Rosacea Affects More Than 14 Million Americans

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Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects more than 14 million Americans. The cause is unknown and there is no cure, leaving many people to struggle with the often disruptive symptoms of this disorder. Rosacea is not contagious and cannot be spread through skin contact. Rosacea is characterized by redness: flushing, bumps and pimples, bloodshot eyes, and prolonged redness of the face. Because symptoms frequently include pimples that look like whiteheads, rosacea is often confused with acne.

Symptoms of rosacea usually begin after age 30. The condition is three times more common in women than men, but men often report more severe symptoms. This may be because many men wait to be diagnosed, allowing the condition to worsen.

Anyone can get rosacea, although several factors are associated with your likelihood of being affected. There is some indication that rosacea may be inherited, because a large percentage of patients have a family member with the condition. Ethnicity may also play a role. Women of Irish and English descent are the most commonly represented rosacea patients. Generally, those with light skin and eyes between the ages of 30 and 50 are the most likely to have rosacea.

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Rosacea manifests with many symptoms, most of which are types of skin redness and irritation. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Facial flushing or a blush-like symptom that comes and goes
  • Long-lasting redness that can appear like a sunburn
  • Small, hard bumps or pimples may appear accompanied by stinging and burning
  • Visible blood vessels
  • Bloodshot and watery eyes
  • Skin thickening


Although the exact cause of rosacea is unknown, many patients recognize a pattern between outbreaks associated with certain internal and external triggers. These triggers can include a variety of things the patient experiences or is exposed to:

  • Certain food and beverages such as alcohol, spicy food, citrus fruit, and cheese
  • Temperature, most often when overheated
  • Weather, including sun, wind, cold, and humidity
  • Emotions, especially stress and anxiety
  • Skin care products containing irritants like alcohol or perfumes
  • Exertion, anything that overheats the face could cause an outbreak
  • Existing medical conditions like menopause

Because these categories could include virtually anything, rosacea patients have to pay close attention to what could be causing their outbreaks. Once triggers are identified, it is much easier for patients to avoid triggers and reduce the number of their outbreaks.


Treatment for rosacea varies widely from patient to patient because the symptoms and triggers vary so much between patients. Frequently, the initial treatment includes antibiotics to control an outbreak. It is thought that antibiotics are effective because of their anti-inflammatory effects rather than their antibacterial properties. Eye drops are often prescribed for patients with bloodshot and watery eyes.

Once outbreaks are under control, topical creams an be used for long-term treatment. There are many creams available that address some of the problems associated with rosacea. Prescription acne creams are sometimes used to reduce the occurrence of pustules, while other creams are tailored to be broader treatments. However, steroid creams should never be used to treat rosacea since they can actually cause rosacea-like symptoms as side effects..

In some cases where extensive redness, visible blood vessels, and nose thickening are prominent, patients choose to undergo laser treatments or surgery in order to reduce the appearance of symptoms.

Many patients benefit from following a good skin care routine and then use makeup to conceal any remaining redness. To avoid common rosacea triggers, all skin care and makeup products should be gentle and have minimal fragrance to avoid irritating skin.

Skin Care

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More products than ever are formulated for sensitive skin, making it easier to find appropriately non-irritating products for rosacea. Dr Perricone‘s skin care line has a number of products that are gentle enough for skin with rosacea. They also contain potent ingredients like vitamin C ester that can reduce rosacea symptoms like redness and irritation. If you chose to purchase something from the skin care line, don’t forget your Perrionce code to save money on your order.

Gentle Cleanser is formulated with antioxidants and olive oil polyphenols to cleanse and smooth skin without irritation. It works to prevent outbreaks that could be caused by harsh cleansers while also keeping the skin clean and pores unclogged. Rosacea patients should use their fingers to wash skin and avoid abrasive sponges or wash pads.

Concentrated Restorative Cream contains vitamin C ester. This night treatment is used to reduce skin discolorations and imperfections like those that can result from rosacea outbreaks. Using a repairing treatment like this may help to reduce the appearance of redness without having to go to the extreme of undergoing costly medical procedures.

More information on Concentrated Restorative Treatment is available in this video:

If you suspect that you may have rosacea, check out this list of symptoms and decide if you need to talk to your doctor. The sooner rosacea is identified, the easier it to identify your triggers and begin tailoring a treatment to your symptoms.


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  1. Rosacea is aggravating when your skin is otherwise healthy. I would love to try something to even out the tone. Thank you!

