Save on Cold Plasma Sub-D and Save Your Neck!

Offer Expires 1/19/2011 11:59PM EST.

Cold Plasma Sub-D helps to sculpt and tighten the appearance of skin on the chin and jaw line thanks to its formulation that includes DMAE and Caffeine. Research has found that caffeine helps to create a chiseled appearance, while DMAE helps to firm, tone, and contour aging skin.

The exclusive offer includes subscription to a 60 day autoship program in order to receive the savings.

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  1. I saw your Dr Oz program and would love to try your products. I’m 61 years old and now feel like hiding my face with my hair because of my newly formed jowls!! I can’t afford to waste anymore money on products that doesn’t work. I would save the money to buy these products if I could just try it to see if they work before hand and regain my faith in anti-aging products! Thank you!

  2. At only 34 years old I shouldn’t have to resort to plastic surgery but I just haven’t found anything that fulfills its promises. That Perricone wants testers when they are already such an established name in skin care makes me think that they are trying to do just that: fulfill promises. I would love to help with that (and see results on my saggy skin!)

  3. I would love to try the Cold Plasma. I have recently lost about 30 pounds but my pesky turkey neck just will not go away. It is now loose and flabby and would love to find a product to tighten this skin. I have never tried Perricone products before but I am very excited to try some.

  4. I saw pictures of myself and was shocked at the sagging skin I didn’t realize I had. I offer my sagging skin to test your product.

  5. I’ve yet to find a product that I love. I buy what is on sale and almost never feel the need to buy one and only one skin treatment. Where….I love it so much I can’t even think about going back to what I was using. Nothing has impressed me enough to be loyal. I’d love to try / test your products to see if that would be the case. Thanks.

  6. I would love to become a product tester. Dr. Perricone is always ahead of the curve in discovering healthy living advances.

  7. I have had very sensitive skin for many years and many times have to give away products that don’t work for me. I would love to test quality skincare products like Perricone products!

  8. I have struggled with breakouts and dark circles around my eyes for a while. i also have red blotches. i want to be a tester