Restore Facial Contour with DMAE

Skin physically ages for a number of reasons including loss of elasticity, free radical damage, and gravity. This unwanted aging causes wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of natural facial contours along the jaw and cheek bones.

Facial conformers containing DMAE deliver similar benefits to a face lift without the risk of side effects.

This article discusses:

The Disadvantages of Botox

Botox, short for onabotulinumtoxinA, promises to cure many physical problems like frown lines, underarm sweating, and crossed eyes. Botulinum toxin is the neurotoxic protein injected into the face with a needle. This toxin works to tighten the face and reduce wrinkles by paralyzing muscles.

Facial injections of Botox decrease nerve signals in the face, relaxing the muscles and tightening skin. The injections can come with risky side effects and can only be obtained through a prescription.

Although most people see results immediately after the swelling decreases, these short term results won’t last. Injections will be needed periodically, about every 3-4 months, to keep skin looking tight.

The severity of the Botox side effects depends on the condition being treated, other medications being taken, other medical conditions, allergies, and how bodies tolerate the Botox. If an overdose occurs, muscles can be permanently paralyzed.

Common Botox side effects include:

  • Droopy eyelids
  • Nausea
  • Muscle weakness
  • Facial pain
  • Indigestion of heartburn

There is also the risk of botulism from the toxin spreading. Some symptoms of botulism are all-over muscle weakness, double or blurred vision, voice changes, and difficulty breathing. Some people who undergo botox injections can develop an allergic reaction.

Not everyone who decides to get botox experiences these side effects. However, the results can look unnatural and undesirable when the skin is too tight.

There are other ways to combat aging, such as a cream that contains DMAE to tighten skin.

Why DMAE Works

DMAE products provide a safer alternative to Botox, because DMAE increases the body’s natural ability to produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that activates and tightens muscles without injections of a toxin. Along with diminishing wrinkles, DMAE also reduces age spots and other signs of aging.

The body naturally produces DMAE, but not enough to improve medical conditions. When DMAE is taken in a supplement form, the acetylcholine is increased in the brain, then spread through the body for tighter skin. DMAE supplements have been linked to improving symptoms of certain medical conditions.

DMAE can also benefit the brain with:

  • Improved memory
  • Better cognitive thinking

DMAE Products

Topical creams and supplements are excellent sources of DMAE, which is naturally found in fish, such as salmon.

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Perricone helped manufacture his own line of supplements and cosmeceuticals for a healthy lifestyle.

Some anti-aging topical products formulated with DMAE include:

  • Moisturizers
  • Lip plumpers
  • Face firmers
  • Pigment correctors

High Potency Amine Complex Face Lift consists of some of the most effective ingredients to combat signs of aging like DMAE, Vitamin C Ester, and Pycnogenol in larger amounts than the original Amine Complex Face Lift. This product can help restore the facial contour to look natural without the side effects of botox. With continued use, HP Amine Complex Face Lift can have lasting results.

DMAE supplements are a fast and easy way to obtain enough DMAE for improved skin and brain function.

Learn more about Perricone DMAE in the video below:

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  1. I am a friend of Maria Verel, please let Dr. Perricone know. Thanks!

  2. After hearing so much about Perricone MD Products, and seeing how FAB my Friend looks from them, I simply must have a bottle of the High Potency Amine Face Lift.

    Being on Disability, I purchase a large amount of Skincare Products once a month, and I would LOVE to start with this Product, for I need Firming of my “hormonal Skin Changes”. Rest assured, I’d purchase it, because if it works like I’ve heard and seen, I will be Sold For Life. I’ve tried Botox, and it does nothing to Soften, Tighten, or Brighten the Skin. And the only way to achieve the smooth skin they brag about is by paralyzing the muscles in the Face. This is alarming, because, they start to move again, and then it’s back to the shots again. It doesn’t end. And for Plumping the Skin, Fillers really hurt. They don’t tell you that about them, either. The anesthetic in the Filler takes a while to work, and by then, you’re already in pain from the needles, and your Face feels cold for a few hours later.

    I’d rather spend my money on Products that will work, and improve my Skin along the line as well, and will keep my Skin Lovely. AND I BELIEVE THESE PRODUCTS ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY: THE LESS MONEY YOU SPEND ON A PRODUCT, THE LESS THE PRODUCT WORKS, is My Motto. Please let me have a bottle of your of this WONDERFUL PRODUCT, for my little Sample ran out, and when I get my money, I will DEFINITELY BUY THIS AND OTHER PERRICONE MD PRODUCTS, and not waste my money on Products that don’t contain DMAE or ESTER C – or other Ingredients Perricone MD has – and positively know I’ve made the right decision from using the bottle you gave me. Please, Please, Please let me have one, or as many as you like!!! I’d be so thrilled to hear, and I am so excited to receive a bottle, I’m like a little Girl at the Holiday Season. Please send a Bottle, and anything else you like to me. And I’d GLADLY give Comments for you at any time!!! Thank You Dr. Perricone, And Thank You To All At Perricone MD, in Advance, for I am remaining POSITIVE in that I will see that Bottle in my Hands, and the Contents inside, on my Face, My Very Happy Perricone Face!!!

  3. I desperately need help with my nimber ’11s’ (frown lines). I have tried a number of anti aging treatments all promising to help frown lines and wrinkles but none have suceeded. Help – don’t want to give in to botox!

  4. I would love to test your product before
    buying it.

    Thank you. Barbara Langford

  5. I’m 47 and have been using DMAE orally but would like to also use a topical solution. My pores are large, oily skin and acne scaring. I’ve been told by 3 plastic surgeons that I need a face-lift. I feel I am too young for the procedure and the expense and recovery time is a problem. I would like to try this product, how do I go about ordering it?

  6. I’m going to try it thanks!! Love your videos Dr Perricone.

  7. I see my skin sagging daily! I need help and would rather not go under the knife. Would love and appreciate the oppertunity in being a product tester.

  8. I like to be product tester to try them please. Thanks.

  9. It’s me the Orange County divorce lady up against fierce competition here. I need to look my best now more than ever. I want to show my friends that the knife is NOT the answer! Can your products inspire my friends to put down the botox, juvaderm, fat transfers, ect.? We are newly forty and forty somethings…there has to be more options than injections and surgery!

  10. If this really works to tighten the skin and the jaw line than I would love to try it. Show me how it works. I am interested because I am getting wrinkles all over my face especially when I smile and I am losing my jaw line. Please help.

  11. Help!! Not ready for surgery!

  12. i would really like to try this out! It sounds wonderful :)

  13. I need this product because I notice that my skin is losing it’s elasticity and pores seem larger, and all in all I seem to to have a somewhat saggier face and I’m only 52! I’d love to test this product

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  15. Will this product help with the “jowls”, the cheek droopage on each side of the mouth? I have recently lost a few pounds and noticed the drooping. It is not bad, YET, but everytime I look in the mirror all I can think about is how 43 is too young to look like my grandmother.