StimulCell by Dr. NV Perricone MD (Discontinued)

Today we are offering our incredible Stimulcell. This cream-serum addresses the early signs of age primarily caused by irritating environmental pollutants, over-stimulation of the skin and lifestyle stresses.

Formulated with the breakthrough technology of skin stem cells, it replicates the protein, peptides and lipids “signals” responsible for renewing and restoring skin’s surface to a visibly more healthy, radiant and youthful condition.

Recent Reviews of StimulCell

“My face AND my neck looked SOO beautiful and glowing!” -Less redness, healthy! Just like in magazines! —From Skin Store

“Face never felt so soft.” – It is like airy, fluffy mousse in the jar, but after you rub it gently into your skin, it absorbs like butter. My face has never felt this soft. —From Makeup Alley

“I love this product. My favorite in the Perricone line.”- It is almost like a serum, the way it absorbs into the skin, though it has a mousse like cream consistency in the jar. —From Makeup Alley

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

What is DMAE in StimulCell?

Dimethylaminoethanol is an antioxidant membrane stabilizer. DMAE provides both long-lasting and instant “anti-aging” benefits to your skin and body, even giving an “anti-aging face lift” effect in the right concentrations. DMAE does the following:

  • Provides firming and toning benefits
  • Enhances facial contours
  • Boosts the strength of other antioxidant therapies as an anti-inflammatory

For more information on DMAE, watch this video:

More Details About This StimulCell Offer

  • Only 150 units available
  • Free Shipping!
  • 81% Off!
  • This is a web only offer.
  • It cannot be redeemed over the phone.
  • Special offer – no refunds or exchanges.

StimulCell Ingredients

Aqua (Water), Isopropyl Palmitate, Cetearyl Alcohol, L-Tyrosine, Phosphatidylcholine, Ceteareth-20, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, C16-C18 Alkylated Peptides/Proteins (StimulCell), Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Dimethyl MEA (DMAE), Caprylyl Glycol, Disodium EDTA, Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil, Tocotrienols, Sorbic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tocopherol, Parfum (Fragrance).

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  1. After almost 9 yrs of skin care experimenting with every co. under the sun, I am a true, die hard N.V. Perricone fan, and sold out user. I only wish that I could afford it more. Please choose me to win the Stimucell, or be one of your testers. When I put Perricone products on my face, not only do I have peace and confidence that I am only using the best, but my skin feels kissed , and drinks in the healthy benefits of each product. With 52 yr old ,my very fair, sensitive, once acne prone, broken capillaries, acne scarred, large pored, oily skin, I will only trust Perricone to repair the damage.

  2. I have been doing a lot or research on AGEs, found DR. PERRICINES’S BOOK, Ageless Face, Ageless Mind and tried to figure out why in just a matter of months my arms and legs are wrinkled, crepey and sagging..I work out all, the time–juice, take the benfo, ALA, DMAE..etc..but to no avail yet.. Got to Grace’s story and thought .. let me check outthe STIMULCELL.. AND HERE I AM!! THANKS GUYS

  3. I haven’t exactly been kind to my skin and it shows. I’ve been estimated (without tons of makeup) to be AT LEAST 5 to 10 years older than I am. I’ve tried oodles of products on my skin but none of them lasted for more than a couple months due to the lack of results that were promised. I would love to try this product as it sounds so scientifically guaranteed.

  4. I believe in the power of stem cells to heal and repair tissue. The science industry is currently doing wonderful things with stem cells and we will all be recipients of the benefits of this research. I think you should choose me because I believe in your products!! I try to follow your recommendations on eating healthy, taking the proper supplements and staying away from sugar and alcohol. I am 53yrs old and I believe we are just beginning to understand the many benefits of stem cells.

  5. I have just finished reading Ageless Face, Ageless Mind. I’ve never had good skin and each Perricone book has given me a boost in thinking I can look great. I’ve always been interested in skin care more than makeup. I’ve slowly changed my diet and hope to try the creams next. I have to put my dollars and cents where I know they will work. I’d love a chance to be a tester!

