Specialized Skin Care for Your Face

Especially in the case of the eyes and lips, many areas of your face have their own special needs. Differences in skin thickness and sensitivity, density of oil glands, and the varying kinds of environmental exposure and damage these areas of the face accrue means that they respond best to skin care products specially formulated with these differences in mind.

Products aimed at specific facial areas are formulated with different concentrations of active ingredients to produce the maximum results with the least amount of irritation.

This article will discuss products perfect for your:


The eyes are often the first part of the face to show the signs of aging. Crows feet, dark circles, bagginess, and wrinkles can all make you look tired or even older. Eye area wrinkles form over time because of sun exposure, loss of elasticity, and a lifetime’s worth of smiling and squinting. Dark circles and bagginess can appear at any age, and have a broad range of causes including:

  • Heredity and age
  • Sun exposure
  • Allergies
  • Poor sleep or nutrition
  • Hormonal changes

There are a number of lifestyle choices you can make to minimize these factors and thus your dark circles. Prioritizing sleep, eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, and drinking plenty of water are essential first steps. If allergies are a factor, seek out over the counter or prescription treatments and avoid rubbing itchy eyes, since this can increase puffiness.

The skin surrounding the eye area is especially thin and delicate. Many products you use on the rest of your face are either too harsh or too heavy for this sensitive area. Dr. Perricone has four different eye skin care products formulated specifically for this area.

Whether your primary eye concern is fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, or heavy bags and deep wrinkles, there is a Perricone eye treatment targeted to that problem. Each also provides corrective benefits to the fragile skin around the eye and is formulated to absorb easily and provide the right amount of hydration.


The skin on the lips is radically different from the skin on the rest of your face. It has no hair, nor any oil or sweat glands. The lips are made of thinner, and therefore more sensitive, skin. Also, there is little to no pigment on the skin of lips. The lips have a pink hue because the blood vessels beneath the thin skin are visible.

The thin skin and lack of natural oil means lips can dry out from sun or wind exposure very easily. Thus, it’s important to keep them hydrated and protected with appropriate balms and lip treatments.

Lips are a prominent facial feature, and full, plump lips are generally considered to be a sign of attractiveness and youthfulness. As we age, the lips tend to lose fullness and contour, and the skin around them is very prone to fine lines. The Perricone Lip Plumper is a treatment both for the lips and the surrounding skin. It uses alpha lipoic acid and DMAE to the smooth appearance of fine lines and improve lip contour. It works either by itself or as a base for lipstick.

Forehead, Chin, and Jawline

Whereas aging first shows on the think skin around the eyes and lips as fine lines and crepiness, the forehead, chin, and jawline often fall pray to sagging and a loss of elasticity. Using a product that includes DMAE like the Evening Facial Emollient is a good way to improve sagging and lines, while also preventing future signs of aging.

DMAE boosts the production of acetylcholine, which activates facial muscle tone. This helps to lift and firm the skin, reducing sagging along the jawline and chin and reducing forehead lines.

The Evening Facial Emollient also contains retinol, a substance that gently exfoliates to regenerate the skin’s surface to smooth wrinkles and add radiance. Retinol may also stimulate collagen production, adding additional elasticity to complement the firming effects of DMAE.


Except in the very oiliest skin types, the cheeks generally need more moisture than the rest of the face. They can easily be over dried by cleansers and other products used for exfoliation or for treating adult acne. Like the jaw and chin, they can also be prone sagging and skin looseness.

To ensure that your cheeks are firm, glowing, and moisturized, Perricone’s Face Finishing Moisturizer is a great choice. For a multi-use day product that combines hydration with SPF and a bit of color, try the Active Tinted Moisturizer. These products can be used on the whole face, but will particularly provide the additional moisture so necessary for the cheeks.

Formulated with alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, and vitamin C ester, these products helps skin fight free radical damage, while also:

  • Reducing puffiness, large pores, and uneven skin tone
  • Firming the and lifting the skin
  • Increasing radiance and luminosity, even on previously dry, rough cheeks

If you have skin concerns that need more than just basic care, it helps to target each area specifically. Dr. Perricone’s skin care line includes targeted treatments for all areas of the face and a variety of skin concerns. They help you devise a skin care regimen that gives all the skin on your face exactly the TLC it needs. If you order from the skin care line, try one of the Perricone deals available to save some extra money.

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