Surprise! Wearing the Best Wrinkle Creams for Too Long Can Be Counteractive

Wearing the best wrinkle creams daily can be a great thing; but when you wear products for too long without washing your face to let your skin breathe before re-applying, they become ineffective and can actually clog up your pores.

Learn more about how to properly apply, wash, and re-apply products without spending too much time on your skincare routine and suffocating your skin.

What is Too Much?

Bad: Leaving a mask on overnight to give you more bang for your buck.

Good: Although you’d think this is a money-saver, leaving on a product longer than recommended is not necessarily going to work better. This is because masks deliver a potent dose of active ingredients and moisture quickly into the skin. When overdone, you cause irritation and breakouts. The best way to use a product is as directed. Don’t try to outsmart the people who have created and done the clinical testing for a product.

Example: Perricone’s Hydrating Nutrient Mask is recommended to be smoothed over the face and neck and then let sit for only 15 minutes and rinse or tissue off. It says to also use once a week while other best anti aging products may be used as well. In order to get the best results, following these instructions are crucial. Be sure not to take a 2 hour nap with this mask on your face. Gently rinse 15 minutes after application for great anti aging benefits.

Just as you shouldn’t keep your cell phone plugged in once it’s fully charged, you shouldn’t keep a product on past its effects.

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Letting Your Skin Breathe

After you wash off your wrinkle creams at night, let your skin breath for a couple minutes. If you have super dry skin, putting a moisturizer back on before you face is completely dry is recommended.

If you have oily or combination skin, allowing your face to breathe for a few minutes will not do any harm at all and can actually allow your skin to naturally take care of itself, which it is surprisingly capable of doing well. It cannot prevent aging, though, which is where anti aging skin products come into play.

Applying, Washing, and Re-Application

After allowing your skin to breathe for a couple minutes, take these skin care steps directly after. When done correctly, products can help your skin radiate youth.


Following instructions on the product labels are the first and foremost thing that should be done. Once you have a applied a product correctly, be sure not to leave it on for days and days without washing it off.


Cleansing the face allows you to get rid of all the grime, dirt, sweat, and oils that have built up throughout the day and create a blank slate. Your face should be washed at least once a day and then re-moisturized typically with your night skincare regimen.


The re-application process usually occurs before bed for most people. At this time, following your night skincare routine is highly recommended. Usually including deep moisturizing products to really help your skin cells regenerate, this routine is a major way to achieve your full beauty sleep potential.

Wearing the best wrinkle creams consistently is a step in the right direction when you take the proper measures to wash and re-apply. Be careful to not counteract product effectiveness by letting old product sit on your face. Cleanse your face daily, and re-apply your best wrinkle cream to let your skin fully reveal its youthfulness.

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  1. have tried nearly all but have tried sample of perricone wow i am hooked i am 67 this is the serious one