Signs of Aging and Treatment

With aging comes many unwanted changes inside and out of the body. Many people try to reduce the physical signs of aging by drastically resorting to plastic surgery. The signs of aging vary between people and can be easily put off with a healthy lifestyle and simple topical creams.

Most of the physical changes that come with aging can be seen in the skin, hair, and nails. Vitamins can help ensure the health of skin, hair, and nails.

Hair loss and thinning is a common sign of aging. Hair follicles produce less of the pigment, melanin, and turns hair gray. Hair can turn gray as early as the 30′s, but depends on genetics. Hair first loses color near the temples then extends back towards the scalp.

Nails also change with age, becoming dull and brittle. Nails commonly turn yellow with aging also.

Skin experiences many changes along with the aging process. Wrinkles are the most common change seen in skin. Wrinkles form as people age because the fat underneath the skin is lost and causes sagging skin. Also, skin isn’t as elastic as it used to be because collagen production is reduced. Wrinkles usually appear around the age of 50, but extrinsic factors such as smoking and ultraviolet rays can cause premature wrinkles as early as 20.

To prevent signs of aging:

  • Protect skin from the sun – the sun is responsible for 90% of premature wrinkles.
  • Don’t smoke cigarettes – if you do smoke quit. Cigarettes cause wrinkles, yellow nails, and cancer.
  • Exercise
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Get enough sleep

For those with wrinkles already, Dr. Perricone’s Neuropeptide Facial Conformer can help restore younger looking skin by reducing the signs of aging with only 2-3 applications per week. Neuropeptide Facial Conformer is formulated with Neuropeptides, DMAE, and phospholipids.

Neuropeptide Facial Conformer works to:

  • Activate surface renewal of the dermis
  • Restore skin’s elasticity
  • Combat appearance of crepiness
  • Re-energize and hydrate skin
  • Diminish appearance of deep lines and wrinkles
  • Correct signs of photo damage
  • Enhance facial contours

Or consider the latest bestseller, Cold Plasma, formulated to treat the 10 signs of aging in skin: loss of firmness, elasticity, clarity, radiance, and smoothness; change in texture; increased redness, blotchines, and dryness; and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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  12. I’m 35, and have always had really healthy skin. I have taken very good care of it and I believe that has alot to do with it. ( other than genetics, vitamins, exercise)I had a baby 11 months ago and since giving birth, my skin has completely changed. I now have signs of aging that are pretty drastic. I have tried a few products, and still haven’t found anything that has made a difference. This is depressing!!! I am open to try out something new..

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    I’m 56 years old and the stress and age is showing so I’d love to try your product that I’ve heard so much good about.

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