  6. HELP…..PLEASE…!
    I am 58 and have been taking care of my skin since I was in my late teens. Because of that, combined with good genes, I have few signs of aging on my face EXCEPT for damage done by the sun. I have light skin and small dark spots and uneven skin tone have reared their ugly faces (pun intended!!)
    I would love to try products that would actually WORK for these problems. I have tried EVERYTHING and am to the point of considering peels…but I am afraid to end up with that plastic look. HELP

  7. I am a Type 1 diabetic, work in construction sales (pollutants-a-plenty!)just turned 40, and have three teenaged boys…can you say “wrinkles?” Because of my diabetes, I have have periodic episodes of inflamation…and other days I’m battling dryness. I would love to restore my skin to a more youthful appearance and this product seems to address all the factors that affect it: pollution/environmental, stress, and age…not to mention diabetes! I consulted my Endocrinologist to make sure it would be safe due to my diabetes and he says, “go for it!” and to let him know how it works since he has other patients who experience the same challenges! Thanks!

  8. This is the ONLY product that ever helped the dry area around my eyes & mouth.

  9. I’ve suffered from very dry skin for over 20 years. I’ve found that certain supplements are helping with that problem, but I’d love to be a tester of this product to see if it can reverse the damage done all these years and maybe even help moisturize w/out causing me to break out.

  10. I have tried products that say they will improve my skin’s appearance and now I want one that actually will.

  11. I would like younger looking skin and fewer wrinkles. Most products say they will provide a miracle but do not and in fact many are not good for skin. I have read about this product in Dr. Perricone’s book and am curious. I would love to try it!

  12. I’ve tried so many skin care lines, but I know where the quality and functionality are found. Dr. P’s products work – purely and simply! You can try what you want, but this is what you need! You say, “it’s so expensive”. No, it’s not really! You use only a small amount of effective product. Use them correctly and you will get twice the life from a jar of Dr. P cream than you get from many department store product lines. Stimucell is yet another innovative product from D. Perricone! Tried it years ago for the first time. All of his products do what they say they will do. Get help from customer service, ask questions – get the right products and you will not be disappointed using anything in the Dr. Perricone product lines. I’ve strayed from time to time, but I always, always come back to Dr. Perricone! I am here for good this time! You will be too! Try products that are designed for you! Dr. Perrcone products are the answer! Just an honest review! Do yourself a favor – try just one and you will see what I mean! I’ll test anything they give me they opportunity to to try! Expand your skincare horizons!

  13. Here’s your challenge, I am a 57yr old that feels like a 25yr old. My skin now sadly shows WHY you should not be in the sun without protection. For the past year or so I have noticed puffiness under eyes, sometimes dark areas too. My skin experiences dryness and even itchy at times. Over the counter products just don’t do the trick. They are either greasy, perfumey, or no results. Even under eye lift products are tight and drying.

    So…what can this do?

  14. I look younger than my age–I’d like to see if this product can improve on that!

  15. I would be a an especially good tester. I have fairly good skin that I have babied in the last decade (I’m 53), and I’m always looking for promosing new treatments. My review will be honest and most articulate. Thanks for considering me!

  16. Hi not trying ot be a tester trying to buy stimucell and the icon revdrts back to this page- please help- love the product!!!!!

  17. I would really love to be a Perricone tester for Stimulcell! I’ve only tried it once as a sample & liked it a lot! I thought it was discontinued But happy it’s not! My skin would truely benefit from this product. I’m sure I will comment about fabulous results! Please choose me! Thanks

  18. I have been using your neuropeptide cream and face finishing moisturizer for only 3 weeks – it finally removed the small bumps all over my skin. I think it was sun damage but every derm doctor I have seen over the last 17 years could not help me at all – they didn’t know what it was. I probably baked my skin in the Gulf War — I’m a 20 year veteran, now retired, but my skin is showing the results of all the stress. I love your products – usually buy them from QVC but now found this blog. Would love to try this Stimulcell.

  19. I would love to be a Stimulcell tester because I’m on my journey to becoming one of the top Figure models (that’s my goal)! I still have 30 lbs to lose, but also having clear skin is a must when I start competing and get on stage. Currently I’m living with my mom being her caretaker while she’s ill with cancer and I’m 500+ miles from my husband for months at a time, so I could really use some help looking more youthful, healthful, and radiant! Stimulcell could definitely help be the icing on my transformation cake! Thanks!

