Santa’s Best Anti Wrinkle Helpers: Buy One Supplement, Get One Free!

Save this season on Santa’s best anti wrinkle helpers! When you buy one supplement, get another free. Perricone Vitamins are a great way to look and feel your best. Some exclusions do apply.

Buy one supplement and a second of the same supplement will be added automatically to your order free of charge. This promotion does not apply to the following products: Skin & Total Body, The Metabolic Formula, Super Berry with Acai, and Health & Weight Management. Offer expires 12/20/2010.

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  1. Help me get thicker skin and get rid of nasty wrinkles. I take the dmae, msm, grapeseed extract, alpha lipoic acid, B complex, green tea extract, vit E with prim rose, bee pollin, and selenium. After 6 months cannot see any results.

  2. I have purchased all your books and would like to try your products

  3. proper skin care is vital for every woman