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The quest for an even, unblemished skin tone can lead people to undergo expensive and often drastic procedures and treatments. Some, like acid skin peels or dermabrasion, may end up doing more harm than good, particularly if the skin suffers from redness.

However, if you can discover the source red skin, you can treat not just the appearance, but the cause. Red skin is often a signal of ongoing irritation or allergies that can cause long term damage, so early care can stop this skin damage before it becomes severe.

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This article will discuss:

Where does red skin come from?

Red skin can result from excessive exposure to irritants, allergens, or environmental factors, as well as from internal hormonal shifts.

Irritants and allergens may seem synonymous with one another, but in this case have different meanings. Irritants tend to be chemical or man-made. They can cause strong skin reactions even if the individual is not technically allergic to the substance. Some of the most common irritants are chemical-based detergents and cleaners as well as alcohol and strong fragrances. They can dry the skin or cause it to become inflamed.

Allergens, on the other hand, generally have natural origins. Dander, pollen, and dust are common allergens and cause sneezing, congestion, and inflammatory responses in the nasal passages, eyes, throat, and skin. In sensitive individuals, allergens can cause swelling and skin rashes. These rashes can be red, blotchy, or scaly, and even weepy.

Poison ivy is a well-known culprit; the leaves have oily byproduct that causes an itchy rash on skin. However, even exposure to more common dander or pollen allergies can cause facial skin redness.

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The environment also plays role in causing red skin. In the summer, sunburn is the most obvious cause of red skin. When ultraviolet rays damage the skin, the immune response causes extra blood to flow to the skin’s surface. This provides oxygen and white blood cells that help heal the sun damage, but also causes the skin to be red, sensitive, and warm. When skin is exposed to too much cold or wind, blood flows copiously to the skin’s surface to warm the cells and repair damage.

Hormones can also trigger red skin, particularly in the form of acne. Acne often gets worse during the teenage years because hormone levels in the body trigger increased production of skin oil. This oil can mix with dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria to clog pores. If the clogs become infected, the immune system once again kicks in, resulting in sore, red blemishes as it fights the infection.

What does red skin reveal?

It’s clear that much red skin is due to irritation, infection, or damage. Red skin can be a beneficial signal that something is wrong. The more severe the red skin, the greater the damage could be in that area. More severe skin problems can result when red skin is not treated early enough.

If left untreated long enough, the skin cells that are red and inflamed become permanently damaged. This damage means the cells cannot acquire the nutrients. The cells die, or their functions change and they become malignant, spreading the damage to the surrounding cells.

Ways to relieve red skin

A dermatologist can help you identify and treat the sources of your red skin. However, there are ways to care for skin redness yourself. First, make sure you are using skin care products appropriate for you skin type. Dry skin requires richer lotions or creams that order to lock in the moisture that helps repair the damaged skin. Oily skin needs a gentle and mild cleanser helps remove oil without over drying, and thus irritating, the skin. Eliminating harsh, drying, or strongly scented products can help reduce redness in any skin type.

Prevention is key when it comes to fighting the effects of red skin. Covering up with a scarf helps protect skin from the frigid winter cold, and using a suntan lotion with an SPF of at least 15, even under make-up, will help to significantly reduce sunburn and skin damage.

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  1. I have had a red skin problem since I was little, I am 40 now, I hate to laugh, cause of my skin problem, I have been to docs when I was little, now I am older I try to take care of my skin, I am embarrased around people because of it, please I would love to try your product, Thank You

  2. As a teenager I had acne and used plexion cleansing cloths and then had red skin.Dermatologist said usse suds of head n shoulders and it would go away but did not help at all. I have used bare minerals anti redness and make up which does not cover it up and eucerin with no help. Would love to get something that actually works.

  3. I’m quickly approaching 60 and my complexion has been getting red for the last few months. I wear foundation, but by the end of the work day, I am reapplying it because the red is coming through. I have tried several different lotions and nothing seems to help.

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  7. Thanks for these tips I am glad to know what causes it as well as how to treat it!

  8. I need HELP….. I have mature skin that has broken cappilaries and I get whiteheads. I would love to know exactly which Perricone products would help these conditions. I’m willing to be a tester for such products and would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.

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  10. please send your product thks

  11. Hello guys! I love that people are actually aware of these conditions and that you guys are being kind enough to let us have a shot at a cure for free. Well, long story short: I’m a 16 year old boy, and my nose is damaged. It’s red all the time. Although sometimes very subtle, sometimes I have to sing “Rudolph the Rednose Reigndeer” to not feel completely alone with the condition, even though he’s a cartoon. I just want a chance at taking a picture that I don’t have to edit because my nose is glowing. I want to be Joe, again.

