Combat Skin Redness Effectively

Whether your skin is ruddy, irritated, puffy, or simply flushed, redness can be a symptom of many skin conditions. From minor allergic reactions to long term conditions like eczema, redness triggers have a broad range of severity. Although some people just have a natural tendency to blush, a great deal of skin redness is treatable once the cause is identified.

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Causes of Skin Redness

Much common skin redness is caused by exposure to external factors like sun and wind. Sunburns are a clear example of skin redness that almost everyone will face at some point. Cold winter weather tends to produce rosy cheeks, as the body sends extra warm blood to the skin. In any weather, strong, dry wind can also chap and redden the face.

Skin can also become red due to a sensitivity to irritants or allergens from pollen, dander, perfumes, and harsh skin care ingredients. The sensitivity results in inflammation, wherein additional blood flows to the surface of the skin as part of the body’s immune response. The blood provides extra oxygen, nutrients, and white blood cells to the area that help fight off the infection or protect from irritants.

Even though this process is natural, prolonged skin redness can indicate severe damage to the skin. Even mild skin redness over a prolonged period of time promotes wrinkle formation and discolored skin.

Dr. Perricone‘s research discovered that the foods you eat can impact the quality of your skin. He has identified certain foods that decrease inflammation in the body. This inflammation plays a role in a number of skin conditions including redness, acne, and wrinkles. Anti-Inflammatory recipes are an excellent tool for rapidly improving skin quality and reducing redness.

Types of Skin Redness

As mentioned above, when skin redness is temporary, it usually results from overexposure to sun, weather, or irritating substances that can be avoided in the future. However, a few skin conditions cause redness that goes beyond such relatively mild and impermanent irritation.

Perhaps the most common cause of skin redness is acne. Pores are openings in the skin containing a hair follicle and an oil gland. Many people develop acne during their teenage years when hormonal changes trigger an increase in oil production. Normally, this oil helps lubricate the skin and shed old skin cells. When too much oil is present, it can mix and dirt and bacteria and clog the pore. If the pore becomes infected, the same kind of immune response your body has to skin irritation kicks in. This results in a red and inflamed area blood flow is helping to fight the bacterial infection, so the best treatment for adult acne and red skin is to fight it early.

More acute or severe chronic skin conditions tend to have other symptoms in addition to red skin. Eczema is defined by scaly, itchy rashes; although the cause is unknown, it is believed by some to result from an overactive response to triggers such as allergens. Eczema begins with inflammation and itchiness and progresses to the scaly rash most associated with it. If untreated, it can lead to long-term skin discoloration. Eczema is often classified as a form of dermatitis. The term dermatitis may refer to a variety of rashes and irritations from mild redness to serious disorders like psoriasis.

Ways to Combat Skin Redness

The best way to treat skin redness is to definitively identify what condition is causing it. A dermatologist is best qualified to make this diagnosis, but there are things you can do to reduce redness triggers on your own:

  • Protect against environmental factors: Most environmental damage is caused by a lack of preparation. Gentle lotions with an SPF of at least 15 applied to bare skin or under makeup will significantly reduce sun damage. In winter months, switching to a richer moisturizer and covering exposed skin will limit skin redness.
  • Know what allergens and irritants you are sensitive to: By knowing what affects your skin, you can limit exposure or avoid them altogether. The longer skin is subjected to irritants, the more susceptible it is to irritation, with the reaction often getting worse each time.
  • Use appropriate cleansers and topicals: If you have dry skin, apply lotions or moisturizers immediately after showering to retain moisture. If your skin tends to be oily, use a cleanser that cleans thoroughly to but that doesn’t dry out you skin, and look for oil-free lotions and creams.

The Perricone cosmeceutical skin care line includes a number of products designed to repair redness and other types of skin discoloration. The Pigment Corrective Supplement and Pigment Corrective Topical use the potent antioxidant pycnogenol to repair damaged cells and even skin tones. Incorporating the beneficial foods and delicious recipes included in Dr. Perricone’s Anti-inflammatory Diet is a powerful step you can take alongside any skin treatment to feel healthier, look younger, and treat skin redness. By using a Perricone promo, you can save money on your cosmetics too.

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  1. Hi there,

    I have had eczema on my face and neck for about two years, on and off. I can’t figure out what triggers it but I noticed that when I took the metabolic formula my skin improved drastically. I would love to test any topical creams or special face washes that could help with eczema. Thank you!