  20. I have gone through some health issues this year that have affected my skin and I am serious about skincare. I would love to see how this would work for me.

  21. At 54 and a former sun goddess, I need some magic :)

  22. Okay so two days before my birthday I was shopping with my sister who is just turning 30 this November. We went into a small vintage clothing store and I knew most of the old dresses woulnd’t fit me so I let her shop and held all of our bags. While I waited by the dressing room waiting to approve or disapprove of my sisters catwalk choices the owner approched me. She said “are you waiting for your daughter?”- I tried not to be horrified as I am only 3 years older than my sister. I don’t have many wrinkles just a few fine lines but I DO have a sagging face-especially my eyelid area and my chin and neck area. I also have blotchiness on my cheeks and acne scars on my jaw lines. I wanted to throw up and told the store owner I was her sister. She was so embarassed and said it happened to her too. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Just 4 years ago people I just met guessed I was 5 years younger but now I am 10 and 20 years older. I would be curious to see what kind of response I get after using this product. I want to use it and go in to visit that shop owner to see if she recognizes me! Ugh – so horrid. I would love to benefit from this research. Please consider me for trial- I promise to give a detailed review on a daily basis. Thank you and good luck to everyone!

  23. Please, please, please bring StimulCell back onto the market. My all-time favorite skin product, and in my opinion, better than Cold Plasma!

  24. lovely the whole Perricone line, the whole enchilada in a system that can transform troubled skin to beautiful skin. wonderfully perfect way to become a new better you…. I would love the opportunity to experience this remarkable skin care line as a product tester..

  25. Have tried many, many products at many price points – this line has a loyal following and I would like to see if it will work for me, too.

  26. Doctor Perricone:

    Tengo muchos libros tuyos. Me gustaria de conseguir el crema a la base de células tronco, como stimucell, para ponerme em mi
    face. mandeme decir cuanto es el valor que yo enviaré. Por favor enviame tu enderezo
    para que puedo enviar el dinero. Mio ende-
    rezo es Rua Boulevar Seara 35- Barbalho-cep 40.301.010- Salvador -Bahia- Brasil.

    Aenciosamente y muchas gracias


  27. I’ve tried your other products and been very happy with them. I love to try StimilCell.

  28. Would love to try this product, to make my friends squeal and say “Wow, your face is glowing! what have you been using?”

  29. I just ran out!

    I adore this product. It’s the only thing that keeps my skin hydrated without causing it to be greasy, shiny, or break out. I’ve battled acne for years and after every topical gel and pill on the market and 2 rounds of Acutane I no longer have bad breakouts. However, I have to be really careful to maintain the skin I have worked so hard to get. Too much moisture makes me break out. Too little, means my skin is flaky. After all the medicines my skin seems thin and doesn’t have the glow it used to, but stimulcell brings it all back.

    Pick me!!

  30. I am 49 years old and a previous sun worshiper and ex-smoker! Having learned my lessons about how these and other factors can age your skin prematurely, I am looking for a product to try to reverse many of the signs of aging that my face is showing. I have read extensively about the effects of stem cell regeneration on the skin and believe that StimulCell will deliver what it promises – I can’t wait to try it!!

  31. I’m looking for a product which will reduce the redness of keloids. As well as something that will soften and reduce them. It is so embarrassing, ugly, and effects my self esteem. My confidence in social situations ( which I avoid at all costs) is not what it used to be and is effecting my work. I want to feel pretty again. Will this product work for me?

  32. I have supersensitive skin and would love to try StimuCell. I currently use the Gentle Cleanser and Cold Plasma. These products have dramatically calmed my skin. Thanks for considering my request!

  33. I don’t know why I would want to try it, you will have to convince me…ha!
    I am deaf. Do you have any of your videos with CC or could you do some with CC please. Thank you!!

  34. I am 33 but have had 6 major surgeries (3 were c-sections). I have read Dr. Perricone’s books and have made numerous changes to my lifestyle. I eat healthy and take most of the supplements he suggests. I suffered from terrible acne as a teenager and even though my skin looks good now I still have some scars that i wish would go away. I wish I could try stimulcell because i think it will deliver what it promises!