  12. can’t go out doors without makeup because nose and cheeks are so red. Partner makes fun of my nose which is now making me wear makeup right up until I go to bed. Kellie

  13. My daughter, now 21, has had a skin condition since high school. It’s blotchy, red and scaly. She’s tried everything that we can think of, including going to one dermatologist who just kept giving her creams and an expensive prescription. She’s been trying to not wear makeup for over a year now, but feels very self-conscious and uncomfortable, especially in social and work environments. She’s been reduced to tears as she wants to look like a lovely 21 yr. old should look. It’s breaking my heart. Please help.

  14. Over the years my skin has just become worse and worse. I have a slight pink complexion in some parts of my cheeks which always stand out in pictures and just while im in public. I use to have really nice skin as a young teen and I felt I got passed the teen acne and suddenly different types of acne formed that leave scarring. For the most part the acne is gone minus the random pimple but I just wish my cheeks and some parts of my forehead would return to my subtle tan complexion.

  15. I have suffered red skin for the last eight to ten years., and have tried metro gel from one no avail, and desonide from my second dermatologist. .and he says I have rosacea and suffer from dandruff of the beard area..still to no avail..have considered (intense pulsed light) doctor wont recommend it , and he wont…so I’m at dire straights now, and would really love your advice for my extraordinary red skin…life would be so much better for me if you could recommend what you think would be best for me…thanks again!!!

  16. FYI: There appears to be a typo in the 1st paragraph under ‘Ways to relieve red skin’. “Dry skin requires richer lotions or creams **that** order to lock…”

    Probably should be “in order…”?

  17. I havd been to multiple dr.s who all have said different things. Im 21 yrs old and cannot find a cure for this :/
    Would love some help..

  18. I am female and in my late 20s and have a hereditry red complexion, sensitive skin and more broken facial veins than i hoped to have by this age, i would be very happy to test your product!

  19. I’ve been using some of the products for five days and am experiencing red, itchy, puffy skin. Is this something that will pass or should I discontinue use. I just did my nightly routine and my face feels like I have a mild sunburn.

  20. I over did the sunbathing around 2 years ago and as a result have redness around my nose and cheeks. I am now really self concious about the redness (and concerned about the damage I did to my skin). What would you recommend to try and repair the damage (or have I left it too late)?

  21. Hi,
    I just started using Cold Plasma and would love to try this product as I suffer from redness mainly on the skin surrounding my nose and broken capillaries on my nose as well. Thank you so much!

  22. I would like to test the products for redness and rosacea.

  23. I have major sundamage to my neck and chest area. I have spent hundreds of dollars on creams and laser treatments to which the results were less then satisfactory. I am desperate as i have to wear turtlenecks most of the time…..Please help!

  24. I have read Dr Perricone’s books and would love the opportunity to test his amazing products!


  25. I am 44 years old. Two years ago, my skin started developing dark pigmentation in several areas. Teh area around my nose is inflamed and red much of the time. Then I got wierd dark reddish and irritated skin which runs from the corner of my nose down to my mouth. Poors clogged, skin flaking but appears oily in the T zone, dry elsewhere. I have been to several dermatologists along with at least 3 MDs and have been told by one that it is rosacea – but 3 disagreed. The three others said unknown or seborrheic derm. Still another said periorial derm. All of the guesses and products gave me hope for the first couple of days, only to make matters worse in the end. Ready to give up. Looking in the mirror has become a depressive event. Very sensitive skin – and what a mess it has become. Please help.

  26. I have sensitive skin that reacts badly to ingredients in some products. My skin turned bright red and burned under my eyes (from the Neuropeptide Eye Contour) and on my cheeks (from the Advanced Face Firming Activator and Face Finishing Moisturizer). It might be I was using the Advanced Face Firming Activator incorrectly — all over my face, and then applying the Face Finishing Moisturizer. I would dearly love to use the Dr. P products, but not sure which are the mildest and best to use for highly reactive skin.

  27. Have you been diagnosed with Rosacea? You may need an Rx product to treat it.

  28. My skin is often red. I would like to be able to see results just using a
    product. I have tried laser treatments
    which relieved the broken capillaries.

    However, I still suffer with a red complexion when out in the sun or
    in various environments.

    Does Dr. Perriocne have anything in the works for my problem?

  29. It is interesting all the different causes of red skin, and even allergies can cause it. Also talks about even in winter-time to use a scarf. Thanks for the suggestions.

  30. these products are great

  31. I am 60 yrs old and have blackheads, wrinkles around eyes,nose,labial folds,eyelids. I also have skin pigmentation, dark circles,puffiness. I have heard and read about your products and would love to be a tester and use your products which I know in my heart would definatley help to make me feel better about myself. Thank you,
    Please consider me I am on a limited income and cannot always get the good products you provide.