  2. I would love to be a tester. I am in my early 30′s and have had psoriasis for 6 years. It is quite severe. I would love to see how Perricone products and diets could help me? There is alot of info on the site of about excema, but psoriasis is an inflammatory condition as well, and effects over 7.5 million americans.

  3. I am always told I look alot younger than I am but I have wrinkles when I smile. Help.
    I do not want botox…

  4. I would love to test this product. I have never had issues with red skin before, but this has become a problem as I’ve entered my 30′s. Perricone’s products have such a great reputation, so I think that there is a good chance this might be able to help combat my facial redness.

  5. I, like for former woman have been diagnosed with rosacea and never know when it will flare up. It is very uncomfortable and itchy. I have tried a number of products which do not work very well. I would like to try your treatment.

  6. I’ve been dealing with rosacea for several years now. Would love a treatment that works consistently.

  7. I would love to get help with the red tiny bumps on my nose , and broken capillaries around my nose. I have English/Irish heritage with fair skin and red hair.I feel cursed with this skin. Can you help?

  8. I am in my 50′s and have recently been diagnosed with Rosacea, which I believe was induced by the YEARS & YEARS of application of creams prescribed by my doctor for a mild condition of SebDerm! The doctor never told me that repeated use of steroid creams could INDUCE ROSACEA!!

    On a number of occasions lately, as I searched the stores for a “cure” to whatever was going on with my face, I had seen reviews for the “Made from Earth Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum”, but didn’t believe it would work – because nothing else I had purchsed had worked so far….The redness and rash I was experiencing had gotten much worse over the last month. I needed relief, badly.

    So I decided to buy the Made from Earth Rosehip Serum – it was cheap compared to other rosacea creams and I had nothing to use. WITHIN 2 MONTHS I WAS MUCH IMPROVED!! Honestly, my face even felt better!! The stinging has almost stopped except for the nose area, and the redness is almost 100% gone, as well as the overall “itchiness” from the latest flare.

    Don’t wait – go buy this BEFORE you see your doctor!! At least give it a try first; you have nothing but about $18 to lose! Hurry and get relief for yourself!!!

  9. I live in Wisconsin where you never know what the weather brings until you wake up in the morning. I am turning 46 this year with wondering what happened to my 21 year old complexion. These are great deals and products that Dr. Perricone is offering to us and I would love to become a tester of the Dr.’s products and give feedback that I am sure is going to be positive. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  10. This sounds like a product that will help my skin redness caused by sun
    exposure and certain irritants.

  11. It seems like better diet can help with a lot of different skin issues. I was wondering if a similar diet could also be helpful with other inflammatory diseases like Crohn’s Disease because I’ve heard of some other treatments involving molecules from bacteria having good results with inflammatory disease.

  12. I’ve been struggling with acne for years, I have acne scars all over my face (I’m in 30s). Although I don’t get many breakouts as I used to, I still have one or two zits come out and they are big, painful ones. When they finally heal, it leaves dark, red-brownish scar. I really wanted them go away.

    I’ve read all the reviews of the Made from Earth products – and they were true! I am pleasantly surprised. I only used the ROOIBOS FACE DETOX SCRUB at night after I wash my face. Though the texture is light, it doesnt get greasy when applied.

    As many have mentioned, it is oil afterall.

    I’ve been using this once a day for 3 weeks now and I DO see a difference. The unevenness and redness are significantly reduced. I’m not saying they are completely gone, but acne scars look much lighter now. A surprizing side effect is that I haven’t got any breakout since I started using the Made from Earth Detox Scrub. My skin is finally acne-free! I’ve tried many, many things over the years, but never thought of trying a chemical free scrub on my skin rather tried to avid it.

  13. Thanks for posting such practical and easy tips for reducing redness. The anti-inflammatory diet has lots of good foods suggested too.

  14. My skin becomes red very easily with exertion and products that irritate. However I have found that by using these type of products less frequently, I have been able to build a tolerance, and am able to use the retin and gycolics for example. The key was building that tolerance. I do find however that even without these , i tend to have areas of redness on nose and chin area that require makeup and I would like to be rid of these.

  15. I would love to try this. I have lupus and have the classic re butterfly rash on some parts of my face and would love to see if this would work