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We are looking for volunteers to test and review Perricone MD skin care products.

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1) Fill out our survey below.

2) After you complete the survey, we’ll review your answers to see if you match the product we are currently offering to test. It can range from skin care products to weight loss. The first 500 survey respondents will be contacted to begin product testing.

3) If you are selected, we’ll contact you by email to arrange delivery of the product we are currently testing. We require that you complete a brief online survey after following our product instructions and testing the product for a 30 day period.Please fill out the following information to be part of our trial program to test Perricone skin care products.  We will contact you via email if you are selected.

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  1. Vitamin C Ester Citrus Face wash: a foaming cleanser that thoroughly cleanses without leaving the skin tight and dry.


  3. I have try Dr. Perricone before and loved it. I am now trying deep wrinkle and conforming facial. Love the results. I have also read some of Dr. Perricone’s books and love them too. I have seen a wonderful difference with the advice and products.

  4. I have been using his products for many years. I always get alot of compliments on how beautiful my skin is. I exercise also and try to eat a good diet.

  5. I have been using his products formyears and see a big difference in the texture of my skin. I always get compliments on how beautifu my skin . I follow through with exercise and a good diet.

  6. I am enjoying using cold plasma and the way my skin feels.

  7. Have used Dr. Perricone’s wonderful anti-aging products for a couple of years now and truly love them. They are very effective and one need only use a small amount to see a difference in their skin.

  8. I love the Light Renewal…although I have only been using it for a week, my skin already feels tighter and firmer, and there is a slight softening of nose-to-mouth lines. I can’t wait to see what happens after several weeks!

  9. My favorite product is the face finishing moisturizer. When I use it my skin feels incredibly smooth!

  10. Being able to try out products and review them for other people would be an amazing gift and I would love to help people, and try out some Perricone products that are way over my budget! :)

  11. I have sensitive skin and was afraid I would be unable to use products with an ingredient deck full of active ingredients – but I have been using Dr. Perricone products for several weeks and there have been no issues – just great results!

  12. My favorite products are:
    neuropeptide facial cream in the tub; ceramic eye smoother pump, gentle cleanser pump.

    Thank you for changing the packaging.


  14. Skin looks amazing after just one application of the Restorative Cream with the face moisturizer.

  15. I’m in my early 40′s and need to start using these products. I don’t know what to start out with first. Everything looks applicable to my needs: dark circles under the eyes, large pores in cheek area, fine lines starting to form…. What do I need?

  16. I am very eager to try the Perricone products to achieve a Glow

  17. I really like the cutting edge technology in the skincare he develops as well as the many US.patents that he takes to get for many of his products. I also like the fact that through the years I have tried many skincare lines but Perricone is the one I always come back to because it is tried and true that produces results not empty promises.

  18. i have heard about you but never have used your products

  19. I love the moisturizer, feels light and is well absorbed into the skin.

  20. I heard the products really work!!

  21. when I used the face firming activator many people told how beautiful I looked, the product gave me cheekbones where I had none.

  22. Since using some of perricone products I’ve been told that my face looks smoother and younger. I have notice a difference. I don’t want to be without it.

  23. I’m very pleased with how Perricone products have improved my skin.

  24. My skin looked clear and bright after using these products.

  25. Beautiful creamy skin therapy

  26. I just cleansed and moisturized my face for the first time with perricone products. I am quite pleased the way the products seemed to melt into my skin. Seems that these products are just what my skin needed!

  27. I want to have the dana bledsoe glow by following dr. perricone’s advice and using the proper products.

  28. Just days after using 2 products my friends wanted to know what I was doing different. They had noticed how smooth my skin looked.

  29. I’ve enjoyed all the products I’ve tried to date, and consider myself a true devotee. The dietary recommendations alone work wonders.

  30. I have just started using one of your products and I love it.. I would love to try some more…

  31. I Love, Love, Love the Skin and Total Body Supplements. I take them everyday and I feel better and my skin looks great! Thanks so much! Lori Richter

  32. Recently starting using Perricone products and now I am addicted because they work so well.

  33. Dr. Perricone’s products make my skin firmer and tigher.

  34. The Advanced Face Firming Activator cream has tightend my face and my pores are less visible. My skin texture is improved. The moisturizer is the best and not greasy at all. I feel like my skin glows now.

  35. I’ve used Perricone products for several years and people are shocked when I tell them I will be 60.

  36. I Love all the products specially the advance eye therapy!!!

  37. The best compliment I have gotten is that I looked like I was young enough to be my son’s girlfriend.
    I knew then my perricone was doing it’s job! I will never switch from this wonderful skin care.
    It truely does what it says it will do. If you have been using a good skincare program before Perricone it might take a few weeks until you can see results in the mirror but it will make a big difference. It took about ten days for me. I love this!

  38. I love that QVC offeres high end skincare like Perricone MD and on easy pay so we can all afford beautiful skin.

  39. I have tried many products to keep my skin clear, but none have done so well as the skin clear line. It also has not irritated my sensitive skin.

  40. i have read one of your books and the
    material presented makes sense.

  41. been using perricone product for one week and my skin is glowing now.

  42. Perricone products & diet rescued me from the calamity that is Rosacea. I was desperate, and my skin has never been better. People cannot believe I have Rosacea. I now have my confidence back. Thank you.

  43. I have been using Perricone products for a couple of months and I have never received so many compliments about my skin before.

  44. I Love how the Perricone products sink right into your skin. I’m Loving how my skin Looks and Feels after using the Perricone products!

  45. would love to be part of your team to try your products. i have heard a lot about them . but i cannot afford them :)

  46. The Face Firming Activator is the first Perricone product that I used. I noticed a difference in my skin and less wrinkles almost immediately. It is wonderful!

  47. Perricone products really work – I’ve been very impressed with the results I’ve achieved. Perricone isn’t afraid to innovate or to offer products that are different from other providers. Most of all, Perricone listens to his customers and responds with information, insight, product and packaging.

    Thanks Perricone!

  48. I LOVE your face firming moisturizer! I love the smell, the texture, and most importantly, what it does to my face.

  49. I love how my face feels soft & silky after using the Face Finishing Moisturizer.

  50. I like the glow that the makeup gives me.

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