always looking for ways to try new products that can keep me spreading the word, as well as the results, to all of my friends and family. By the way, due to your products I still get asked to see my identification to verify my age!!! It’s the best feeling in the world; thank you Dr. Perricone!

  38. I have never tried Dr. Perricone’s products before but have heard great things about them from friends. I would welcome the opportunity to see a significant difference in my battle against acne and the signs of aging. I am in my thirties and am all about preventative care!

  39. I have so many wrinkles that a mac truck would get stuck in the ruts !!!! tired of spending monies on (crevices) & OR (fissures)trying to see what I look like if they were GONE help

  40. i currently use advanced face firming activator, concentrated restorarive cream, face finishing moisturizer and the ceramic smoother as a makeup primer. The ceramic skin smoother makes my skin look luminous and allows my foundation and blush to really be applied perfectly. I love the products I have used, and welcome the opportunity to try more of Dr. Perricone’s magic brews. I am a complete beauty junkie, and always want to try the newest products. My friends always ask me what is great, and love to go to sephora with me to help them pick colors and new formulations. Although I love new products, I also remain loyal to the products, like the face firming activator (and now the advanced face firming activator) that have worked, and continue to work on me.
    I would be honored to test your wonderful products.

  41. I am aging quickly and would love to try some of your products. I have large pores, wrinkles (especially around the mouth and nose area. My eating habits are not very good to say the least. I am very interested in trying anything at this point in my life.

  42. I am 71 and my husband is 75. We have been using your supplements and your facial products for 4 1/2 years.
    My internist tells me I have the constitution of a 26 year old and my dermatologist compliments me on my beautiful skin. We would love to be part of your testing program. Sincerely, Sharon and Eugene

  43. I have very sensitive and acne-prone skin and have had trouble finding anti-aging products that didn’t break me out or make my face a greasy mess. Thank goodness for Perricone! Although the products are potent and do what Perricone promises, they don’t irritate my skin. Yay! I’d be happy to try anything!

  44. I have not used Dr. Perricone products but have been reading about them and mulling them over. They do look to be fantastic and the presenter on QVC, Dana has the most beautiful skin.

  45. I have used Dr. Perricone’s no-foundation foundation and loved it! Hopefully I will be selected to more Dr. Perricone products – how exciting!!!!!

  46. I am new to Dr. Perricone’s beauty regime /products and I am very hopeful re his success rate with problem skin. I have spent much time and money looking for healthy, beautiful skin.
    I look forward to a new beginning as I incorporate the benefits of his fine research into my skin routine.

  47. I use Dr. Perricone products and love them. I stopped using other products and I have tried them all. Any new products I would love to try just to keep on top of his lastest products. Just adore his products!

  48. My introduction to Perricone was through “The Perricone Prescription” I could not put it down…I started with the three-day menu and have continued to use every recipe I can get my hands on through his books, and have continued to follow the program after 4 years. Following Perricone’s life plan has not only provided my husband and I with delicious meals, we feel and look much healthier. I do use Perricone products, morning and night and the compliments have not stopped…which is pretty amazing since I did not have the best skin as a teenager. My plan is to continue with Perricone for it has proven so beneficial for my skin and my overall health. Thank You Dr Perricone!

  49. I would love to test products for oily, acne prone skin with large pores in the “older” skin department. I am interested in trying the no foundation foundation, but am concerned that it may break me out. But I would be happy to test any of your products!

  50. Let me just say that I own all of Dr. Perricone’s books and I can honestly say that his regimans for eating/beauty work. I have told countless family/friends/co-workers about Dr. Perricone books, products, and my personal favorite the anti-inflammatory diet. I would be honored and delighted to be selected to test products for Dr. Perricone. Being in the beauty industry I have been selected to test several lines of makeup and products. I have no doubt that Dr. Perricone’s product are on the cutting edge of anti-aging products and have excellent ingredients to combat issues that plaque the aging population. Thank you for the opportunity, Dr. Perricone!

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