  2. I have rosacea and have tried everything, even gels from my dermatologist and nothing is working.

    Even the red spots on my nose are getting worse and would love to find something that really works to get rid of the redness and calm the skin.


  3. I have rosacea and need help in finding a product that calms the redness down.

  4. have had roascia for about 3 years now…would love to find something to help with the terrible dryness

  5. I was diagnosed with rosacea in my early 20s, and my dermatologist is concerned about how that early onset will affect my skin in the future. None of the prescription topicals that I’ve tried seem to control my breakouts, and I’m tired of people thinking that I am blushing all of the time. I’d love to try something new!

  6. I have had rosacea for years with no relief. I have tried antibiotics, topical creams and laser treatments. I would love to find something that doesn’t dry out my skin or cause more inflammation. I hope to become a tester and try your products.

  7. 49 with rosacea flares that perplex my dermatologist. Horrid burning bumps surface on my face during the course of the day…everyday. They are painful and ugly. As I enter my 50s, I expected to have wrinkles and such. But not bumps to rival my 15 year old’s! Currently taking minocycline and just started using Cold Plasma and Cold Plasma eye. Eager to find something to stop the flareups. What have you got?

  8. I have moderate rosacea with combination skin. I do get more oil in the t-zone and a little dry patches in the cheek area. I have been to the dermatologist several times trying anitibiotic facial cream and pill form anitibiotics with hardly any results. I would like to get more information on the products you have for moderate rosacea/adult acne? How well do the products work? Also, I would like to get some samples. What is a tester? How do I order samples and what is the cost?

    Traci M. P.

  9. I’m always looking for anti-aging and moisturizing products that will not trigger or worsen my Rosacea. Anything that could actually address the redness from Rosacea would be welcome!

  10. I have had the redness on and off for many years but none of the acne type symptoms. It is triggered but heat, cold and alcohol…could I develop more symptoms as I age or am I lucky and just have a mild version?

  11. I have rosacea and have never had it treated by a physician. It’s embarassing and an annoyance. I wish there was a product out there to help me. I love the information in this blog about rosacea!! I would LOVE to be able to try this product!!

  12. I’ve had rosacea for years, but always thought it was acne. I’ve spent a small fortune using all the wrong products that have probably just made it worse. I still haven’t found anything that will clear the both the redness & spots. Trying to cover up with makeup just highlights the large pores I’ve now got. I would love to find a system that finally keeps this condition under control, without having to resort to antibiotics etc.

  13. I have been able to keep my Rosacea very mild by a healthy diet and intestinal track. I haven’t been able to find a skin product that works better than diet/gut health. I would love to get rid of the small red spots, but cover them with powder for now.

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  16. I am 52 years old. I have always had beautiful skin as an adult. However, for the past 2 years I have had two prominent areas on my face that started out as tiny red spots that were barely visible. Now they are bigger and regardless of diet, supplements, and quality facial products, they remain. I went for a micro-abrasion at a spa with a dermatologist a few months ago. I was told I have Rosacea and could not get one. PLEASE help. I am trying to get on with my life after the end of a 21 year marriage. Having my face look this way is not encouraging. Thank you for considering me.

  17. I am 47 and had Rosacea for the past 15 years. I have tried so many products and product systems to address the redness. Even in my wedding pictures where I had a lot of foundation and powder on my face, I look flushed and over-heated due to the redness. I have gotten used to the cosmetics sales people saying they have a product for my “condition” when I just went to buy lipstick. It is embarassing, frustrating, and has truly affected my self-esteem. I would love to be a Perricone tester to see if Pericone Products would be the answer for me. Thank you for your consideration. Jill

  18. Hi. I have been suffering with rosacea and polymorphic light eruption, which is basically a sun allergy, all of my life. I currently use an oral acne medication and topical antiobiotic to control breakouts, and have been considering pulsed dye therapy for redness as I’ve been told by my dermatologist that NOTHING will cure redness except this type of laser treatment (or just covering it up with creams and foundations). Unfortunately, PDT is expensive and not covered by medical or benefit plans. I’d love to be a Perricone tester! I’m only 41, recently widowed, and wish for the day that I’m not constantly trying to hide the redness and bumps on my face and chest. I want the soft, smooth, clear skin that it seems everybody else has.