  35. Just what I need to sample. Stimulcell
    I will be turning sixty this May. Looking for a full line of skin care products for myself to buy. From a cleanser to night cream. Besides products to help reduce wrinkles, firms and contours my skin.Just need to get some help on what I need to be using to help to improve my skin.

  36. im wanting to try this product because i want a glowing face my face looks so dull that i use a light shimmer on face for a glow

  37. I run a health and wellness business and am always researching new ways to stay young and feel good. I have noticed some wrinkles forming on my forehead and simply will not have it!!!! I would love to try the products and see if the results are as good as they claim.

  38. I have loved all the products I have tried by Perricone and I would love to see the results this product has to offer my skin. I am trying to maintain my skin as best I can and these products are wonderful.

  39. I think that this sounds like a great product. I have not noticed it in the stores, but I am always trying to find quality products.

  40. I am trying out using a combination of Dr. Perricone’s oral supplements and skinceuticals to try and heal from the inside/out. I am focusing on Vitamin C/DMAE and ALA now as they seem to be substantive forces in restoring skin integrity. My skin has some discoloration, which has already markedly reduced. I am hoping to address fine lines and preventative maintenance for firmness. So far, so good. The hardest part has been adjusting to incorporating the time it takes [only 3-4 minutes] to my daily routine, which is funny when you think of how much time you spend caring for all those around you! My son already said how he ‘loves’ my face!

  41. I’d love to try StimulCell! I have always been carful with my skin since my early 20′s by eating right, exercising, wearing sunscreen and not sunbathing, and using skin care products like vitamin C serums, etc. But now, even with all that, at 44, I’m seeing the effects of casual sun exposure and age with sagging, nasolabial lines and some spots. I’d get surgery if I wasn’t too scared and could afford it. For now I’m looking at even better nutrition, supplements and topical applications to make improvements in my skin and am glad Dr. Perricone addresses all three! Winning a jar of StimulCell would put me right on track with a plan for better skin care. Thank you for your consideration.

  42. This sounds like a TRUE correction for aging cells!

  43. At 50 years old and having spent much of my life in the sun and wind I have to wonder if there really is a product that can help me correct the damage I have done through sheer neglect.I so wish I would have gotten started sooner but it’s never to late to try. Frankly; I haven’t ever tried any of Dr. Perricone’s products but neither have I tried much of anything else besides normal cleansers and moisturizers so my face should be the perfect canvas for being a product tester.

  44. I love all perricone products, but have never been able to try this one! Would love to win one!

  45. I had fabulous skin as a teenager. After having 2 kids my hormones seemed to wreak havoc & I was plagued with hormonal acne & a rough skin texture. After trying countless products & spending copious amounts of money my skin actually suffered more from all the unnatural parabens & fillers. Tired of all the inferior products, I headed to the solo Perricone store in Cape Town, South Africa. The rest they say is history…My skin is dewy & radiates health thanks to Perricone. I now feel confidant being in my own skin & overall I feel good..So yes, I would use Dr Perricone from head to toe till the day I die. and yes! I would love to try Stimucell…I know in my heart this would be my next fix when it comes to my addiction to Perricone!

  46. Hi, I would be so happy and grateful to be able to try one of Dr. Perricones products – I have already read his books and try to follow his skin care recommendations for taking care of the skin from the inside out.


  47. my skin needs some glow and radiance- its too dull

  48. BTW, as you can see I’ve tried StimuCell (mini-size) but would love to be a product tester. Dr. Perricone’s products are fantastic and work great.

  49. StimulCell is fantastic. With this product I’ve been old I look about 10 years younger than I am (early 20s instead of early 30s). It’s fantastic -I look dewy and youthful and it also seems to reduce my acne slightly (an added bonus!).

  50. The young look runs in my mother’s side of women. I am the first smoker, starting to look old. I always thought I wanted to look my age, (as opposed to being assumed and treated like a teenager), but now, at 35, I’ve long since changed my mind. Now it is too late to reverse the neglect (I thought I would never get old, since I always felt so young inside), and the best I can do is find the right product to try to get my face back into shape.