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Blue PlasmaThe popularity of Blue Plasma is sweeping the nation, and if it’s time for you to renew your order, Dr Perricone has a special gift for you! Right now when you renew Blue Plasma, you’ll receive a FREE Formula 15 Sample Packet.  Lucky you will receive Dr Perricone’s newest innovation, plus a top selling advanced anti-aging translucent foundation. And if you’re just ordering it for the first time, you can lock in a 10% discount when you sign up for the replenishment program, PLUS you’ll received a FREE Citrus Facial Wash with every shipment.

What is Blue Plasma?

Blue Plasma is a revolutionary new way to resurface your skin, without acid, designed for daily use without the fear of redness or irritation like traditional facial peels cause.  The treatment is created with Copper, which heals the skin, Salmon Roe Enzyme, which removes dead skin cells, and antioxidants from magnolia bark extract and blueberries. It works with Bio-specific Peeling to only attack dead skin cells. It also features hydro-fusion to rebalance your skin’s hydration with enriched water, and micro extraction to remove skin surface debris.

What You’ll See

  • New resurfaced skin
  • Glowing luminosity
  • Smoother, hydrated skin
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Rave Reviews

Blue Plasma is receiving rave reviews from the most trusted sources:

  • featured it in it’s list of 5 Skin Care Products to liven up dull skin
  • Nashville Lifestyles featured in in their March issue in the  “Spring Cleaning” piece spotlighting the best exfoliating products
  • US magazine called it an “Unexpected Skin Savior”
  • It’s also been featured in W, Lucky, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan magazines

So be sure to renew today!

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1 Comment

  1. I love Perricone products. They have consistently provided consumers with top of the line quality skin care products.