  19. I am 55 and have had Rosacea for about 4 years. It is getting worse. I have tried several things including Perscription meds. that made me sick. I have bought the book Banishing Rosacea, and modified my diet. Nothing has worked. I would love to try your products. If they work, the world will know. I have been told I can sell snow to an Eskimo. What better if it is something someone needs and it works. Please consider me. I also have the droppy eyelids and jawls, uneven skin tones and wrinkles. I have just lost some weight and planned to keep it off forever, but have some hanging skin. No elasticity left. HELP>>>>>>>>>

  20. I am 55 and have had Rosacea for about 4 years. It is getting worse. I have tried several things including Perscription meds. that made me sick. I have bought the book Banishing Rosacea, and modified my diet. Nothing has worked. I would love to try your products. If they work, the world will know. I have been told I can sell snow to an Eskimo. What better if it is something someone needs and it works. Please consider me.

  21. Hi my mum suffers terribly with rosacea and to help her find somthing that will make it better would be brilliant.

  22. The problems began ’cause I sat in the sun, slathering on baby oil – hey, we were young!
    Many years later, I’m now fifty-two, I look in the mirror and think “what did I do?”
    I’ve put on weight and my skin is a mess, I quit smoking last year after decades, I confess.
    And that’s not the worst of it – I have bad rosacea and dream of the day I have skin like a geisha.
    So please Dr. Perricone, for the body or face, inside and outside – it won’t be a waste!
    Turn the tide of the years
    find the face of my youth,
    I need all of your products -
    That’s the truth!

  23. I would like to be considered as a tester for any rosacea related products. I currently use the Perricone gentle cleanser for my rosacea. I am in need of finding a great moisturizer for my skin condition to compliment the cleanser.


  24. Hello, it really interesting, thanks

  25. My skin went crazy…it felt like it was on fire. Raw and red and such pain!
    I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed “MetroLotion” and all it did was burn my skin even more.( This started when I was about 48 years old—other strange health problems were happening at the same time).
    I started using the Made from Earth Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum also – and my skin is under control. The hideous raw red skin flares occaisionally…I use it daily…

  26. I am 32 and have suffered from rosacea for about 3 years and nothing I have tried thus far seems to help, except antibiotics, but I would prefer to avoid taking those for an extended period of time. I would love an opportunity to try the Perricone product for rosacea, as I have read one of the Perricone weight loss books and am a firm believer in the methodologies. I am not in the United States however and if there is a possibility of testing the products from overseas I would be very keen.

  27. Hello, it really interesting, thanks

  28. I am Dutch Irish, a strawberry blonde.I had rosacea as a baby and have always had sensitive skin. I had acne vulgaris in the third degree through my teenage years and my twenties, then I got it under control in my thirties but the rosacea symptoms began to appear in my mid to late thirties. I am now 55. I had pustules develop on the side of my nostril and they have been there for several years and I can’t get rid of them. I have very oily skin. The first time my skin looked truly calm was when I first used Perricone products.

  29. I have never heard of this product. I was checking out this site for information on the acai berry and realized it had some great information on skin. I think I have Roseacea, always thought I had acne problems, but I’m soon to be 54 and this is problem only seems to be getting worse. I would love to try a product that actually helps! Thanks for the infomation.

  30. I am 30 yrs old and have rosacea. Last year I did a series of expensive laser treatments, that seemed to help a bit, but would love to find a product that treats and prevents this condition that I could use from home. The redness started in by late twenties, within two years I was noticing the redness appearing in other areas around my face. I would LOVE to find/test a product that could improve this condition. I try to care for my skin, but when I look at it, I can’t help but wonder if anything I do or use benefits it!! I have tried so many different product, yet haven’t seen much, if any results!! If these products would help, I’d be a very loyal and happy customer :)

  31. I am so embarassed by my red face. I am currently seeing a dermatologist for rosacea and using a prescriptive cleaner and topical. After 30 days there’s not much improvement. I would love to have a normal skin tone and complexion. Dr. Perricone, please help.

  32. I have used Skin and Total body supplements for some time. However, I think I am definitely in the beginning stages of Rocacea – using the newer mineral makeup helps some (covering up). I would love to try anything that might help!

