StimulCell by Dr. NV Perricone MD (Discontinued)

Today we are offering our incredible Stimulcell. This cream-serum addresses the early signs of age primarily caused by irritating environmental pollutants, over-stimulation of the skin and lifestyle stresses.

Formulated with the breakthrough technology of skin stem cells, it replicates the protein, peptides and lipids “signals” responsible for renewing and restoring skin’s surface to a visibly more healthy, radiant and youthful condition.

Recent Reviews of StimulCell

“My face AND my neck looked SOO beautiful and glowing!” -Less redness, healthy! Just like in magazines! —From Skin Store

“Face never felt so soft.” – It is like airy, fluffy mousse in the jar, but after you rub it gently into your skin, it absorbs like butter. My face has never felt this soft. —From Makeup Alley

“I love this product. My favorite in the Perricone line.”- It is almost like a serum, the way it absorbs into the skin, though it has a mousse like cream consistency in the jar. —From Makeup Alley

Try Perricone for as little at $10.

What is DMAE in StimulCell?

Dimethylaminoethanol is an antioxidant membrane stabilizer. DMAE provides both long-lasting and instant “anti-aging” benefits to your skin and body, even giving an “anti-aging face lift” effect in the right concentrations. DMAE does the following:

  • Provides firming and toning benefits
  • Enhances facial contours
  • Boosts the strength of other antioxidant therapies as an anti-inflammatory

For more information on DMAE, watch this video:

More Details About This StimulCell Offer

  • Only 150 units available
  • Free Shipping!
  • 81% Off!
  • This is a web only offer.
  • It cannot be redeemed over the phone.
  • Special offer – no refunds or exchanges.

StimulCell Ingredients

Aqua (Water), Isopropyl Palmitate, Cetearyl Alcohol, L-Tyrosine, Phosphatidylcholine, Ceteareth-20, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, C16-C18 Alkylated Peptides/Proteins (StimulCell), Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Dimethyl MEA (DMAE), Caprylyl Glycol, Disodium EDTA, Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil, Tocotrienols, Sorbic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tocopherol, Parfum (Fragrance).

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  1. I have long had a skin eruption problem and with the aging this problem has become more and more prevalent. I am looking for some help in regenerating my skin in order to hopefully clear my complexion.

  2. The advances in Perricone MD products amaze me. You always seem to be one step ahead. This stimucell is something I would TRULY love to try (and definitely something I need!)

    Would love to be able to “test” your amazing product!!



  4. This product speaks for itself and that alone with the quality of ingredients is why I would like to test/try Dr. Perricones products

  5. I would love to try this. I’m starting to see some aging that I don’t like. I feel like it’s sagging and not as tight as it should be. I think that this product would make a difference and I love Perricone products.

  6. I am in my early 40s and am looking for a product that will continue to enhance and restore the natural youthfulness of my skin. I am very interested in trying stimulcell. Thank you for your consideration.

  7. This sounds like the product I’ve been waiting for!

  8. I really hope to try this! My family’s skin does not really wrinkle at all… it just sags… My mother and Aunt joke that their will have a mostache soon, because their eyebrows will sag down around their nose!

    Would love to find a product that really firms.

  9. I would love to try this product. I tried the neuropeptide firming moisturizer and have had nothing but great results. I have tried many other products over the counter which I have had allergic reactions too. Dr. Perricone has mastered the art of making skin feel soft and I felt a difference the first time I tried them.

  10. Wish I was able to get in on this! I love Perricone Acne products.

  11. I am a 49 yr. old who is going thru menopause, so my skin is going thru change. I also work for a prof. products
    distributor, so my appearance should reflect the industry. I am new to Perricone products. The cleanser,ceramic eye smoother is awesome. I am sold on these products, would love to try more!

  12. Went to place order, only to find that it has sold out. Now I really wish that I had requested to be a tester since it is no longer available for purchase! (LOL)

  13. I am going to purchase this product due to the fantastic offer. The information says it is for the early stages of aging. I do not consider myself in the early stages, but reading the info lets me know that it will help to firm and tone my skin. The combinations of products should help young and older users alike. Looking forward to seeing results.

  14. I am extremely anxious to try this product and would love to be a product tester.

  15. Perricone products are the best anti-aging products in the market today! I love the Firming Neck Therapy (and I never thought anything would make a difference in my neck), Face Finishing Moisturizer and the cleanser. Would love to try this product, especially with the wonderful ingredients! It’s sure to become a favorite!

  16. I have only recently discovered the perricone line of product, and have found my skin so much more youthful every time I use them. I feel more radiant and the elasticity around my eyes and forehead makes me look years younger. I would love to try StimulCell cream-serum to see the wonderful results and make me feel more confident about myself everytime I look in the mirror.