  33. I started using Dr. Perricone’s line mid July, and I cannot believe the difference in my skin. I am 51 and experiencing “changes” that bring on hormonal shifts, etc. My skin was always normal/combo, but then my facial and body skin became dry and sometimes flaky. I read and did my research on products/foods/supplements that didn’t contain a host of chemicals and targeted ares of concern. I wanted products that made sense to me. I love Vitamin C Ester and I use it before the eye lift, and my crow’s feet are softened and my droopy lids are back up where they were years ago! How uplifting!! I use several other Perricone products for day and then night, and am thrilled with the results. My skin has that rosy glow again! I would love to test anti-aging products.

  34. Hello! I am 62 years old and have almost no wrinkles. Genetics helps. I have rosacea and no matter what products I used, my skin would get very red. Dr. Perricon’s products are the only ones that work and I have tried around 10 of them. Nutritive Cleanser was recommended for my rosacea, so I am trying that right now. I just finished the Gentle Cleanser and wonder if I made the wrong choice to switch. I am a VERY BIG fan of Dr. P’s skin care products and would love to test any products for large pores, rosacea, and evening out my skin tone. Thanks.

  35. Your toner with ALA & DMAE,has given me great results for toning down the visible effects of Rosacea. I take supplements to control it from the inside. I have enjoyed using your products especially the lip plumper!

  36. I am 60 yrs. old with Roseacea, sagging skin and wrinkles. I am having V-Beam treatments. My skin is very sensitive and am allergic to a lot of ingredients. I did try a sample of the olive oil moisturizer that I received from your Flagship store (the staff is extremely helpful and take their time to talk to you about your skin care problem and the products) – it was very gentle on my skin and no breakouts – I would appreciate being able to test the Perricone products for roseacea and aging skin.

  37. I have had roseacea for about 20 years. I also have blepheritis. Ocular rosacea. I take Doxycycline to contain it but still get breakouts along my jaw and ears and on my neck. Redness continues to be a problem. I would love to test Perricone products for roseacea and redness.

  38. I suffer from not only skin rosacea but occular rosacea and filamentary keratitis. I have severe chronic dry eye and use approximatley 5 prescription eye drops a day. My skin is becoming more blotchy and red. I have 3 specialists that help treat me and one of them is at UC Davis in California. My Doctors are always trying to be helpful and offer me some solutions though for the most part my condition is chronic. If I can help test any of your products than I would pass the good news on and be able to help many more people. thank you for considering me. I have been in the medical field for 30 years so I understand the need to be a tester. I was involved in a research study at UC Davis to help find a way to detect occular rosacea sooner. Thanks!

  39. I have had recurring redness on my nose for years. Nothing has worked well. Any cream like products cause it to break out. Have oily skin on my nose. Would like to be a tester of your products.

  40. I am interested in new products that can eliminate or control flare ups.

  41. I live in Wisconsin where you never know what the weather brings until you wake up in the morning. I have rosacea that I never had before until I had my last child 8 years ago. I have tried everything and nothing works. I am turning 46 this year with wondering what happened to my 21 year old complexion. These are great deals and products that Dr. Perricone is offering to us and I would love to become a tester of the Dr.’s products and give feedback that I am sure is going to be positive. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  42. While I have never had rosacea, these tips are useful for anyone with sensitive skin. The list of triggers was also helpful. I had not realized cheese or citrus fruit could trigger rosacea.

  43. I have patches of redness on my forehead and my nose. I have tried products that promised to relieve the redness, such as cleansers, serums, and creams, but with no avail. I even tried cortisone for a while, after I read that it could help with the condition; still no results. I have since given up hope and have turned to concealers and foundations to cover the redness.
    I hope Dr. Perricone’s products can help. I have read great reviews on some of the products, but have never used them, due to the cost.

  44. I have had rosacea for years. My skin is very fair. I live in south Texas, although I’ve avoided the sun as much as possible. I think I’ve tried nearly every rosacea cure available.

  45. i would like to become a tester for this product.

  46. I have very fair skin and the blotchy redness from the rosacea is very difficult to hide. I haven’t used Vit C and would love to give it a try.

  47. This cream smells heavenly. I use it at night and wake up to baby soft skin. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. It is a fabulous night treatment.

  48. I would be willing to test this product on nose for redness reduction.

  49. I have rosacea & to make it worse lets add on hot flashes! I have been using the Perricone Vit C cleanser for about 5 weeks now and wow, what a difference. It has calmed down the rosacea so much that it is barely noticeable most of the day.
    Now to find something to help with the hot flashes…..

  50. I have rosacea and I didn’t realize that Vit. C can help. I thought it would aggravate my condition. I would love the opportunity to try this product.