  17. I use many of Dr, Perricone products, but stimucell is the most gentle, calming cream for ultra sensitive skin. My skin glows , feels smooth and looks younger.

  18. I want to try it because living in the city has taken a serious toll on my skin. I’d love to treat and/or reverse the signs of the damage, but haven’t found the right product yet. Thanks!!

  19. I am believer and would like to continue with this product. I use AFFA in the morning and Stimulcell at night !

  20. I am a very loyal devotee of Dr Perricone’s skin care.

    Iwould love to be chosen!

  21. I want to try StimuCell because I am starting to see the early signs of aging and IT’S FREAKING ME OUT! Sigh… =)

  22. I have tried Perricone products and was happy with the results. I am ready to review Stimucell.

  23. I would love this because I am a beauty junky and I know the finest ingredients, right now I am using a fantastic line called Serious Skin Care but I could be persuaded to switch with the right Perricone product!

  24. I would love to try some Perricone products!!!

  25. I’ve been using Perricone products since 2002 and have never found any other line that can even come close to the results I get with these. I would love to incorporate Stimucell into my daily skincare regime!

  26. I love what Stimucell does for my skin. Unfortunately it’s now sold out so I couldn’t purchase it. I would love to win the free Stimucell just to get my hands on this fabulous product!!

  27. This sounds like just what I need! I love Dr. Perricone’s products and books!

  28. I’m a fan!

  29. I had great skin when I was in my 20s, into my 30s a bit — what is that saying, ‘you don’t know the value of something until you lose it’. That is me. I am in my early 40s. My skin is droopy and dull.

    I have just started on Dr. P’s supplements – this is a ground up job! And I would LOVE to have some help on the front end as well. Thanks!

  30. I use other Dr. Perricone products and love them. I have read some of the comments left for StimulCell and think it would make a great addition to my regime

  31. Pick me, Pick me, PLEAASSSSEEE!

  32. Because my 49-year-old skin really needs this!!

  33. My reason for wanting stimucell is really because I have used it in the past and it really helped my aging skin. I am 64 years old and want to maintain and even improve the texture and firmness of my skin. Tn the past, this has been proven to do so.

  34. I am in need of a face cream that will visably reduce early signs of aging and I would love to test your product!!

  35. Dr. Perricone’s products are the best on the market and always have been. I would love to be a tester for all Perricone products.

  36. I am 28 and I have a 23 year old girlfriend. We are madly in love, but sometimes I feel a little insecure about my age. I look older than most 28 year olds. I have wrinkles around my eyes and on both sides of my mouth. I want to look great for my beautiful young girlfriend! Please help me Perricone!

  37. Slowly I am trying products and looking for the right combination to make my skin beautiful. There is so much to learn. Thank you.

  38. I have been trying your products and I’m loving them. I’m on the auto delivery for the Cold Plasma/Prep Serum. I would love to be a tester!

  39. I’ve been using the Perricone product line since 2005. As a male, I was never aware that there was a product line that could rejuvenate and enrich the skin using advance scientific formulations. The Dr. Perricone product line is the only product that I feel confident enough to tell my colleague and friends about.

  40. I would really love to use as few products as possible and get results. There always seems to be so many steps to get results. I started using the Advance Face Firming Activator and on alternate days I use Amine Complex Face Lift 4 days ago. I feel hydrated with only one product at a time…who knew! My face gets aggrevated when I try to use too many steps. I feel like I’m doing it all in one now. I can’t wait to see my results after a month. I would love the opportunity to try other products.

  41. I love every Perricone product I have tried. I would love to be a Perricone tester.

  42. I would love to be a Perricone tester. I love every Perricone product I have tried. Dr P is the best line of skin care I have ever tried. I am a Perricone girl for life!

  43. I’d like to try this product to see if it can address my issues I have with my skin. It sounds wonderful.

  44. Hear so many good things about your products. Would love to be able to try more of them.

  45. I have been reading the many raves of your products. Would love to be able to try them.

  46. This product sounds so good, I’d like an industrial size, so I can bathe in it!

  47. I have tried several products in the market and am always looking for the best moisture creams in a jar for having and maintaing beautiful skin even as you age. I do not want to go under the knife. I am 63 years old and to this day people think I am in my 40′s, many times my grandchildren are mistaken for my children. Want to keep using the best, expensive or not I purchase what works for me.


  49. I am looking for the best Anti-aging products, looking forward to trying this one.

  50. I can’t wait to get this product. Just another one of Dr. Perricone’s that I am sure I’ll love. I would also love to be a tester for the line, I just love it.

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